On June 24th, the Cyber Evo team took their car for a shakedowned at the famous Fuji Speedway. Much has been said about its controversial new aero package so this video report will interest anyone who has followed the car’s build over the last year.

To quote Tarzan: “The car now has more downforce, more power and should be a lot faster down the main straight.”

With the new Haltech ECU and data logging system onboard, the team now has the tools to analyse every aspect of the car’s performance and get the most out of the new engine and the new aero.

Despite the poor weather during the shakedown and a limited testing time, the team remains very positive, to quote Tarzan again: “Cyber Team goes to Australia every year in this situation, so I hope we can perform as well as we did at the previous two events.”

We can’t help but agree, every year the CyberEvo managed to conjure some magic just when it was needed. Can they do it again, for the third time? We’ll just have to wait and see!