The Honeywell Garrett International Drift Challenge at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge final went to a fourth run when Japan’s Daigo Saito and drift stalwart Beau Yates each scored a victory each in the first two challenges.


The third run appeared to go the way of Saito and his big horsepower Lexus as he was able to pull a gap over the Toyota 86. On the fourth run Saito put a wheel off with interference at the first corner, and passed Yates on the inside later – that was enough to give Yates the Drift Challenge victory.


Unfortunately, the Top 4 challenge finished poorly. It was Yates up against Shane van Gisbergen but the latter who was chasing his first outright win, popped the Nissan’s V8 engine on their second confrontation. He had to settle for third overall as Rob Whyte (Nissan/Dodge) retired before taking on Saito with carburettor issues.

Full Results below

Positions Driver
1 Beau Yates
2 Daigo Saito
3 Shane Van Gisbergen
4 Rob Whyte
5 Mike Whiddett
6 Josh Boettcher
7 Michael Bonney
8 Luke Fink
9 Michael Prosenik
10 Cole Armstrong
11 Jake Jones
12 Cameron Mote
13 Alex Sciacca
14 Darren Kelly
15 Levi Clarke
16 Matt Russell
17 Brad Tuohy
18 Adam Monck
19 Dave Steedman
20 Michael Rosenblatt
21 Matt Hill
22 Anthony Bilic
23 Kris Frome
24 Carl Thompson
25 Mitchell Jeffery
26 Adam Davies
27 Blake Paterson
28 Andy Worth
29 Ben Meir
30 Joel Dimmack