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Open Class: SX Developments S15 Silvia

There is something about a white time attack car that really has that track look. Maybe it goes back to the N1 GTR race derived specials that were only available in white as were the track and rally orientated EVO RS Lancers for a time.

Whatever the case, it looks the part on James Andersons wide body S15. The car is an example of what is achievable on a sensible budget with some carefully executed modifications. The SR20 remains internally standard but step one cams help the engine breath much better and that is probably a good thing seeing as there is now a big GT30R Garrett turbo bolted to the side.

The suspension consists of Bilsteins at all four corners and and the brakes are R33 GTR Brembos sitting behind Volk TE37 Superlaps. A Sunline bonnet and Top Stage carbon fibre boot lid and Voltex wing all sit over the top of a trick Vertex Ridge wide body.

Underneath the body sits a custom front splitter and a rear diffuser. The chassis has been seam welded and a road legal cage installed.

This car has been built by the owner James Anderson with the assistance of Andrew Handmer from SX Developments, who has been involved in the car’s development at every step, especially in preparation for the WTAC.

James was quick to also point out that his is not a fully fledged workshop car but a passionate hobby of its owner. James would also like to thank Wayne and Andrew Sutton for their support over a very concentrated 3 months of chassis work!


About SX Developments
SX Developments is a new venture of Andrew Handmer, aka The Engine Whisperer. Located in Hornsby NSW, SX Developments aims to be a one stop shop for serious race car development – combining the usual mechanical work and performance modifications with custom design, fabrication and electronics.

Extensive experience in setting up/packaging SR20s for track work, suspension and braking upgrades, aero packages, engine conversions and even electric vehicles are their specialties.

All types of vehicles are catered for, with experience across a wide array of brands/manufacturers, but obviously focusing on Nissan’s light weight rear wheel drive S-series cars.

While SX Developments is a new name, in a new location, Andrew has worked on various race teams, and built several race and track day cars, as well as looking after countless track oriented cars in the past. Some of these include a successful drift car, a BMW Super Touring car, a very fast  naturally aspirated track S13 Silvia (known as ‘Hello Kitty Silvia’) that managed to beat most of its turbo counterparts in its day, motorcycle engine race cars (Radical etc), Clubmans, and electric powered motorcycles.

SX Developments
1/5 Leighton Pl, Hornsby NSW
Tel: 0409 916 019

WTAC 2011 Advan Pro Class form guide

Whilst there will be no TAB sports bet on the World Time Attack Challenge we thought it would be a bit of fun to give you a Form Guide with what we think the rough odds are of each team WINNING the event. Again, this is motorsport so on the day anything can happen. These odds are based on the teams current form and as many of the teams do not even have a finished car as yet much less testing time, we can only really have a stab in the dark.Plus many of the teams are limited in the information they release but below is what we think as of today the odds are of each team taking the win!

Again this is JUST FUN so don’t send us raucous emails claiming that we are miles out and team XXXXX should be the favourite!

Cyber Evo – Japan. Tarzan Yamada – Japan

The Cyber Evo is once again the odds-on favourite. Car has undergone a complete overhaul with more power, better aero and fatter Advan 295 AO50 tyres. Tarzan knows the track well and believes they had more up their sleeves last year. These are the guys to beat!

Positives: reigning champion with Eastern Creek experience and another year of development, very strong in every area, power, handling, aero and sporting a trick new set of brakes
Negatives:: not much really. Hope they have a stronger rear wing support though.
Odds: 2.5-1

Sierra Sierra  Evo – USA. David Empringham – Canada

The United States’ big chance at glory. These guys put in a huge effort last year to take runner up position behind Cyber and we know for a fact the car is much faster now. The only small issue SSE face is the limited testing on the Hankook Ventus TD Z221 they will be running in Australia, but these guys are an ex Formula Atlantic championship winning team and adapt VERY quickly. Definitely worth watchin!

