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Open Class: 101 Motorsport Mighty Mouse

We have a saying here at WTAC headquarters, and that is that “there is something here for everyone, and everything for someone”. This saying illustrates the amazing diversity of cars competing at our events.

One car in particular that has a cult following in the Honda fraternity is the 101 Motorsport built and backed Honda CRX also known as the “Mighty Mouse”. In 2012 with the front wheel drive category in Open Class showing stiffer competition than ever these guys will be out to show what they have got.

Part of the reason these guys have such a following is they chose to go down the “less traveled” route of a normally aspirated engine. While the other teams are playing with boost pressures and turbo sizing, these guys are working out how to extract nearly 280 wheel horsepower out of a Honda K series engine.

The engine originally resided in an Accord Euro and has now been stroked to 2.5 litres and the result is what they claim is the most “powerful K series in the country” and certainly can be heard long before it is seen with the little V -Tec motor buzzing well past 9000rpm.

After finishing in 18th place last year with a time of 1.40.8, the team have set about “vastly improving” on this time and to do so have done an extensive lightening program that now sees the car weigh in at a paltry 820kg “wet with the driver”.

They have also gone down the “aero” path and employed fellow Queensland resident and former F1 engineer Barry Lock to provide a solution. The result, we are told, is now similar down force to what many of the Pro Class cars are running.

The suspension was also handled by another fellow Queenslander, Murray Coote from MCA Suspension and all the carbon work is by Crawthorne Composites, the same guys that did the work on the Nemo Racing Evo.

The FF category has never had a stronger field with the BYP boys making a “Honda” comeback in a reportedly “very quick” Integra, the Tilton Civic of Luke Ryall also making big changes, the ex Dr Honda Civic is back in the hands of John Boston for this event.

Then there is the so far unknown “Adrians Secret Squirrel”  entry  built by Sydney Honda ace Adrian Norton that is reportedly packing a big power TODA racing engine.

One thing we can all count on and that is Rob Nguyen and the 101 Motorsport crew doing their absolute best to come out on top in August.

 101 Motorsport
101 Motorsport has been serving southeast Queensland since 2003 specializing in the import scene, building anything from 1000 hp Skylines to Dodge Vipers. 101 are equipped with both 2wd and 4wd dynos. Working in tandem with JHH Racing, together they bring vast amount of expertise and knowledge to the performance enthusiast and racers.

Engine parts are supplied by industry leaders Blue Print Racing in the United States and built and maintained locally by renowned engine machine shop JHH Racing.

Thanks to 101 MotorSport,  JHH Racing, Blueprint Racing

101 Motorsport
3295 Logan Road  Underwood QLD 4119, Tel: (07) 3341 3790

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