Redbrick Racing driver Gareth Lloyd made the trip down to Sydney ahead of the rest of the team. We caught up with him at the official WTAC launch at Parramatta about his experiences so far at Eastern Creek, the Redbrick team and the competition.

Superlap: You’ve had a look at the Eastern Creek layout – what is your first impression?

Gareth Lloyd: The track is great ! It’s the sort of track I really like, with the over crest and compression turns and the turn 1 – I love it !

SL: Do you think the track suits the Redbrick Racing car?

GL: I think we should be well suited, can’t wait to get started!

SL: With the entire Pro Class announced how do you feel about the competition?

GL: The Competition looks very strong this year. Some great teams and drivers.
We’ve been preparing for this event for a while now and I’m looking forward to seeing how we fare.

SL: Does being the only UK team in the competition add to the pressure? It’s almost like you’re representing Great Britain in an Olympic Sport!

GL: Yes it sort of does feel like it, being the only driver / team from the UK. Countries like Australia or Japan have numerous teams and I’m sure it helps them to pull together, but we are a strong team and we relish the competition!

SL: What was the preparation for WTAC back in the UK like?

GL: I’ve had a busy time testing with Redbrick over the past few months. We’ve actually won the first round of the UK Time Attack Championship in preparation for this event!  The biggest change for us was the tyre. The UK series used to have a control street tyre and then moved to slicks, at WTAC we’ll be using Yokohama A050s.

SL: Thanks Gareth and good luck next week!

Gareth Lloyd is a bit of a racing celebrity back in Europe, having won some impressive titles including Le Man 24hrs and the UK Time Attack series in 2010. He has been competing in big horsepower 4wd cars for many years and for those that know this sport this is something not to taken lightly. As an everyday test driver for Bentley, McLaren and Mercedes he certainly is very adept in providing the team with quick and accurate feedback.