What is this new format?

World Cup style pools, think rugby or soccer world cup.

How are people selected into Pools?

Once we know the 32 drivers, we will randomly draw names into each pool.

How do the pools work?

Win, Lose or Draw points awarded in the pool rounds for each match up, no OMT’s during this phase.

Who goes to the quarters (top 8)?

Win the pool to progress. Draw your pool and face a sudden death battle.

What happens in the quarters?

Top 8 normal format once the quarters are completed through to the podium.

Are OMT’s still restricted in the top 8 and beyond?

Sure are, if a battle can’t be split first time it is sudden death OMT!

What are these hot pits?

Hot pits are exactly that, fully set up tyre changing pits for you to use, crew’s take their own tyres and wheels, Teams only have 2 minutes to change the rubber and get back to the track!

Why the change?

This is going to be the most fast paced drifting event Australia and possibly the world has ever seen, focus is firmly on entertainment and keeping the action on track, having the drivers on show a minimum of 3 times. We changed the format to make this event action packed for the crowd and viewers at home, to remove the down time, and bits that drag on as much as possible, to take out the bits that don’t count so much and pack it in with battles for everyone on both days of the event!

Who is driving?

The International Drifting Cup is invite only and driver announcements will be made soon, stay tuned.


I’m sold, where do I get my tickets?