Positives: More horsepower in an already formidable package. Very experienced team with Cosworth support and Eastern Creek experience.
Negatives: Carrying a bit more weight than the Cyber Evo.
Odds: 3-1

Garage Revolution RX7 – JAP. driver TBC

If you were a betting man you would have to have an each way bet on this team. Within one tenth of the HKS record at Tsukuba in December. Have never raced outside Japan before and have had limited testing since December but this team will still be very fast guaranteed! Lightweight, big power and trick aero will be hard to beat.

Positives: Proven extremely fast in recent times. Very light weight with Super GT style aero and big horsepower rotary engine.
Negatives: No Eastern Creek experience and may take time to adjust. Limited test time since December.
Odds: 3-1

Prep’d Motorsport Lotus/Toyota – AUS. W. Luff – AUS.

The fastest Australian car from last year returns with Warren Luff once again. The big difference this year is the team will be on fresh soft Yokohama AO50s which could be worth a second or two. These guys are itching to have a crack at the title and with a new carbon body and fresh engine are probably the shortest odds locally. 500 horsepower and under 800kgs? Hard to beat!

Positives: Extremely light and fairly high power with driver that could lap Eastern Creek blindfolded.
Negatives: Will have limited test time on R compound tyres. Car is normally setup for slick tyre.
Odds: 4.5-1

Scorch racing S15 – Japan. Suzuki-san – Japan

This team is a complete dark horse but have pulled off some amazing things in the past. The big Eastern Creek track should suit the Silvia better than Tsukuba. Never travelled outside Japan before but now packing a new dry sump engine combo with more hp and improved aero. One to watch for sure!

Positives: Extremely fast, lightweight chassis with big horespower that should suit flowing Eastern Creek circuit.
Negatives: Never driven outside Japan. May take some getting used to and has small support team.
Odds: 5-1

Panspeed   RX7 – Japan. Kouta Sasaki – Japan.

This is another team to watch. In a great form of late with more horsepower and both the driver and team now know the track well. Last year they set their fastest time when the track was at its slowest indicating we haven’t seen the best of them yet.

Positives: Many years of development and now reportedly faster then last year and have track knowledge and data from 2010 and a Japanese Super GT driver
Negatives: Car is still a little heavier than others.
Odds: 5.5-1

Advan/Hi Octane R34 GTR – AUS.  Mark Berry – AUS

Car has undergone a complete makeover with new aero, revised suspension and new turbo setup and fat Advan 295 AO50s. Hi Octane Racing engine has plenty of horsepower and driver knows the car and the track well. Only time will tell if they have enough testing under their belt to bring it together.

Positives: Extremely powerful and driver has good track knowledge and three years of vehicle development.
Negatives: Many recent changes to chassis, aero and turbo package will see limited testing time.
Odds: 7-1

Pulse Racing Evo – AUS. Steve Glenney – AUS

This team won the Open Class by a country mile last year in this very car with a time that would have put them well inside the top ten of Pro Class. Since then the car has undergone a complete makeover with a big weight reduction campaign and a trick aero package but once again the car will only be finished in the weeks prior to the event. Having said that though this team has years of experience with Evo Lancers and should find pace very quickly.

Positives: Appears very light with good horsepower and driver has good track knowledge and very experienced team.
Negatives: Build appears to be running very late which will severely limit testing time.
Odds: 8-1

Team RevolutioNZ – New Zealand. Jono Lester – NZ

The New Zealand Champions have totally rebuilt their Evo for this event and have one of NZ’s best drivers doing the wheelwork. A lot of work has gone into weight reduction and a lot of trick bits but once again limited testing time will be this team’s worst enemy. Then again if anyone can pull of a miracle it will be the Kiwis!

Positives: Appears very powerful and lightweight, experienced team with top NZ driver.
Negatives: Build will be finished very close to shipping date so testing will be limited, vehicle also has quite limited aero package.
Odds: 9-1

Tilton Interiors – AUS.  Garth Walden – AUS.

