After several years of track day activites Jason Dorrington has made the leap and entered into the Open Class in his wild white FD RX7.

The Rx7 makes an ideal track car thanks to Mazda’s extensive motorsport history and the knowledge of the rotary engine by tuning specialists around the country. One of the aforementioned specialists is Anthony Rodriguez who, with his company Maztech of Melbourne, have been quietly screwing together record-breaking rotary engines since the early ninties.

Armed with this knowledge Jason ordered a 13B Bridgeport engine full of  Xtreme Rotaries components and carefully assembled by Anthony at Maztech. He then fitted a  Garret T04Z with a custom top mount intercooler and a custom exhaust.

A pair of  Bosch 044 custom surge tank, 6 x 1700 cc Indy blue injectors, all setup with a Microtech ECU for E85. The gearbox is a  6 speed Mal Wood TR6060 Tremac with custom bellhousing close ratio box with short shifter,  a Direct Clutch Services twin plate clutch and the diff is a RE Amemiya 4.77 ratio. the suspensionconsists of big dollar Ohlins external reservoir coil overs, racing beat swaybars fr/rr, superpro bushes throughout, Samberg diff cradle, ppf removed.

The brakes are AP Racing 6 piston front brakes, with Project MU Club Racer pads allround. The wheels are  SSR Type C. with Yokohama 265 x 18” A050 Semis. Bodyform  and FEED made the wide body kit with custom made fr splitter and canards. And finally a full custom FIA rollcage made by LF Performance in Perth. The aero design is thanks to Scott Beeton from Aerodesigns.

Thanks to Maztech of Melbourne, Powercrank Batteries, Microtech EFI, Centreline Suspension, Scott Beeton from

Maztech Of Melbourne Pty Ltd  Tel: 03 94168411
Centreline Suspension  Tel: 03 9469 2914

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