Media Applications are now open.

Media accreditation for the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge are now available to working media representing relevant publications and news outlets. In the interest of your safety, only a limited number of media will be allowed on the track.

Preference will be given to those who have attended the 2011 event and had their pictures/stories published in relevant publications.

For more information and to download a Media Accreditation Form go to the Media Page

World Time Attack Media FAQ

Q: If I don’t have a Media Pass can I still photograph around the pits area and the garages?
A: Yes. WTAC is one of the few motorsport events that lets you get close and personal with the race cars and their crew. Normal, common sense rules apply; don’t obstruct the movement of the car, the crew or other spectators.

Q: Are there any places I can’t go without a Media Pass?
A: You cannot enter the track or the pit lane without a Media Pass. You must also not jump over the fence dividing the spectator area and the track. You can, however, get spectacular views from the top of the pit garage building and the Subaru building, both of which are open to spectators.

Q: I have a personal blog where I put all my motorsport pictures. Can I apply for a Media Accreditation?
A: You can apply, but unless your blog is the size of Speedhunters or MotoIQ, you are not likely to be approved.

Q: I write/photograph for an online magazine.  Can I apply for a Media Accreditation?
A: Yes, providing it’s a legitimate e-zine. You will move up the priority list if you have articles from our past events published.

Q:  I’m photographing a friend/customer/employer that has a race car/exhibit at WTAC. Can I get a Media Pass?
A: You probably don’t need it as you can get most of your shots from the public-access areas.

Q: I have a side-kick that carries all my photo/video gear for me. Will he still need a Media Pass?
A: Yes, anyone entering the track or any areas closed to the public needs a Media Pass.

Q: Is there a limit of media passes issued per publication?
A: Yes. We would rather allow 20 magazines with 2 photographers each than 4 magazines with 10 photographers each. Last year we limited the number to 3 photographers per publication due to the large number of applicants.

Q: I’m a motoring journo and won’t really need to get onto the track, do I still need a media pass?
A: Yes, you’ll be provided with a limited-access Media Pass.

Q: I’ve covered WTAC in 2010 and 2011 and have my pictures published in a number of publications. Will I be given priority approval?
A: Yes. You’ll most likely be in the first batch of approved applications.

Q: Can I get kicked out from WTAC for not observing the track rules?
A: Yes. Those of you who have attended previous events know that it’s run on a tight schedule, so there’s always something happening at the track. This means you have to be alert at all times and behave in a safe manner. The Track Marshalls report any dangerous behaviour to the Control Tower who, in turn, reports them to us requesting a warning or removal of the person deemed behaving inappropriately. The Control Tower can stop the event until that has been addressed – something neither us or anyone attending the event wants.

We’ve had minimal issues with the Media Representatives last year (thank you all) and would like to keep it that way, so make sure you read and understand the track rules outlined on the Media Rules page.