The 2009 Superlap Champions will front in a new car for 2011. The car has a pro build with lots of good bits and some trick aero but once again will be finished in the weeks leading up to the event limiting testing time. On the plus side they have a stack of data on Evo Lancers and Garth Walden has probably done more laps of Eastern Creek than any man on Earth so could come up to speed very quicklyOdds may shorten when we see test results.

Positives: Experienced team with driver that could drive EC blindfolded and new aero package.
Negatives: Late build will result in limited test time for entire new package.
Odds: 9-1

Hankook Carbon WRX – AUS.  Warren Luff – AUS.

Another very lightweight car with a stack of potential but for whatever reason seems to have had minimal testing time with an unknown setup. Could be one to watch if they get some track time in between now and August. Rumoured to have super experienced Luff doing the driving which will help for sure.

Positives: Extremely light and quite powerful with V8 supercar driver
Negatives: Team has almost no data and very limited testing which may limit the full potential.
Odds: 10-1

MCA Suspension S13 – AUS.    Earl Bamber – NZ.

When one of the most experienced car builders in the country builds a car and employs one of the best drivers in the Southern Hemisphere it is bound to be good and in this case certainly  it is. A widebody lightweight S13 with SR20 VE engine with sequential gearbox and very trick aero. But once again it will be down to the wire on how much testing this car gets in. One to watch though!

Positves: Lightweight with good hp and very experienced team with top international driver.
Negatives: Late build will limit test time.
Odds: 11-1

Sherpa Racing WRX – AUS. Steve Kakavas – AUS.

This team is hard to get any info out of and all we hear is rumours and innuendo. If they are quick as what we have heard they could be a shot at the podium but with our limited info it is very hard to judge.

Positives: Appears extremely light and very powerful.
Negatives: Will have almost no test time with new aero package.
Odds: 12-1

GT Autogarage GTR R35 – AUS.  Steve Glenney – AUS

This car has the potential to do big things but we wonder with the tight timeline how much testing they will get in before WTAC. They do however have the support of HKS Japan and Glenney is very experienced vehicle development driver. Certainly ticks many boxes with big power light weight and top driver but we feel limited testing may be a hindrance. If build finishes early odds may shorten dramatically.

Positives: Extremely high tech car with Japanese support and extreme light weight build.
Negatives: Unlikely to be fully sorted by the event date as car is still in a build phase.
Odds: 12-1

Mercury Motorsports GTR R35 – AUS.
T Yamada – JAP / M Hansen – AUS.

This team may suffer from the same problems as GT Autogarage. Fantastic concept but the car is still in the build and it is likely to require substantial sorting before reaching its full potential. One big plus is the team have hired Tarzan Yamada to share the driving with the owner and there are not many more experienced time attack drivers than him. If build finishes early odds may shorten dramatically.

Positives: Team are quite experienced with R35 GTR and quite extreme build with quality parts and Tarzan driving.
Negatives: Unlikely to be fully sorted by the event date as car is still in a build phase.
Odds: 12-1

Notaras Motorsport Evo – AUS.  Rick Bates

This car has a lot of good bits on it and shows a lot of promise but the team has been continually hampered by reliability issues which has minimised testing time. If they can get it together before August certainly they could deliver the goods and if anyone can deliver in the driving stakes it is certainly Rick Bates. Jury is out on this one, and if the car tests well they could be at way shorter odds.

Positives: Team has long history racing Evo Lancers and likely to have top driver onboard.
Negatives: Unlikely to get much testing before event.
Odds: 13-1

Unique Autosports 300ZX – AUS.     John Boston – AUS.

Another car that has undergone a big makeover with a lightweight dry sump alloy V6 now up front and the super experienced John Boston behind the wheel will be in better form than ever before and are expecting a strong showing. The downside is the 300ZX is still a heavyweight compared to many others but on the day anything can happen!

