Where is the Public Entry Gate?
All spectators will enter through Gate B. Simply follow the signs posted all around the surrounding streets. If unsure – check our General Map below before coming (click to enlarge the map).


Where do I park my car?
The WTAC staff will direct you to the nearest parking area, simply follow the directions from the security staff.

How to get to the Pit Area?
Okay, obviously this will be your first port of call after parking your car. Walk back towards the grand stand, as you approach the grand stand you will notice signs pointing to an underground tunnel. The tunnels runs under the main straight and emerges on the other side of the track. Walk up, turn right and voila – you’re in the Pit Area! See the detailed map of the Pit Zone, Motul Turbo Legends, Turbosmart Flying 500 and MotoGraphics Show’n’Shine below.



Where is the Tectaloy Drift Challenge?
This year the TIDC gets its own track with dedicated pits. The South Circuit will be the Drift Circuit – see the map below for the judged corners. If you don’t feel like walking take the WTAC Shuttle Bus up to the South Circuit.

All the drift cars will be on display at the South Circuit Pit Area. To view the action head up to the Drift Hill and find a spot around T8 and T9. From there you will be able to see all the judged corners.


What are the best viewing spots for Time Attack.
WTAC is run on the GP Circuit (marked in yellow on the map below). There are a number of good viewing spots.


Most regular spectators recommend the side of the hill directly below the main parking area which offers a good panoramic views of the main straight along with Turns 16, 17, 18 and 19.  The grandstand itself offers seating and provides a good view of Turn 18, the main straight, Turn 1 and 2. 

Standing up behind Turn 3 offers sweeping views of T2, T3 and T4a. A great spot for seeing car hard under brakes going into T2.

One of the most popular spots is the Pit Garage rooftop offering unobstructed views of the main straight on one side and glimpses of T14, T15 and T16 on the other. It is also very close (just walk down the stairs) to all amenities and the Pit Area.

I want to sample some trackside cuisine…
WTAC is a long event so we made sure there’s enough food and beverage stalls to keep our spectators fed and hydrated. There will be food outlets located at each end of the Pit Zone and in the Show’n’Shine area – look for people sipping coffee and scoffing burgers. There are also additional foods stalls between the Pit Carports and the MotoGraphics Show’n’Shine area. But if you want to dine in style you have to check out the ARDC Garage Cafe located in the first suite on the left, directly above the pit garages.

Where the bloody hell are you?
If you’re lost or can’t find the exhibitor or display you’re looking for, head down to the World Time Attack Central – in front of the Radical building. We’ve got maps, exhibitor listings and can point you the right direction. We’ll also try to sell you a commemorative T-shirt, cap or a hoodie, which, we can unashamedly say, all look bloody fantastic!

Things to remember:
Gates open to the public at 7am both days. (Plenty of tickets still available for both days)
Public Entry is via Gate B unless advised otherwise.
Racing starts at around 9am. Drifting starts around 5.30pm
There will be a live commentary throughout the event, but if you want to get the most up-to-date times, head over to the WTAC Central and check out the times on our big screen.
We’ll be doing frequent updates on our website to head over to www.worldtimeattack.com. We’ll also have live timing on our site so you can stay up to date with the pecking order. For the best coverage it’s best to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we’ll be posting updates throughout both days.

And last but not least…
Enjoy yourselves! It takes more than 8 months of hard work, stress and sleepless nights to put on an event of this caliber. It’s not an easy task but on the day it all comes together and we want nothing more than to see the teams try their hardest and happy crowds cheering on their favourite teams. That’s what motorsport is all about, that’s what World Time Attack is all about. Enjoy!

The World Time Attack Team