Despite battling major flooding in recent months in his hometown of Brisbane, Mark Berry has recommenced developments on the Advan/Hi Octane R34 GTR in preparation for the World Time Attack 2011.

The car has undergone a full suspension makeover with more favourable geometry that will see the car sit lower to the ground. The car will also be using a much wider track and if all goes to plan should be running on the yet to be released soft Yokohama Advan 295/35/18 AO 50 tyres. The car has also undergone a revised aero package and will certainly be aiming to be a lot closer to the pointy end of the field in 2011.

Despite being the second fastest Australian car in 2010 behind a factory built GT3 Lotus there is still a fair amount of time to make up to be on the pace of the overseas competitors but Mark Berry is confident they will be up there this year.

“We learnt an awful lot last year” he said “I honestly don’t think anyone expected the blistering pace of the foreign cars, but the fact is that most of them have years of development and we are really only just starting out. I expect we will not be the only Australians to be making wholesale changes this year and I am sure a few other Aussie teams will looking to move to the pointy end of the field this year.”

The Advan / Hi Octane R32 GTR that so famously raced at Tsukuba in 2007 will be back in the hands of Russell Newman and will be competing in the Open class for 2011. This car ran in the 1.37 bracket last year with Russell behind the wheel and with the Pulse Evo now moving into the Pro Class, the car will be a definite shot at outright honours.

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