There is no question the Open Class in 2012 is going to be one of the most hotly contested classes of all. More and more of these cars are now making Pro Class type power and have Pro Class type aero and one car that fits this bill is this Evo 6, commonly known around the traps as the Dominator Evo of Queensland-based businessman and petrolhead James Willard.

After building several performance vehicles over the years including an 800KW R32 GTR, an Autosalon winning GTi show car, he currently has as a road car an R35 GTR, so when the time attack bug hit it was always going to turn into something special.

So after deciding on the Evo platform as the base, James found a clean Evo 6.5, as this was the lightest one available. After competing in 2011 WTAC, in what was a highly modified street car, the decision was made to “get serious” and so the “Dominator” Evo was born.

“I knew all along that competing in a street car we could only go so far so after WTAC 2011, the car was stripped to a bare shell” said James “and the ground-up rebuild was commenced. From the get go I made the decision to only use the best parts and find the best people to help me to get the result I wanted. This is a philosophy I try to use in everything I do”

Looking through the list of components this rings true!

The engine was stripped and sent to Will at JHH performance engineering who filled it full of all the best gear including a Nitto 2.2 stroker kit, Kelford Camshafts a new GTX Garrett 35R turbo and Hypertune inlet that makes around “500kw at the wheels” on E85 fuel.

The transmission follows this same theme with a big dollar 6 speed  sequential Maktrack trick box with a paddle shift . The diffs are all by Cusco as are the specially made coilovers. The brakes are by AP Racing and the wheels are Rays Volk RE30 fitted with soft Hankook Ventus z221 hoops.

The aero is another area that has undergone serious developments with several “secret” people lending a hand in various stages.

The front splitter was by Cawthorne composites on the Gold Coast and the rear wing was designed by Barry Lock with Lightening Composites completing the manufacture. The body kit was originally a Varis but you’d never know looking at it, as it has undergone serious surgery.

All in all this car certainly has the credentials to run with the front of the pack but then James dropped the bombshell when he confirmed that he will be sharing the driving with Steve Glenney at World Time Attack. Steve won the Open Class in 2010 and is hungry to get the the title back. The Open Class just go even more interesting!

When we spoke to Steve Glenney about it his simple reply was “Yep, that car can win no problem, we just need a good run.”

Special thanks to Hi Octane Racing and Hi Octane Performance Coating, Hypertune, Nitto, JHH Performance Engineering, Scott Kuhner, Simon Cunliffe, Cawthorne Composites, Lightening Composites, Robin Berado, Perfourmance Motorsports, Dominos Pizza, 999 Automotive

One Event. One Track. Two Days. One Winner. Be there!
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