One of the most popular entries and one of the world’s fastest privateers has confirmed entry into the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge.

“Under” Suzuki and the Scorch Racing S15 will return and he only has one thing in his sights, a place on the podium and preferably the top step.  After finishing in a creditable 5th place in 2011 and a time of 1.31.45 despite being plagued with mechanical drama he will be looking to move forward in leaps and bounds this year and has basically set aside every spare minute of his time and every cent of his money before August to try to make this a reality.

“Thank you for inviting me back to World Time Attack. Last year was an amazing experience, but to be honest I really want to win” said Suzuki-san from the Scorch racing workshop on the outskirts of Tokyo “Many people say that a 2WD car will not compete with AWD but I don’t believe this, especially on a big track like Eastern Creek. Provided the weather is good, we will be competitive.”

And to ensure that he is competetive, Suzuki-san and the Scorch team have a rigorous testing regime planned for the coming months with Mt Fuji and Tsukuba the likely test tracks.

After suffering gearbox issues last year with his well used Holinger H6S sequential gearbox, Suzuki-san has invested in a new stronger and faster shifting RD6S Holinger sequential gearbox along with some engine developments that should see an increase in not only outright power but also usable torque that will increase corner exit speed.

As well as this American aero ace Andrew Brilliant has been stopping by the Scorch shop on the odd occasion (Andrew resides in Japan) to help with some under body Super GT style aero designs that should help plant the S15 firmly to the pavement.

“To have Suzuki-san returning this year really is fantastic news” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “these guys really are the fabric of time attack racing. They are really not a team at all, but a guy who had a big dream who tinkers away in the corner of his mates workshop every night, after working all day as a pharmacist, then goes out and sets lap times that are on par with professional teams.”

“That is the reason why this car and driver are such a hit with the fans. It is inspirational and shows that with enough dedication, anything is possible. Certainly there are not many other forms of motorsport where a guy could turn up with two of his mates and have a chance at knocking off the big guns, but…. you never know….. that may well be the case with these guys in 2012!”

And despite being under resourced Suzuki-san was always ready to stop and have his photo taken sign an autograph or simply show the masses of Silvia fans his car. We are certain this year will be no different and no doubt there will be a legion of fans worldwide quietly cheering for the underdog.

See the Driver Profile and the full Spec Sheet of this car here.