Competing the Clubsprint Class under the Fulcrum Suspension banner for 2012 is Stephen Faulks and his very well sorted Subaru WRX. Stephen is another of the competitors making the long haul down from the Sunshine state to take on the rest of Australia in what has certainly become a “state against state, mate against mate” battle with a bitter rivalry on the track but a mateship in the pits so often missing in today’s world of professional motorsport but alive and well at World Time Attack.

Although WTAC 2012 is Stephen’s first year at Eastern Creek, this Brisbane-based project manager is not new to the Time Attack concept taking his standard Impreza to the front in 2009 and 2010 for back-to-back wins in the Queensland AWD Time Attack series.

The standard STi block finally gave up after the years of punishment in September 2011 which started the WTAC 2012 journey. The rebuild started the same as any normal one – with a small budget and modest ideas, but soon became clear that the car was going to be something special when Stephen selected Nick from NA Autosport and Engineering in Brisbane to assemble the impressive list of components into a working engine and complete the fabrication on the custom pipe work under the hood and a new custom roll cage to replace the previous bolt in version.

The  engine is now a custom built NA Autosport deal with a Garrett GTX turbo, a Cosworth inlet manifold and Process West intercooler and radiator all controlled by a top line Motec M800 ECU.

A set of trick Performance Friction monoblock calipers with dog drive floating rotors now ensure this package stops as good as it goes. the wheels are Rota wrapped in Hankook Ventus RS3 tyres all providing a simple but very potent package.

Stephen attributed his cars speed and ability to keep up with cars with a lot more horse power down to the work that Fulcrum Performance had done on the car in the past. So it was a logical step after the rebuild started to approach Graham at Fulcrum and go all the way.

Graham has used his extensive knowledge to set up the Fulcrum Performance STi on 285 wide tyres around a set of Tien MonoFlex struts and the extensive list of available parts from his SuperPro range – all which are currently happily living under the car.

With the car finally starting again in May 2012; Fulcrum Performance, NA Autosport and Engineering and Stephen will be taking every opportunity in the 2 months leading up to the event to test at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park.

Fulcrum Suspensions Pty Ltd is a Brisbane-based automotive aftermarket company specialising in suspension and steering components. Founded in 1976 by now Managing Director Graham Scudamore-Smith, Fulcrum has grown from its humble beginnings as a wheel alignment workshop in Moorooka, to now offer a diverse range of suspension solutions for almost any vehicle.

Fulcrum’s premium quality suspension products include TEIN high performance suspension, Bilstein, Koni, Boge, EFS, Monroe, KYB, King Springs, Polyair Springs, RAW and its own locally manufactured SuperPro polyurethane bushings.

Fulcrum Suspension
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