Yep that’s right, Kiwi madman Carl Thompson has confirmed he will be making the trip back over to WTAC and he will be bringing his utterly insane 4 rotor powered Lexus to compete in the Honeywell Garrett International Drift Challenge.The 4 rotor Lexus was one of the most hotly anticipated cars for 2016 but was struck by problems almost from the outset relegating it to the sidelines for most of the 2016 event. “But I can assure you that wont be happening this year” said Carl from his hometown of Warkworth New Zealand “we have spent the past twelve months sorting through everything to ensure we will be coming to put on one hell of a show!”

“In particular we have upgraded the entire fuel system to cope with extended periods at 1500hp. We are now using mechanical pumps, bigger lines and well pretty much bigger everything” said Carl “The turbo has been upgraded to a 98mm Precision Pro Mod deal that surprisingly also comes on faster than the old setup but doesn’t run out up top.”

The whole build has been a labor of love for Carl over many years and is a serious no compromise build with the absolute best of everything available. World renowned NZ based rotary drag racers Curran Brothers are behind the 4 rotor build and the horsepower this thing is capable of producing is truly next level!

“We have now run the engine for extended periods at over 40psi and it makes well over 1500hp at the tyres in that format” said Carl “We have pulled it down for an inspection and it is all like new so we have the engine reliability well sorted now. The problem is the life of everything around the engine. The clutch in particular will not even last one day so we upgrading this currently to a full custom triple plate deal and then also dial the power back a little to just under 1400hp”

To those that have not witnessed ‘FATBOY DRIFT’ in person we can tell you it is an experience you must see in person to truly appreciate. It is an absolute assault on all of your sensory perception. From the ear shredding noise of the turbo 4 rotor to the 15 foot flames belching from the side pipe to the fact that this is all happening from a big luxury sedan that was never intended to do anything like this. All of this adds up to an experience like no other and one we certainly cant wait to show you first hand!

For more info about the specs of this crazy build check out our 2016 article in the link below:
Kiwi 4 Rotor Lexus heading to WTAC


Watch Carl’s Turbo 4 Rotor Lexus in action!