The Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is an action packed, two-day event.  There’s so much to see and do it’s a good idea to plan your day so you don’t miss out on anything. To help you out, we have compiled 10 handy tips on how to make the most out of your WTAC experience.

Tip No.1 – Get in early


The gates open to the public at 7:30am on Friday and Saturday. While it may seem early for most spectators, remember that it takes a while before you get your tickets, find your parking and get down to where the action is. Racing starts at 8:30am.

Tip No.2 – Find the right Entry Gate


Queuing up at a wrong gate can be frustrating and a total waste of your valuable time. Spectator Entry is through Gate B – that’s the gate on the grandstand side of the track, off Peter Brock Drive. If you have purchased your ticket online or you have a VIP or Ultimate Fan pass you get to line up in the Express Queue. If you are purchasing your ticket on the day, line up in the general queue. Once your ticket is scanned you will be directed to the closest parking area. Keep you ticket with you in case you need to leave and re-enter the event.

Tip No.3 – Find the WTAC Merchandise Tent


Walk through the Pit Zone and you can’t miss it – it’s the big, black and red tent with WTAC logos all over it. It’s directly opposite the Centre Stage. Apart from selling cool WTAC merchandise, WTAC Central also has copies of the official program which will tell you exactly who is racing and when.

Tip No.4 – Bookmark, follow and tag


We’ll be running continuous updates throughout the event on our Website, Facebook and Twitter. We will also be running social media competitions so make sure you tag all your posts, tweets and instagram images with #wtac.
WTAC Facebook, WTAC TwitterWTAC Instagram

Tip No.5 – Food and Amenities


Sydney Motorsport Park is well designed to cope with big crowds with restrooms located in each of the pit towers (the yellow buildings marked A, B and C).
For food and beverages: The main food outlets are located on the dummy grid side of the Pit Zone, on the Pit Building roof and behind the WTAC Central. There will be numerous other, smaller outlets scattered throughout the venue. Of course the air-conditioned ARDC Garage will also be open for business with good choice of food and drinks as well as providing sweeping views of the main straight.

Tip No.6 – Get your money out


There will be two ATM machines operating during WTAC – one located inside the ARDC Garage and one in the South Circuit Pit Building. Most of the food outlets and a lot of exhibitors will have EFTPOS facilities so using your plastic for purchases won’t be a problem but it’s always good to have some cash on you.

Tip No.7 – Cover up and keep well hydrated


We are expecting warm, sunny weather for both days so remember to put on some sun screen and keep well hydrated. Should you feel unwell please see one of the WTAC staff members or head straight to the Medical Centre located at the dummy grid end of the Pit Zone.

Tip No.8 – Don’t miss the Pit Walk and Trophy Presentation


We’ll open the pit lane gates to the public at the start if Midday Mayhem (check the event schedule for exact time). This will be a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the time attack machines as all the teams will have them out on display.


The trophy presentation is held at the main podium – next to the control tower at the end of the pit lane. Pit lane will be open to spectators during the trophy presentation. The WTAC trophy presentation will start after the last Superlap Shootout session. Don’t miss it.

Tip No.9 – Best spots to see the action from


For Time Attack: 1. Pit Garage Roof, 2. The Grandstand, 3. ARDC Building Roof, 4. Turn 11 (just below the parking area), 5. Turns 3, 4 and 5 (looking towards the pit zone – great for taking pictures)

Flying 500: Pit Garage Roof or the Grandstand will give you an uninterrupted view of the main straight all the way down to Turn 1.

Motorsport Legends: 1. Pit Garage Roof, 2. The Grandstand, 3. ARDC Building Roof, 4. Turn 11 (just below the parking area), 5. Turns 3, 4 and 5

For Miss Time Attack and Driver Autograph sessions: all these will be held at the WTAC Stage – on the dummy grid.

For Superlap Shootout: The grandstand, pit building roof.

Int Drift Challenge: The Drift Hill – Turn 12 viewing area provides uninterrupted views of the entire Drift Circuit.

There will be three big screens showing live action from our on-track cameras. You will be able to see the broadcast from our prime viewing positions on the grandstand, pit building roof and in the pit area.

Tip No.10 – Enjoy yourself!


First and foremost we want you to have a great time. Really, that’s what it’s all about. That’s why we spend countless hours conversing with our fans through all types of media and tweaking our event to make it more enjoyable for everyone who attends it; the competitors, the exhibitors and of course the spectators. So go on, enjoy yourself. See you there!