At the World Time Attack Challenge we’re all about breaking records, so while the action on the track took a little break we went down to the pit zone to set a different kind of a record.

The premise was simple: how many promo girls can we fit in a Kombi along with our CEO – Ian Baker.

With no shortage of promo girls on hand, a queue was quickly formed and the challenge was on!

It was standing room only inside – luckily the Kombi had a sizeable sunroof.

The Kombi quickly filled up, but with the cheers from the gathered crowd we encouraged the promo girls to keep on comin’….

We could only fit three up the front…

But managed to squeeze 39 at the back…

Giving us a total of 42 promo girls + 1 Ian Baker (that’s his hand holding the flag below) – a World Record!

Okay, so it’s a bit of an unofficial record – but since we’re probably the first ones to attempt it we’re claiming it!!

Thanks to Kombi Limousines – you guys rock!