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Where do I start this year? Anyone that was standing near the Nemo pit garage when the voice came over the PA shouting “one twenty five” will know exactly what I am talking about!

It would be fair to say that over the past two years Tarzan Yamada has made the motorsport community stand up and take notice of the sport of time attack with lap times in the 1.28-29 range with Canadian Indy driver David Empringham not far behind him, but what Warren Luff achieved in the newly finished Nemo Evo will have the racing community scratching their heads for a very long time.

This is now by far the fastest sedan to ever lap the circuit by quite a margin too. A big congratulations to Luffy, Chris Eaton, Andrew Brilliant and the Mc Elrea racing team, you have not only moved the bar you have kicked it right of the stand!

The Pro Class podium was filled with Aussies for the first time ever with the  long time Australian time attack team Tilton Interiors in 2nd and Queensland based MCA suspension in 3rd in a rear wheel drive battle that went right to the end with Scorch Racing.

The competition in the other classes was just as fierce and congratulations to all of the winners.

Our trade display was the best we have seen to date with fans getting the chance to meet with all of the top tuning brands, check out their new products, ask questions and get their photos taken with some very attractive ladies.

After the sun went down the top end of the track was lit up with the Tectaloy drift Challenge with the Aussies once again taking on the Kiwis and the infamous Team Orange from Japan. In the end it was Japanese D1 driver Naoto Suenaga who got the win from Tony Harrison and Leighton Fine.

So what’s in store for 2013? Well we can certainly say that we will be looking very carefully at our rules. There is no question the rules need revising in the light of the incredibly fast lap times recorded not just in the Pro but also in the Open and Clubsprint classes.  These changes are not meant to exclude anyone but simply fix the “holes” that exist in the current rulebook and create safer, less controversial racing into the future. Many of the overseas teams have already vowed to return so World Time Attack fever is set to get even bigger and better next year.

Despite the gale force winds we managed to sidestep the rain the engulfed much of Sydney and to all our fans that braved “the coldest weekend in four years” we say a big thank you.

To our sponsors, in particular Yokohama Tyre and Tectaloy who have believed in my vision from day one, a huge big THANKYOU.

To all our other sponsors, traders, race teams, officials, media and everyone that travelled the thousands of kilometers to be here THANKYOU. You are the people that make WTAC what it is today. See you all next year!

My parting words would have to be… Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Ian Baker
CEO Superlap Australia

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  1. Any rule changes will be announced as soon as they are agreed upon. This is one area that will require some serious research and discussion with the track officials and competitors. This will be one of the most important changes to the event since it started so we want to ensure we get it right:)

  2. Nemo is in a class of its own (literally) Congrats to MCA, Under Suzuki, and Tilton!! Holy cow those are quick times considering the builds.

    I think you are referring to Pulse’s evo Jim? With the front wing? Or I need to take a few more looks at the Tilton car.

    Hopefully we see an actual attempt at the record next year from overseas, with some awd beasts that have been fine tuned in all departments. From both Japan and the US (as well as the UK if they have a weapon that can compete at the upper tier of the wtac). I have my fingers crossed the CyberEvo will return with a tested/tuned package. I don’t even know if the r35 chassis can be made to lap quicker than these insane evos! So quick, Nemo’s time is on another level of quick.

    Can’t wait to see what comes from the much needed rule revision in all categories, and hopefully no more biased skewing.

  3. I am defiantly for a revision to the rules. Especially in open class where many competitors find themselves after a engine conversion or frp guards These privaters are facing an up hill battle against cars like the dominator evo which feature insane aero that extends way beyond the coach work of the vehicle similar to the mca s13. Fair enough don’t limit cars in respect to horsepower or engines. But there needs to be limitations with aero, such as no front wings like the tilton evo or mca s13. No front spliters, canards or rear wings that extend beyond the width of the coach work of the vehicle. Imposing these restrictions will result in a closer racing field and will connect with fans that could actually see themselves building a competitive vehicle of a similar calibre.

  4. Congratulations to all involved, even if the car didn’t play the game on the weekend we still enjoyed the hell out of the weekend, The show of the year for us, and many others.

    Thank you

  5. can i just ask that what ever changes you make to the rules you announce them as soon as you know what they will be?

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