Martini Racing are proud to announce that they will be the official fuel sponsor of the legendary Team Orange cars for the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge.

Both Kumakubo and Suenaga will be running on Martini Grand Prix 700 102Ron Racing fuel and the guys from Martini are sure the team can expect a sizeable jump in horsepower over the 100 Octane fuel they have been using in Japan.

“Martini’s custom race formulation contains a state of the art oxygenate to provide a rapid release of oxygen.” said Martini marketing manager Dan Cuscheiri “We have developed a superior method to improve this combustion process by chemically adding oxygen to our hi-octane race fuel. By increasing this oxygen level in the combustion zone we now have changed the stoichiometric ratio and this creates a denser charge which significantly increases power.”

We are all looking forward to see what this translates to on the track and with the best of the best going head to head everyone is going to be looking for any edge they can get.