Please note we have made a few small changes to the original version of WTAC Rules. Make sure you have the latest version. While we’ll be fine-tuning the rules for the next couple of weeks, there will be no major changes introduced after February.

As I am sure everyone is well aware, the World Time Attack rulebook was well overdue for a makeover and after several months of long days and late nights we have completed, what we hope, will be the way forward for the sport into the future.

It would be fair to say that the growth of time attack has “exploded” since our inception and some of the cars that appeared at WTAC, built around our “previous” loosely worded rulebook, have caught us off guard.

All that has now changed. We have put a lot of thought and effort into finding out and confirming what competitors want to compete in and what fans want to see and what we have come up with is an event based around FOUR classes of racing. I will endeavor to explain each class in detail below and also the introduction of the Yokohama control tyre formula for 2013 and beyond.

Clubsprint Class
The Clubsprint Class is the “street” class and this year will see wholesale changes bringing the cars back to true “street style” with major restrictions on aero, body kits, suspension, tire size and many other aspects. The class will now run on the  Advan Neova ADO8 control tyre. This class will now focus on “clever vehicle set up” and “driver skill” rather than radical modifications. We are certain that both a large contingent of the competitors and fan base will be excited to see the competition return to its original “intent” of like-minded people competing against each other in comparable vehicles.


Open Class
The Open Class has been from day one the biggest class at WTAC. With almost 60 competitors it is the domain of both tuning shops and private individuals. For 2013 this class also sees some restrictions on aero to make the class more affordable. We will also be introducing minimum vehicle weights along with certain things like “sequential shift gearbox allowed but no paddle shift”. This will once again control costs. This class will run on the Advan AO50 control tyre in either medium or soft compound and will be limited to THREE full sets for the duration of the event. Aside from these changes this class will still be largely unrestricted so once again expect to see the best tuner cars in the country battling it out for supremacy with a much more level playing field.

Pro Am Class 
This is the exciting new class for 2013. This is short for Pro-Amateur and will run under the same rule set as the elite level Pro Class with two distinct differences. The biggest difference being that the Pro Am must be driven by the owner of the vehicle and that particular person cannot be what is deemed by the organisers as a Professional Driver. This will give the owners of the Pro Class cars a chance to compete against people of a similar skillset. The other difference between Pro Am and Pro classes is that Pro Am will be ALLOWED FOUR sets of tyres for the duration of the event. This class will run on the Advan AO50 control tyre

Pro Class
This is the domain of the big guns. You can still expect to see all the exciting stuff you have seen in previous years. What we have done is put some rules in to stop the cars “growing any weirder, wider or larger”. We have also put some rules aimed at getting back to the original spirit of time attack racing. These rules will prevent the use of things like space frames get the cars back to looking like “true cars”. We have also put a minimum weight in for all vehicles. We have been fairly generous with these restrictions and at this point, while some of the top teams may have to do a bit of work to get their car to comply, it is still achievable and will shape the way of the sport into the future. Our aim is not to exclude anyone but simply create more exciting event and provide a level playing field for everyone involved. The Pro Class will run on the Yokohama Advan AO50 and be limited to FIVE sets of tyres for the duration of the event


Control tyre formula
For 2013 we will be, for the first time since our inception, running on a Yokohama Advan control tyre across all classes. This will provide a much fairer and more even playing field than in previous years with rumors and innuendos of sponsored teams running on “special” tyres that were not available for sale to the public. The Control Tyre will eliminate any controversy and put every competitor in each class on the same tyre. Yokohama will be offering a special price for competitors that pre-order these tyres.

It is at this point that would like to mention that it was Yokohama that believed in our vision for WTAC from day one and have heavily supported the sport we all love ever since. So we ask that you  support them, because without Yokohama there would be no World Time Attack Challenge.

So there you have it in a nutshell. If you intend on competing please READ the rules very carefully as we will be enforcing them a lot more in 2013. That is not say we will be going over every single car with a fine tooth comb BUT if you finish in 1st 2nd or 3rd in ANY CLASS your car WILL BE checked and inspected closely by our eligibility scrutineers prior to any awards being issued. Should the car not comply with the rules you MAY BE excluded from the official results.

The bottom line as far as the rules goes: IF IT DOESN’T SAY YOU CAN DO IT IN THE RULES THEN YOU CANNOT DO IT. If you have any questions please contact and allow up to 14 days for a response.

Go to to the 2013 WTAC Rules Page.

Ian Baker
Superlap Australia Pty Ltd