Without question one of the most anticipated builds on the radar for WTAC 2017 is the Luxury Collection Racing Lotus Exige Cup from Finland.

Miika Toivonen and his band of merry madmen have been quietly working away in Vaanta Finland for the past six months on what must be without question one of the craziest all out builds ever in time attack racing. The names involved in the build are just as impressive as the list of parts with many of the engineers coming from Formula One, WRC or WEC Sports Car backgrounds. We chatted with Miika about the car and his plans for WTAC.

“As the main goal is to win WTAC, the car was solely made to compete in Sydney. Hence it is a hefty 2013mm wide.” said Miika “After three seasons with the original suspension geometry, a decision was made to fix the anti-dive geometry and body roll issues once and for all and it grew rapidly from there.


“The project started in April, and the first time the car ran was in early September.” said Miika “During the last two or three weeks about a dozen technicians, fabricators and engineers worked in two shifts to get the car finished in time. It seemed that car wouldn’t be ready, but Finns never give up and finally the car was airfreighted to Sydney.”


“Unfortunately there was not enough time to test the car properly. The goal was to test the car 10-20 days, and now it was only 10-20 laps. But we hope we can find the speed at Sydney.” 


“The original rear subframe has been replaced with an in house developed steel frame.” said Miika  “In the front a separate sandwich plate is installed between the original tub and the front aero support structure. The tub and cockpit themselves remain original. The 3rd element setup is not very easy to get working with a traditional suspension layout, hence Terhon Paja designed a fully custom made and a bespoke suspension system. The 3rd element is installed to separate roll and heavy loads. This comes in handy when carrying an aero load exceeding two tons at high speeds. One can run reasonably soft main spring for unloaded, low speed corners, and still maintain ride height and control at high speeds and massive aero loads, without running on bump stops or packers, as 3rd element kicks in only if both sides of the car is loaded. 3rd element is a spring only, it does not have a shock absorber installed. “


“At the same time the original 3.5l Supercharged V6 engine was replaced with a twin turbocharged Lexus Motorsport LMP2-engine. As the original engine is from a transverse package, and the new one is from a longitudinal, there were dozens of custom parts and billet items required for the engine not only to fit in to the car, but also to mate in to the 7 speed paddle shifted KAPS transmission.”



Car: Lotus Exige V6 Cup

Power Output: 750hp/750Nm

Lexus 2GR-FSE 4.0 V6 LMP2 engine, modified for bigger output
Kaps 7 Speed sequential transmission
2 x Garrett GTX3071 Gen2
Garrett air to air intercooler
Finjector 1690cc injectors
Turbosmart FPR2000
Turbosmart Progate50 wastegates
Motul 300V 15w50 oil 
Lexus Motorsport dry sump system

Fuel system:
Racinglines custom fuel reservoir
Racinglines dual fuel pump system
ATL fuel cell

Terhon Paja – design pushrod suspension system with 3rd element design for aero loads
Öhlins TTX 3-way adjustable dampers
Homemade front uprights
Audi R8 rear uprights
Homemade CrMo wishbones
Homemade CrMo anti roll bars

Brakes and Wheels:
Audi Ceramic CCM brakes
Pagid RSC Pads
Motul RBF660 racing fluid
Braid 10x18ET15 front wheels
OZ 11x18ET20 centerlock rear wheels

Motec M150
Motec PDM power management
Bosch M4 ABS
Motec C125 dash


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One thing is for certain the Motul Pro Am Class will be wide open in 2017. With so many awesome new international competitors going up against old Australian favourites it could be anyone on the top spot of the podium.