We are proud to announce that the Redbrick Racing team have confirmed entry in to World Time Attack 2012. The car that is commonly referred to as the “”UK Cyber Evo” will be the first ever European entry and will almost certainly throw a cat amongst the pigeons at Eastern Creek in August. For those not familiar with this team we can tell you that this car is at the very top of the game and features some absolutely insane engineering that is bound to be a threat to the current lap record.

When it comes to engineering race cars it is fair to say that the English are right up there. With many of the F1 teams based in the UK, and a huge array of sports cars, touring cars and open wheelers competing locally, there is a large industry developing ultra high-end race components and an enormous amount of exceptionally highly skilled engineers and craftsmen in this region of the world.

One look over this car and you start get the gist of what I am talking about. From the carbon fibre AP brakes to the paddle shifted Drenth transmission this car is state of the art in absolutely every regard. Australian company SuperPro has been instrumental in manufacturing many custom suspension components used in the build.

The car features a full Voltex aero kit, the same as what stuck the Cyber team to the track in 2011 and a very potent Tracktive built dry sump 4G63 using a whole bunch of Cosworth components and a huge GT42 Garrett turbo. While the team is somewhat shy at revealing true power figures, it would be fair to assume that they must be pushing somewhere close the what Sierra Sierra had in 2011 which they claimed was “over 800hp”  The whole build is an absolute work of art and features the copious use of titanium and carbon fibre with only the best components used in every single facet. The car will be running soft Yokohama Advan AO50 tyres for WTAC.

“Here at Redbrick we are very proud to be representing the UK. After a year of competing on the European stage with the car we very much look forward to competing against the very best in the world at WTAC and showing what is available from the UK stable.” said Redbrick Racing boss Robin Duxbury.

“We have continued development of the car over the last 12 months and have a heavy test program booked in our run up to the event in August. Although we will be the new kids on the block Down Under we are very much looking forward to our assult on Eastern Creek where we hope to spring a few surprises!”

“This really is an exciting news for both Redbrick Racing and World Time Attack fans” said Superlap Australia marketing manager Greg Lysien “the question has long been asked as to why we have American and Japanese and yet no British teams.”

“It is fantastic that in 2012 Redbrick have answered the call and chosen to represent their country.  By all accounts it would certainly appear that we have the right team coming, because if their performance is anything like their build quality, and we suspect that it is, these guys are going to be a real threat!”

There is no doubting these Redbrick’s commitment to World Time Attack as they have already fitted the windscreen banner, something we, and many fans throughout the UK, have all been waiting a long time to see! Roll on August!

For a full spec sheet of the car click here. 

And check Redbrick Racings website here