The first challenge for Mike Whiddett after a bye in the first round of the Honeywell Garrett International Drift Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park was against fellow Kiwi Darren Kelly (Skyline).


It went Mad Mike’s way but there would be drama for the Mazda RX8 SP3 as it smashed its sump on a ripple strip, losing all its oil. The team would have a battle getting back on track for the top eight.


The second run-off in the Top 16 saw Rob Whyte (Nissan/Dodge) overcome Adam Monck (Silvia S14) before Japan’s Daigo Saito (Lexus) took out his fight against Alex Sciacca (Mazda RX8) when the latter spun on the second run.


It took a third run for Michael Bonney (S15) to get the better of Cole Armstrong (Nissan G30) before Shane van Gisbergen (Nissan 370Z) toppled Matt Russell (Toyota Sprinter).


Josh Beottcher (S15) put Levi Clarke (Silvia) out as did Luke Fink (Toyota AE86) to Michael Rosenblatt (Skyline), Beau Yates (Toyota 86) to Jake Jones (BMW), and Luke Fink (Toyota AE86) to Michael Prosenik’s Nissan.