Every year in December, our friends at leading automotive blog site Speedhunters run a poll to find what their readers believe was best car of the year, the best driver of the year, the best champion of the year and many other categories.

The real interesting part about these prestigious awards is that the winners are actually judged by THE READERS and this gives a real indication of what is the most popular for that particular year. For the second year running the WORLD TIME ATTACK CHALLENGE was nominated for the EVENT OF THE YEAR AWARD.

In 2010, our debut year, we tied for first place with the Nurburgring 24 hour race but reading through the nominations for the 2011, we could see that the competition had certainly heated up.  Nonetheless we still managed a “podium” finish with a second place behind the legendary Gatebil festival in Norway and ahead of the 24 hours of Le Mans that finished in third place.

“Just to have our name mentioned in the same sentence as some of these incredible events is an honour” said Superlap Australia marketing manager Greg Lysien “but for the readers to vote for us is just amazing and is testament to the amount of work we are putting into making this event for the people. We certainly know we are on the right track”

As well as this award many of the cars and people that featured in our event also won awards with the CAR OF THE YEAR going to Mad Mike in the crazy 4 rotor RX7 that ventured onto Australian soil for the first time at WTAC. This car also clenched the Pro Drift car of the year award so well done to MM and team.

The Cyber Evo managed a 2nd place in the Time Attack car of the year in its final year of competition behind the European based KRB Audi Quattro with the amazing Scorch Racing S15 of Suzuki-san also getting 3rd place

And Tarzan picked up 3rd place in Motorsport “moment of the year” on setting his record lap at WTAC 2011, a moment we are sure he will never forget!

And finally D1NZ superstar Gaz Whiter picked up 3rd in Champion Of the year in a tie with Dajiro Yoshihara behind Sebastian Loeb and F1 champ Vettel!

A big thanks to our mates Charles, Dino, Matt, Casey and all the other Speedhunters crew that make the trip out here religiously in August to cover our event and to all those that voted for us. Make sure you check out www.speedhunters.com.