Current Australian Drift Champion Luke Fink is returning to compete for the title at the 2012 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge in the Holford Motors S14, the same car in which he won the 2009 Drift Australia Nationals, 2009 Super Cup and 2011 Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting Grand Prix.

Luke is arguably one of the best drifters in Australia and dominates in every event he competes. And not just drifting events, Luke is also an ex BMX World Champion!

“I have always been into BMX and proudly took out the title of World Champ, and acutally fell into drifting through my mates who I used to ride with, the Insane Drifters! They all had their drift cars and started to build track cars so I started driving as well, next thing I knew I was competing nationally!”

Fink made his debut in the Australian drift scene in 2006 when he competed for the first time at the Drift Australia round in Tasmania and took out the win in the Holford Motors S14… with a broken ankle!

“It was pretty nuts, I went from just driving and having fun with my mates then all of a sudden I was driving with the guys I used to watch on TV. I loved driving and wasn’t all about the competitive side of it so to me, I was just getting ready for just another battle, pretty wild, just having a good time all of a sudden in the final… and I won!”

The Holford Motors S14 is definitely one of Australia’s most competitive and well built drift cars.

“My s14 makes 330kw, I’ve capped it around that now for 2 years now and it seems to be very reliable with that sort of power. I guess why its so competitive is because I spend a lot of time going over each bolt checking to see if any thing has come loose, checking for bent items ,oil , water leaks etc. Basically just making sure it is 100% every time its on and off track.” – Domenic Scarpari, Holford Motors Drift Team.

Luke won the last Drift Australia event which was held at Oran Park in 2009 and then travelled overseas to compete internationally where he claimed the title of JDM Allstar Champion in the European series.

“I traveled around Europe because the Australian drift scene had appeared to come to and end, and I just didn’t want to stop driving. I was given an S13 to drive and managed to take out the win!”

In 2011, Fink competed in the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge in a borrowed car from Japanese Parts and Performance which had just been finished before the event and had a few minor mechanical problems which meant Luke was unable to complete a battle.

“I’m pumped to be back in the Holfords S14 for the 2012 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge! The car is awesome and so reliable so I will have that competitive edge back this year. I’m really looking forward to driving with the international drivers and can’t wait to see who is coming over from Japan!”

So, with a big line up of international drivers set to hit the track, who is Luke Fink most looking forward to battle?

“Gaz Whiter for sure! I love his driving style and his speed. I can’t wait to battle him!”

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