We are proud to announce the second entry from the United States is the GST Motorsports WRX or more correctly the Impreza L. This car has undergone a major transformation over the American winter months in preparation for the trip down under and this included a serious weight reduction campaign, a 3 inch roof chop and an increase in power to over 650 horsepower at all four wheels. After competing in the May round of the US Global time attack series the car will be pushed into a container bound for Sydney and the GST crew are keen to show the world that they have one VERY serious weapon that, along with their US counterparts Sierra Sierra, should be capable of well and truly mixing with the best Japan has to offer . This car now sports the best of everything with a sleeved block stuffed full of JE pistons, BC rods and a list of Cosworth components as long as your arm.

gst motorsport impreza

All of this power is run back through Guard transmissions by Modena sequential dog engagement gearbox with Modena also getting the nod for the centre and rear differentials. All of this is brought to a stop by a set of top line Alcon mono block brakes on the front and a set of Brembos pulling up the rear. The car sports a wide body kit built in house at GST Motorsports along with the front and rear splitter and the team have recently been consulting with aero ace Andrew Brilliant to maximise down force on the fast flowing Eastern Creek circuit.

gst motorsport impreza

“Everyone in the team here at GST Motorsports cannot wait for the chance to go up against the World’s best and fastest time attack cars in Sydney this year, we’re very aware of how fast some of these cars are and have been looking forward for a long time for a chance to pit ourselves against them.” said team principle and tuner Mike Warfield from his base in San Francisco.

“Last year we rooted for Sierra Sierra Enterprises as they held the flag for team USA, this year although we’re both part of team USA we hope we find our little Impreza sitting at the top of the pack!”

About GST Motorsports
GST Motorsports, Inc. opened late 2006 when Mike and Dionne Warfield finally decided it was time to work on their own after partnering with many other aftermarket performance businesses over the previous 4 years. With the help of their long term mechanic’s Tommy Wu and Mert Solis GST Motorsports, Inc has built a solid reputation both locally and nationally within the Subaru and Mitsubishi communities.

The car GST currently use for Time Attack known as the “L” started life as just that a 1996 Subaru Impreza L which Mike picked up and used as a daily driver for a couple of years back in 2003, when looking to open GST Motorsports, Inc. Mike and team wanted to build a car for the NASA 25 Hour Endurance race in December 2006 and the “L” was born.

After the NASA race and with the upsurge of Time Attack in the US the GST Motorsports team decided to have a crack at this new phenom with a simple turning up of the power on the motor the car ran it’s first event at Redline Time Attack in Buttonwillow, CA in March of 2007, the car won it’s class and came second overall at the event and the Time Attack bug had bit!

Since it’s first time attack outing in 2007 the “L” has seen many revisions with the close season period between the 2010 and 2011 being the biggest to date, following a successful 2010 season the team at GST Motorsports decided to address all aspects of the car and the result is what you see here, clearly something the team wants to take on the world’s fastest with.

About the driver Jeff Westphal.
Jeff Westphal’s path into the world of motorsports is anything but ordinary.  Growing up, Jeff was always into car, yet no one was quite sure why.  His parents weren’t into cars, or racing, yet his passion continued to grow.  During his first year of college, Jeff took a summer job at an indoor go-kart track.  After setting numerous track records during his lunch breaks, he caught the attention of the facility owner, who urged him to enter the Red Bull Driver Search.  Although Nascar driver Scott Speed was ultimately selected as the winner of the competition, Jeff gained notoriety within the racing community.

Because he didn’t start racing until the late age of 19, Jeff knew he had a lot of catching up to do.  Wasting no time, he clinched the Pacific F2000 championship in 2008, setting a new win record, with 9 out of the 12 races.  In 2009 he moved straight to Rolex GT cars, competing in the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona.  In 2010, Jeff took a new direction, competing in, and ultimately winning the Redline Time Attack Championship.  At 24 years old, his career is just beginning to pick up steam.  Jeff met with Mike Warfield from GST Motorsports to drive their famous “L” impreza.

Beyond piloting the car, Jeff’s identity was hidden for the entire season as the notorious G-Stig.  After setting numerous track records and winning the championship, the G-Stig was unveiled and named 2010 Driver of the year, as well as being recognized by Speedhunters as a candidate for Champion of the Year.”

About the tuner and team owner Mike Warfield
Mike has been tuning and wrenching on Subaru’s since 2001, from a part time hobby to he and his wife opening their own full blown performance and service center complete with Mustang AWD dynometer.

Mike’s passion for Subarus has lead him to working with teams in nearly all forms of motorsports in the US including USTCC, Grand-Am, World Challenge as well as many grassroots events.

Mike spends most of his time divided between the dyno, shop and race track and can be often found spending a weekend off of work helping out customers at the various local race tracks in the Bay Area.

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