A near perfect weather welcomed the the competitors, exhibitors and spectators on Saturday, 19th October – Day 2 of the 2013 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.


The day officially started with a “Lap of Honour” of Pro and Pro Am cars.


With Tilton setting the pace early on, the Pro Class field was playing catch-up.


Nobuteru Taniguchi was pushing the Top Fuel / Voltex S2000RR and posting some very fast times. The car went almost a second faster than last year but fuelling problems prevented the team from giving it the final big push on Saturday.


MCA Suspensions’ S13 in the capable hands of Earl Bamber was consistently fast and beat their last year’s time of 1:27.8080 with a new PB of 1:27.3670 moving ahead of Nemo into the second overall and the fastest RWD of the event.


After having some mechanical issues on Friday, Suzuki went out all guns blazing resetting his 2012 time and edging closer to Nemo’s time. Unfortunately it was not to be for Suzuki-san as he once again narrowly missed out on the podium finish with a time of 1:27.958. Scorch Racing was the fastest international team at this year’s WTAC, ahead of Top Fuel / Voltex, RE Amemiya and Esprit.


Despite not being able to make the podium, RE Amemiya RX-7 was one of the most popular cars on the track, turning heads wherever it went.


Tarzan had a love-hate relationship with the Esprit NSX. He loved it on the straights and hated it in corners. Okay, perhaps “hated” might be a too strong of a word but it was clear the car was struggling for grip in some corners. On Saturday morning Tarzan reported that the car is much faster than the lap times indicate, “we just need to get the handling under control”.  Team Esprit ended the event in the 8th place with a time of 1:30.139


A new addition to the event was the Turbosmart Flying 500. Judging by the reaction it received from the crowd, it’s a part that’s most likely to stay and even expand at future events. Crowds filled up the Grand Stand and the Pit Garage rooftop to watch some of Australia’s top tuner cars battle it out in a rolling 500m top speed shootout.


Struggling for traction, the PPRE RX-5 only managed 192km/h top speed but with the unmistakable brap of its 6-rotor engine was without a doubt the crowd favourite!


Don’t be fooled by its “street” appearance, Mick’s Motorsport Evo IX is an absolute weapon! This is the car that took out the Turbosmart Flying 500 win 252km/h top speed.



The Motul Turbo Legends delighted the crowds with sights and sounds of the bygone era when turbocharged cars ruled the Australian Motorsport. It’s not hard to see why these cars were so popular on and off the track.


Miss Turbosmart – Liz took out our Miss World Time Attack Contest and happily posed for pictures with numerous spectators.


Precision Maintenance Evo was the pace setter in Pro Am with a time of 1:30.9570


Sutton Brother’s S15 was spectacularly fast and only a 0.9 second slower than the class leader Precision Maintenance Evo. A well deserved runner up spot for the Sutton Brothers.


Flying the Subaru flag, the Auto Engineering Hulk was in hot pursuit of the Sutton Brothers and completed the Pro Am podium in a third place.


Open Class saw several leader changes during the day with BC Automotive  R32 GTR taking the win in the final session.


V-Sport’s Evo X set the best Open Class time early on Saturday but was relegated to the runner-up position by BC Automotive.


Legions of Honda fans cheered Benny Tran who pushed his BYP Racing Integra to its limits, not only placing it on the Open Class podium but also earning the title of the Fastest FWD of the event.


Jason Wright took out the Clubsprint win in the Prcess West WRX STi putting an end to the general assumption that you need an Evo to win at WTAC.


The “mult-tasking” award of the event has to go to Jason Wright and Benny Tran both of whom drove two cars, in two classes and managed to put both of them on the podium!


Jason drove the Autotech Engineering Hulk in the Pro Am and the Process West STi in Clubsprint while Benny Tran drove the BYP Racing Integra in the Open and a BYP Racing S2000 in the Clubsprint Class. Top effort guys!


Jason Naidoo took a well-deserved third place in the Clubsprint Class in his SuperPro Evo 9.



The Nemo Racing team were not able to overcome their overheating problems and only managed to get out for one low-boost session. The 2012 champions ended the event in an honourable 3rd place.


And once again, the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is over for another year. We have a new World Champion – a team that has not only been the fastest at this event but managed to break the seemingly unassailable lap record set in 2012 by Nemo.

Hail the new World Time Attack Champion: the Tilton Interiors Evo!