Positives: Big horsepower in well sorted chassis. Driver has vast EC experience.
Negatives: Carrying substantially more weight than many other teams.
Odds: 13-1

Fernandez Motorsport XR6 Ute – AUS. J Fernandez – AUS.

If there was a prize for effort and ingenuity these guys would win hands down. After a marathon effort last year in an ex V8 supercar shell with a XR6 engine the team has this year built a lightweight ute with some real trick ideas. The downside is it will be down to the wire and testing will be limited but definitely worth watching regardless and is bound to be a strong contender in the future.

Postives: Extreme build with very clever engineering and vast track experience.
Negatives: Unlikely to be fully sorted by the event date as car is still in build phase.
Odds: 14-1

Peter Lucas Lotus/Honda – AUS.    Peter Lucas – AUS.

The 2008 Australian Superlap Champion returns in a supercharged Honda powered Lotus Exige. Light body and punchy Honda engine are big pluses for the little Lotus but they are unlikely to pose a threat to the front runners.

Positives: Lightweight and punchy Honda engine.
Negatives: Underpowered in this year’s field.
Odds: 15-1

GST Motorsports WRX – USA.    Jeff Westphal – USA.

Scratched! Yet another American team that promised the world and at the last hour pulled out leaving us with a freight bill for a half empty container. The exact same thing happened with a certain NSX last year. We can only wonder what they would have been like!

Positives: It was great idea.
Negatives: It won’t be there.

Advan Pro Class field announced

We can finally announce what we believe to be the final entry list for the Advan Pro Class at World Time Attack. All of the overseas entries are now well and truly at sea and heading for Sydney. We have certainly what we believe to be the fastest field of Pro Time Attack cars ever assembled anywhere in the world and we are sure our fans are in for a treat like no other come August 5th and 6th.

We have a vast array of insane machinery that includes six Mitsubishi Evos, two crazy R35 GTRs and one R34 GTR, two Nissan Silvias, two RX7s, two WRXs, two Lotus Exiges, a Nissan 300ZX and the craziest XR6 ute on the planet so you can rest assured that no matter what you brand allegiance is, there will be one of the fastest modified tuner versions of that vehicle in the world will be out trying to put their name in lights in a winner takes all showdown.

It is two wheel drives against four wheel drives, piston against rotary, four cylinders against six cylinders, tuner against tuner and most importantly COUNTRY AGAINST COUNTRY and all we can say is may the best team win!

On parting I will say we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that despite promising us that they are definitely coming, American team GST Motorsports have decided to pull out at the last minute, claiming their car was not going to be ready and leaving us to pick up the expense tab. This is the second year in a row this has happened with an American team and I can assure you we are not impressed one little bit.

Whilst this is disappointing it is certainly worth noting that Sierra Sierra is unquestionably the much faster team out of the USA anyway so at least we certainly have the best representative for team USA still coming.

The good news is that we have pretty special car rumoured to be making a debut at WTAC. It is not listed on the entry as yet as we are yet to receive the official entry form but we have seen some spy shots and it looks very impressive. I can tell you it is an Evo that was built largely by a group of V8 Supercar engineers for a Porsche Racer from Queensland that is REALLY serious about keeping the trophy in Australia. More on this one later…

See the Entry List for the Advan Pro Class here.

Sayonara……See you in Sydney!!!

There is no doubt it must be an anxious time for these guys as they load their mega dollar cars into a container to travel to a far away land but for these top Japanese time attack teams the chance to compete on a world stage is an opportunity too good to pass up. This week all four Japanese teams met down at the Yokohama port in stiffling heat to say goodbye to months and months of preperation as the vehicles head down under for what promises to be the biggest time attack event ever held anywhere in the world.

This certainly is a line up that many have waited years to see on the one track at the same time.

And we can tell you there would be no one more in awe of what is going on around him than this guy. Suzuki-san. I am pretty sure he would never have been too far from Tokyo and until we got this underway with him he has never even had a passport. Now he is going to race the car that he built with his own hands against the fastest in the world in a foreign land where, and Im fairly certain he doesnt realise it yet, he will be treated like a rockstar!!

