Bump In and Bump Out Times
Bump in: Structures Only: TBC
Bump in: General Setup: TBC
Bump out: TBC

Overnight security will be provided from Thursday night until Sunday.
Valuable items can be stored overnight in the lock-up garage on request.

Setting Up

Space Restrictions
When setting up please ensure your exhibit is within your nominated space. This includes any display cars or promotional banners. Please ensure your exhibit does not limit or obstruct access to the neighbouring exhibits.

Loading and Unloading

No cars other than display vehicles are to be left parked in the Pit Zone area. All delivery vehicles must be removed from the Pit Zone area after unloading.

Banners and Signage
Sponsors and exhibitors are allowed to put their banners on the fence surrounding the track. Please refer to your Exhibitor Package details to see how many banner spaces are allowed in your package. The best time to install your trackside signage is on Thursday after 5.30pm or on Friday before 8am. The trackside signage is to be installed on the fence surrounding the track.

All signage must be installed securely and removed after the event. The only restricted areas are the main straight and the Drift Circuit.

Electrical Safety

If your exhibit uses power you must ensure all the connections are secure and don’t pose any safety hazards. Each exhibitor is responsible for the safety of their staff and visitors.

Liability Insurance
All exhibitors must have their own Public Liability Insurance. Please email your Certificate of Currency to inga@worldtimeattack.com This is of the utmost importance, as you can not display without insurance.

Exhibitor Passes

Equipment and Marquee Hire