Since the first series of images featuring Cyber Evo’s new body were published, the internet exploded with discussions about its radical looks and whether this new approach is going to affect Cyber Evo’s winning streak.

The question on everyone’s lips seems to be “why change the winning formula”? The answer to this question seems to be two-fold; firstly – none of the competitors are resting on their laurels, the lap times improve across the board from year to year, in all classes. If your car doesn’t improve – it will be left behind. Secondly – one wouldn’t expect C-West to just copy the Voltex design, of course C-West want to make their aero better while stamping their own originality all over it.

In one of the post-race interviews last year Tarzan said: “I gave it all I had, the car was at its limit.” So while the Cyber Evo team managed to secure the 2011 title, that winning lap had also exposed the car’s limits.

When Takizawa-san decided the team will come to Australia to defend their title, he knew the car needed to undergo a series of improvements to remain competitive and fend off a field of challengers.

With Cyber Evo and Voltex parting ways and ending up rivals (Voltex have teamed up with Top Fuel for 2012), Cyber Evo turned to C-West for some help with the aero. C-West is a household name to anyone in the JDM and tuning scene and the company is no stranger to motorsport either so we won’t question their approach, even though many have branded is as “radical”.

If you listen closely to the video (embedded at the top of this article) you can pick out some important bits of information that might have been the reasons behind the new body kit looking the way it does. The brief from Takizawa-san was simple: we need downforce and plenty of it! The new aero seems to provide that in aboundance while also managing to be fully adjustable. Those minute adjustments, made during testing and on a race day are crucial for making the car go just that extra 1/10th second faster.

Will the new aero, coupled with the Aussie engine management system from Haltech be enough to secure Cyber Evo’s trifecta? We’ll all just have to wait and see.

Takizawa-san: Downforce, downforce, downforce!

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