The Cyber Evo looks quite pedestrian stripped of its aero and on standard Mistubishi wheels with the suspension wound right up to make transport easy but we can guarantee you this will not be the case in August when they hit Eastern Creek. This is the car that EVERYONE wants to beat and the undisputed reigning champion.

But there is no question the Scorch car looks extremely sinister from any angle even with the suspension wound right up and the padding all over it!

The guys at Panspeed were particularly helpful this year with assisting some of the other teams with the mountain of paperwork it takes to get these cars in and out of the country. Whilst they may be arch rivals on the track there is no doubt these guys respect each other off the track.

And with this one parting shot thes cars and the mountain of spares that it takes to run them were loaded in container marked “SYDNEY” the doors were pulled shut and a crane lifted them onto the big ship you see in the background and by now would be in the middle of the ocean somewhere.

And only hours before over in California the action was just as intense but we find it harder to get pics particularly of the Sierra Sierra car although we did get manage this spy shot of the Sierra Sierra Evo affectionatly known as “Christine” in the container. If we didnt know any better we would have thought the SSE guys may have something they dont want anyone to see yet? New aero perhaps?? Who knows…. We will have to wait and find out!!

Big thanks to Dino Dalle Carbonare and Daniel Farrand from GCG Japan for the pics.

We are looking for volunteers!

The World Time Attack Challenge is the biggest event of its kind in the world. With more than 140 race cars, over 40 exhibitor displays, Meguiar’s Show’n’Shine and thousands of spectators, it takes a team of dedicated individuals to ensure the event runs smoothly.

We are looking for volunteers to help us make this happen this year. As a volunteer you’ll be asked to help us with all parts of the event – from guiding the exhibitors into their lots to helping out with the scrutineering. In return you’ll get a free entry, lunch (both days) and a special “STAFF” World Time Attack Challenge t-shirt.

Go to the Volunteers Page If you’d like to be a part of the event.

Clubsprint Class Sponsor: RECARO

We are proud to announce the naming rights sponsor of the Clubsprint Class at World Time Attack  Challenge 2011 is RECARO.

Recaro is a name synonymous with the highest quality automotive seats and has a history dating back to 1906 in Stuttgart Germany and a motorsport history dating back over 40 years. Their seats are standard fitment to many exclusive vehicles throughout the world including The Nissan R35 GTR, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche GT3 and are a factory option on many more. Their competition seats are used in just about every form of professional motorsport worldwide and are the choice of many of the top factory teams around the world.

Recaro also have a range of more affordable club level racing seats that include all the technology and many of the features of the professional level seats at a price to suit the weekend racer.

“To have Recaro join us as the Clubsprint Class sponsor for 2011 is fantastic” said Superlap marketing manager Greg Lysien “This company has an extremely well regarded product worldwide and for them to recognise the WTAC as an opportunity to be involved with gives us a fair indication of where the event is heading.  They have told us their technical staff will be coming over from Germany to man their display and answer any questions regarding their seats and they will also be running some show specials on display seats”

The Recaro Clubsprint class is set to be a battle to the end in 2011 with many of the top 2010 competitors now having another year of development under their belts that has seen the lap times tumble. The big difference with the Clubsprint Class is that the driver must be the registered owner of the vehicle and no “pro” drivers are permitted and the cars must run on “road” tyres as opposed to the semi slicks permitted in other classes.

Whilst in theory this should create a “feeder” category for the higher classes, which in many cases it has with the 2010 Champion Nik Kalis and many others now stepping up competing in the Hankook Competition Open Class, for many others it has been about perfecting their car to run fast on road tyres and coming back year on year to battle like minded individuals.

What is also worth noting is that with the exception of the engine being of the original designation, the engine modifications are virtually free, and meaning there is some extremely powerful cars doing battle on road tyres making for some very exciting time attack action!