1. The quality of time attack cars and teams

From the entry-level Clubsprint Class all the way to the Pro Class we only pick the best. Our aim is to showcase the very best of international time attack competition. The Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is the benchmark all other time attack events are measured by. You will not see these cars and teams going head to head anywhere else in the world. This year we are expecting top level Pro Class cars from USA, UK, NZ, Japan and of course Australia.

2. Rod Millen and his Pikes Peak record-breaking Celica

This is the actual car that Rod Millen captured the record for the fastest ascent of the 156 turn, 12.42 mile (19.99 kilometre) Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Rod will take the car for some full noise demonstration laps during the Midday Mayhem and when not on track, the car will be on display in a specially designated area so you will have a chance to get up close and personal with this legendary machine and the man himself.

3. Hi-Tec Oils Outlaw Drift Shootout

This is a new, action-packed, high adrenaline, full throttle drift competition taking place during the Midday Mayhem on the main straight in front of a capacity crowd. Competitors are paired up and have to compete as a team negotiating a high-speed drift course.

4. Turbosmart Flying 500

Australia’s fastest tuner cars go head to head on the main straight of the Sydney Motorsport Park. 14 cars, 500 metres, rolling start, the fastest car wins. A crowd favourite, the Turbosmart Flying 500 offers all the thrills and spills and the adrenaline rush as you watch 1000hp +  cars bounce off their rev limiters in the quest for the highest top speed.

5. Prep’d Motorsport Legends

Some race cars never die, they just become legends. See some of the most famous, rare and stunning race cars on display and watch them in action during the Midday Mayhem.

6. Shannons Show’n’Shine

If your eyes get tired of watching cars go around the track, head over to the skid pan to see one of Australia’s biggest outdoor car shows. This year we’re expanding the show to the South Circuit Pit area to accommodate even more club displays, vintage JDM cars and a number of never-seen-before builds. We’re expecting over 400 cars on display.

7. Miss Time Attack

No motorsport event is complete without the incredible grid and promo girls. They bring so much enthusiasm, charm and good vibes to the event we have decide to reward them with a special event of its own. At the Miss Time Attack contest you will be able to cast your vote and help us decide who this year’s Miss Time Attack will be.

8. The Trader Alley

If you are a performance enthusiast (of course you are!) this is where you will spend a big chunk of your time. All the top performance brands are here, from engine builders, suspension specialists, brakes, turbos, aeros, wheels, tyres and motorsport equipment there’s more gear on display than we care to name here. Oh, and there are plenty of “show specials” too, so bring your credit card!

9. Superlap Shootout

Introduced in 2014, the Superlap Shootout proved to be a hit with both the spectators and competitors. As the event draws to a close, we pick the top five cars in each class and give them a bonus session. With the track temperature at close to optimum and no traffic to negotiate, records will be broken and final podium standings decided in that last dash for glory.

10. It’ll be the best two days of the year

We really mean it. Like you, we are motorsport enthusiasts and we know what you want to see. We go out of our way to ensure the event is as spectator friendly as possible. At the end of every event we collect your opinions and suggestions on how to improve the event, and from what we hear you like the changes. We have squeezed so much into those two days  we are certain it will be the most action-filled event on the Australian motorsport calendar.