What started as a crazy idea in 2009 has finally become reality.  Many of you saw the prototype Uber wide body Evo X on display at WTAC in 2011 (thanks to Bob Pearson of ProDuct for letting us display our radical ideas on his prep’d GTP Evo X)

This Uber Motorsport’s first shot at competing in WTAC, so while they take racing very seriously, the team is also realistic about their potential – with limited testing time and a brand new car.

“We’ve used FEA to design our wide body to retain the Evo X’s fundamental shape – just give it a big course of steroids I guess…  So we are really excited to see the results of all our work and investment.”

UberMotorsport make doors, boot and bonnet from prepreg dry carbon (made in an auto calve as per an F1 chassis) so they are extremely strong and light – with the doors weighing 3.9kg each – including the door trim mounts!

“We’ve saved 22kg by replacing the standard boot with our own dry carbon boot, which fitted perfectly without any modification required at all.  Same goes for the doors – we replaced all 4 doors (including striping and reinstalling all the trims from the OEM doors) in 1.5 days – nice to have parts that actually fit out of the box!”

“We’ve just run out of time and gone over budget, so we didn’t get all the development that we planned on, but that’s motorsport.  We are just happy to be part of the event this year and set some bases for a big tilt at WTAC 2013.”

“At this stage, we are sticking with a fairly stock engine set up, as we feel this will build rev’s quickly to help the GTX3582R stay in the optimal boost range.  Full Race helped out with their really nicely engineered twin scroll exhaust manifold with twin Tial MV-R 44m external gates. Feeding the E85 through our Injector Dynamics ID2000 injectors is the new Walbro tank with a custom surge tank.  We expect to make strong power through the rev’s to make the car easy to drive, rather than huge power and be fighting it all the time. We are working on the lightweight with strong aero philosophy to be reliable and consistent speed all around the circuit.”

“Fortunately, with Tom having enormous experience preparing numerous Evo 8s and Xs for Bob’s GTP and endurance racing, we are confident we will have a strong platform to lay down respectable times.”

“Bob’s support and encouragement over the past 18 months has been incredibly generous only surpassed by his engineer, Tom Cusamano, who’s been the key guy in pulling this whole thing together.  Tom has been one of the only people I’ve been able to completely rely on and trust to know that he will not only deliver on what he says he will do, but even go the extra miles when others have let us down.  My sincere and heart felt thanks go to Tom and Bob for not only believing in Uber, but following it up with actions because without Tom’s passion, dedication and knowledge, it would just would have happened.”

“Our goal has been to work with Australian companies as much as possible, as I believe Australian manufacturers are some of the best in the world – just look at DBA Australia, PWR, Turbosmart and SpeedFlow to name a few.”

The kit mounts to align with factory Mitsubishi styling and increase the width of the Evo X by 110mm.  The basic kit is available to all Evo X owners and includes the front bumper, front guards, side skirts, rear guards and rear bumper in the basic kit and in the Race kit includes front splitter, canards, side skirt extensions, doors, hood, trunk, Uber Dynamic Wing, rear diffuser, and vortex diffuser.

State of the art laser scanning technology was used to precisely map key mounting points and critical areas for optimal aerodynamic improvement.  We then used advance 3D computer modelling and flow dynamics in a virtual wind tunnel to make the shape even more slippery and aero efficient.

“We looked at the Evo X and considered the huge potential it has a road car, retained the fundamental aerodynamics that Mitsubishi developed and took it to a whole new level!” says Adam Quinn, CEO & President of UberMotorsport.

Openings on the trailing side of the front guards provide a negative pressure area that effectively pulls air over the brake rotors to assist in brake cooling, with side skirts designed to capture that heated air to flow over the dual layered horizontal surfaces of the widened skirts that emulate the F1 concept of hot exhaust gas blowing over diffusers to get a little more down force on down changes – it all adds up!

Adam said, “We wanted to develop a GT level wide body kit that was functional, and actually made a substantial improvement to the aero performance of the Evo X.  Not only did the kit need to look incredible, it needed to also be lighter than the OEM car, which is why we have developed a cost effective platform that is still great value for money for enthusiasts and racers alike.  We needed to keep the customer price as low as possible but the quality of our components to the highest possible standard.”

Increasing the total width by 110mm is not as easy as it sounds, but to be able to fit up to 18 x 11 inch wheels and 295 wide tyres under all 4 corners needs as much width as possible, especially to get all that power to the track.

Forged titan wheel studs are only 43 grams each, compared to 160 grams for the OEM items, and titanium race lug nuts are 15 grams each compared to the OEM nuts at 110 grams.  This is a significant reduction in rotating mass, which in turn makes a very noticeable improvement in late braking point, higher corner speed and the ability to exit corners faster whilst maintaining a tighter line that with a heavier car.  Adam says these core fundamentals in reducing overall weight of a car, especially rotating mass and lowering centre of gravity are critical to Uber’s design philosophies.

Although the images in this article are computer generated, we have been assured that the prototype is very similar, with any changes made to further improve the aero and performance of the final product.

“We are very proud to be sponsored by DBA Australia, Wholesale Suspension, Turbosmart and have special support from PWR (custom intercooler), as well as GCG Turbos, Full Race Manifolds, Injector Dynamics, Indy as IS Motorracing with special thanks to FibreMaster, SpeedFab, Pollard Carbon Fibre, Endless brake pads, Cooper Customs, Tilton Interiors, and especially Tom Cusamano and Bob Pearson at ProDuct.”

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