We can finally announce what we believe to be the final entry list for the Advan Pro Class at World Time Attack. All of the overseas entries are now well and truly at sea and heading for Sydney. We have certainly what we believe to be the fastest field of Pro Time Attack cars ever assembled anywhere in the world and we are sure our fans are in for a treat like no other come August 5th and 6th.

We have a vast array of insane machinery that includes six Mitsubishi Evos, two crazy R35 GTRs and one R34 GTR, two Nissan Silvias, two RX7s, two WRXs, two Lotus Exiges, a Nissan 300ZX and the craziest XR6 ute on the planet so you can rest assured that no matter what you brand allegiance is, there will be one of the fastest modified tuner versions of that vehicle in the world will be out trying to put their name in lights in a winner takes all showdown.

It is two wheel drives against four wheel drives, piston against rotary, four cylinders against six cylinders, tuner against tuner and most importantly COUNTRY AGAINST COUNTRY and all we can say is may the best team win!

On parting I will say we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that despite promising us that they are definitely coming, American team GST Motorsports have decided to pull out at the last minute, claiming their car was not going to be ready and leaving us to pick up the expense tab. This is the second year in a row this has happened with an American team and I can assure you we are not impressed one little bit.

Whilst this is disappointing it is certainly worth noting that Sierra Sierra is unquestionably the much faster team out of the USA anyway so at least we certainly have the best representative for team USA still coming.

The good news is that we have pretty special car rumoured to be making a debut at WTAC. It is not listed on the entry as yet as we are yet to receive the official entry form but we have seen some spy shots and it looks very impressive. I can tell you it is an Evo that was built largely by a group of V8 Supercar engineers for a Porsche Racer from Queensland that is REALLY serious about keeping the trophy in Australia. More on this one later…

See the Entry List for the Advan Pro Class here.