The WTAC contingency program has been developed to provide a great value to sponsors and monetary support to competitors.

How does it work
Contingency Program sponsors commit to pay an agreed sum of money or product to the winner and/or the runner up in any of the classes racing at the 2012 WTAC. In order to collect the contingency prize, apart from winning or coming second in his class, the competitor must also fulfil the contingency obligations.

Contingency Obligations
For a driver to collect the contingency prize he must:
1. Actively use the Sponsor’s product on his race car
2. Display the Sponsor’s contingency sticker on his race car
3. Win or come second in his class

Example 1: Bob wins the Clubsprint Class. He uses Garrett turbochargers and has Garrett stickers displayed on his vehicle. Bob is eligible for the Garrett Contingency Prize.

Example 2: Bill races in the Open Class and comes runner-up. He uses Garrett turbocharger but has no Garrett stickers displayed on his vehicle. Bill is not eligible for the Garrett Contingency Prize.

How to become a WTAC Contingency Sponsor
1. Decide on the prize you want to commit to (see options below)
2. Complete the Contingency Sponsor Form
3. Supply us a high resolution file of your logo to be used on the Contingency sticker
4. Sit back and enjoy the racing

Contingency Packages
Choose from the Contingency Packages listed below. You can opt for as many packages as you like, each package increases the number of cars displaying your stickers.

1. Pro Class: Win: $1000, Runner Up: $500
2. Pro Class: Win: $500, Runner Up $2500
3. Open Class: Win: $800, Runner Up: $400
4. Open Class: Win: $400, Runner Up: $250
5. Clubsprint Class: Win: $600, Runner Up: $300
6. Clubsprint Class: Win: $400, Runner Up: $250
7. Drift: Win: $800, Runner Up: $400
8. Drift: Win: $400, Runner Up: $250

Contingency Cost
Total cost of the Contingency Sponsorship is:
Non-Exhibitors: $980 +gst, plus prize payouts
Exhibitors: $550 +gst, plus prize payouts
The entry costs includes, your logo on the WTAC website, newsletters and PA announcements throughout the day.
As a contingency Sponsor you will also be allowed to display flags and banners at the event.

Download the 2012 WTAC Contingency Sponsorship Form and fax the completed form to:
(02) 9638 4651 or email to: