CyberEvo was the last of the big international teams to be confirmed for the 2012 event. The car was officially retired after the 2011 WTAC and we were told CyberEvo would not enter in 2012.

Then, in March we’ve received a call from Takizawa-san asking whether he could still enter the Cyber Evo in this year’s event. How could we refuse, after all, it’s the reigning champion coming back to defend his title!

It was always going to be a fight against time for the Cyber team. They were the last team to start working on their car and the modifications planned were substantial. While the car was finished on time, there was minimal testing done and the WTAC practice was meant to be the car’s first proper shakedown.

So what happened between the time CyberEvo came out of the container and Friday afternoon when it finally rolled into its WTAC garage? After scutineering the car was carted off to Haltech for some fine tuning, at which stage a few problems came to light. The team with the help of some local talent worked around the clock for two days to fix those problems. When the car was brought back to Eastern Creek it was ready to race.

While the engine, suspension and gearbox performed well, the aero needed to be adjusted for the track. Those watching the car would have noticed Tarzan bringing the car straight into the pits after each lap for adjustments.

And, just as it looked set for a hot lap, a cloud of white smoke appeared behind the car. As Tarzan brought the stricken car back into the pits, a disappointed sigh could be heard from the spectators lined up on the pit garage roof.
It turns out the CyberEvo popped out a rear main seal. The rear main provides a seal between the crankshaft, sump and bottom of the block. The seal popped out due to a blockage in the breather oil line leading into the catch can. The blocked breather line caused a build up of crank case pressure and in turn popped the rear main oil seal.

We have to give credit to the Cyber team as they worked frantically to fix it in order to give the car at least one chance for a hot lap. Unfortunately, with the last session of the day quickly approaching that was not to be.

So we never got to see the much anticipated no-holds-barred battle between Cyber and Nemo. As the saying goes, that’s racing, and in CyberEvo’s case this year things just didn’t go their way.