Whilst many of you have experienced World Time Attack over the past couple of years, we have no doubt that as we grow year upon year there are also a bunch of “newbies” that are coming for the very first time so we thought we would give you a bit of a guide as to where you should try and be to catch all the action that is going on throughout the day.

The spectator gates open at 9am on both days and racing commences immediately. The first cars on the track will be the Clubsprint Class cars. These are the “street type” cars and must run on genuine street tyres not semi slick R type that the other classes use. These vehicles must also be driven by the registered owner of the vehicle (or an employee in the case of a company) and there is also a no “Pro drivers” rule that keeps this class the true grassroots of time attack racing. But do not for one second think that these cars are not fast, as these days the fastest Clubsprint cars are doing lap times reserved for dedicated race cars only a few short years back.

The next cars on the track are the Pro Class. Now these are the “big guns” and what many pay their money to come and see. These are the fastest time attack cars from all corners of the globe and are mostly driven by professional drivers including drivers from Super GT Japan, V8 Supercar, Indycar, Rally champions and many more.

Most of these cars are extremely light, extremely powerful, with trick aero and will normally lap as fast or faster than any other racing sedans despite the fact that they CANNOT use a slick tyre and are limited to R type tyres such as the Yokohama Advan AO50, The Hankook Ventus Z221 or the Dunlop O3G Dirrezza. These guys are MUST see and we recommend watching this from the roof of the pit area where you can see a lot of the track.

After the Pro Class is the Open Class. This class is the battle of the tuning shops! Both tuners and privateers travel from all over Australia to see who really has got the fastest car for one flying lap. Many of these cars sporting insane aero and big horsepower engines with many also electing to use professional drivers these guys are also a must see.

The lineup includes everything from rear wheel drive Nissans, Mazda RX7s, Mitsubishi Evos, Subaru WRXs and a real battle of the front wheel drive boys with the fastest Hondas in Australia set to take each on in a no-holds-barred showdown.

After watching the Open Class it may be a good time to go and check out the Pit Garages. We run an “open pit” policy which means, unlike many other forms of motorsport, your gate entry ticket gets you into the pit area where you can walk right up to the pit garage doors and check out all the action.

You will see the teams preparing these monsters for their next session and may even bump into the odd celebrity driver, that more often than not will be happy to get his photo taken with you or sign an autograph or two.

At 12.40pm make sure to be track side once again as the “Motul Legends of the Turbo Era” take to the track. These cars are some of the most famous race cars from a by gone era when the racetracks of Australia were ruled by turbo supremacy. This year we also have a bunch of interesting and rare rally cars that will all be driven in anger in a 15 minute time attack session giving the fans a chance to see something very special. We also have a very famous guest from a UK TV show making a cameo appearance in an all white race suit.

After the legends race, some of the top drift boys will put on a lunchtime show as they take some contest winners for a ride of their lives. This is also a “not to be missed” event and gives you a small taste of what lies ahead in the evening.

The afternoon is once again packed with all three classes of racing so there will be plenty more action but also make sure you spend some time walking around the trade exhibitions as we have the absolute best performance products all displaying their wares, with their tech guys on hand to answer questions. This is also a chance to grab some bargains as many of these companies run once a year “show specials” with Greddy running their annual “garage sale”and also in 2o12 we are releasing the craziest new range of World Time Attack apparel that will be available from WTAC Central.

Yokohama will have a large pit display and will have Pro Class driver signings and other cool things going on throughout the day. Along the pit carports the Drift Cars will be on display as they sit and wait for the Tectaloy Drift Challenge to start when the sun goes down.

Tectaloy will also have a big display with the drift drivers doing driver signings throughout the day. Also at the Tectaloy stand at 11.15 on Saturday there will be the “Nob vs Tarzan” Tsukuba challenge on the Toyota simulator as these two drivers go head to head in a video game challenge. And don’t forget to check out the insane “engineered to slide” ute and the stretch Kombi amongst a million other things.

On the Saturday the skidpan will come alive with a Australias best JDM showcars mixing it with some Euros and whole bunch of club displays, some vintage JDM machines and a whole bunch of car clubs in the Motographics Show’n’Shine. This is also that is something not to be missed as we should have what is the best of everything and a whole bunch of traders and you may even see the odd promo model or two. Actually make that two hundred!

At 4.30 on Saturday the Time Attack presentations will be held at the Yokohama Display Stand where we award the WORLD TIME ATTACK CHAMPION. The past two years the Japanese have taken the trophy home with them but this year the competition is hotter than ever.

All the Class and Category winners will take to the stage so make sure you get here early as it is standing room only! After the presentations make you way up to turn 12 at the beginning of the main straight for the night time activities.

Starting at 5.15 Matt Mingay takes to the track on his insane MONSTER Stuntz Inc Harley. This guy take your breath away as he hangs of this bike with insane wheelies stoppies and a whole bunch of stunts that border on the insanity.

After this, as the sun goes down and the lights come on we are in for a smoke show like you have not ever seen before as the Tectaloy Drift Challenge takes to the track on both evenings.

If you have not seen professional level drift before then you really need to get up and check this out as these guys battle doorhandle to doorhandle sideways at high speed it is quite possibly one of the most spectaular forms of motorsport you will witness. Many of the cars will run a “lightshow” and with only the best of the best selected from Australia, New Zealand and Japan you can be guaranteed  you are in for one hell of a show, and something you will remember for a long, long time.

So in a nutshell, we have two full days and nights of action packed, family friendly, high octane entertainment. Make sure you take your time to check it all out, soak it all in and get into the atmosphere that World Time Attack Challenge provides.

Many of those that have in the past have sent us emails thanking us for putting on “the best motorsport event in Australia”. We hope you think the same!