In 2010 this Honda Civic also known as ” The Bumblebee” or “The DR HONDA CIVIC” broke records setting the benchmark for years to come.

Being not only a FWD but a naturally aspirated one at that, the YouTube video of the record lap of 1:40.9 has been seen by almost quarter of a million people all around the world.

The driver, John ‘BOZ’ Boston, is super excited to be driving the Honda Civic again and can’t wait to see what the car has to offer in 2012.

Since 2010 the Civic has gone some minor upgrades. Further weight reduction, more power, a full revamp of the suspension, increased aero and a new fuel system. Despite all the improvements, The Bumblebee remained naturally aspirated and still looks like it did in its original 2010 configuration.

With BYP, MightyMouse all showing massive potential this year, it looks like The Bumblebee will have a tough battle ahead of it.