Insane Drifter from Melbourne Andreas ‘Aggess’ Paraskevas will be representing his infamous Australian Drift Team this year at the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge.

Notorious for his extreme driving techniques and excitable antics, Aggess is sure to put on one hell of a show whilst he drifts his way to the top in what is sure to be some smoking hot competition.

Debuting nationally in 2009 when he competed at the final Oran Park Drift Australia round, Aggess made his mark on the scene and raised some eyebrows as his talent shone through. Since then he has gone on to compete nationally as he climbs the ranks and is now recognised as one of Australia’s best drifters.

Established in 2003, Team Insane Drifters is one of Australia’s strongest and most recognized Drift Teams to this day. Once legendary holding members such as Nigel Petrie and Hai-Dang Le, it now consists of two of its strongest ever competitors – Andreas ‘Aggess’ Paraskevas and John ‘Papa’ Papadopoulos.

The Team travels all over the country to compete and regularly pulls in impressive results. With the support of Just Car Insurance, the team is stronger than ever and continue to astound the crowd and judges alike. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the team as they compete State and Nation wide through-out the rest of the year.

Traveling to Japan in 2010, Aggess got first hand experience of drifting in Japan and loved every second of it. So naturally, when he heard some of Japan’s best drifters were coming to the TIDC he couldn’t control his excitement!

“I can’t believe Team Orange are coming out here that’s awesome! I fell in love with Japan and their style of driving, that’s where it all began. I can’t wait to drive along-side some of Japans originals! That’s how I learnt to drift, watching guys like that on Japanese drift DVDs way back in the day.”

Over the years we have seen Aggess compete in his well-known 180SX. We asked if that’s what we should expect to see at Eastern Creek this year.

“At the moment I am driving my 180sx which has had years of testing and tuning and a huge amount of development over the years. The car has been built entirely by myself, with some help from friends and family. It was built with a budget but is very competitive and just keeps getting better.”

“I had a great season last year in it in the national comp and doing pretty well so far this year as well. But I might have something new up my sleeve specially for the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge.  I have an s15 in the build and possibly will be making its debut if all testing and tuning is 100%. I’ll keep you guys in the loop”.

Aggess and his team were hand chosen to drive in the drift display at Top Gear Live in Melbourne in early 2011. Here they were able to show a much wider market their skills and how entertaining drifting really is. They grandstands were flooded with amazed spectators and thousands lined up to get the teams autographs all weekend long. This event really opened the eyes of the wider motorsport enthusiasts and created a whole new fan base for Team Insane Drifters.

With an extraordinary driving record and impressive performance reputation, Aggess will be one to watch out for at the 2012 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge.

Check out Aggess’ profile at the Tectaloy Performance Coolants Website.

You can also check out Aggess and his team at the Team Insane Drifters website.

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