New Zealander Andy Duffin and the 3 Rotor Racing team have confirmed they will be returning in 2017 and plan on a serious assault on the Open Class in the nitrous oxide injected peripheral port 20B RX7. After a fairly serious crash at Leadfoot Festival early this year the car has been extensively rebuilt and upgraded with one sole goal in the immediate future and that is loading into a container headed for Sydney to take on the fastest in the world.

“We have made a fair bit of progress since last year all things considered” said Andy Duffin “we had a fairly big off at Leadfoot which required substantial repairs taking many months. We have made significant changes to the front aero to increase front end grip and also spent a lot of time on the dyno working on the nitrous oxide delivery and making the whole deal a lot more tractable. There is a fair amount of time to be gained in this particularly the exit speed of the corners.”

“As it was last year we never quite got a real good lap in.” said Duffin “and we can tell from the data it easily had what was needed to be right at the front but unfortunately I couldnt quite string it together for one reason or another. The problem is that every year the goal post moves, so what was good enough last year almost certainly will not be good enough the following year and we need to come back with a much sharper knife.

“The guys at Green Brothers really are gurus with the rotary engine and what they have done this year is ultra impressive. The 20B has never been in better form and after some very smart tuning by the Green Brothers.  Dave Higgins from Kinetic Simulation has also been working hard on getting the aero absolutely optimized for the fast Sydney Motorsport Park circuit. This is our third year and we do not plan on going home empty handed that is for sure. But the biggest thanks this year must go to Link ECU. It was a very expensive exercise rebuilding after the crash and apart from supplying us a world class ECU, that is made right here in New Zealand, they have also provided us with enough financial support to ensure we can fly the Kiwi flag high in the sport of international time attack racing. So for us to win the Link ECU Open Class in a Link sponsored car would truly be the icing on the cake!” 

“This is great news that Andy and the team are returning” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “Australia has a massive rotary following and this car is a crowd favorite for sure with its earsplitting soundtrack and massive flameshow. I suspect there will be a fair bit of rotary rivalry here between Kurokawa-san from Dream Japan  and Jason Dorrington is also looking very serious in his full carbon RX7 from Melbourne. It will be one hell of a show that is for sure” 

To see Andy Duffin and the 3 Rotor Racing car in action check out the video below: