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Beau Yates in for Formula Drift


A match made in heaven – Beau “The Show” Yates has forged a strong alliance with Toyota and in particular with the 86.
Image: Christian Sarafiloski – Street Cover.

There are not many guys still competing at National drift events that can be considered “one of the originals” but that is certainly the case with Beau “The Show” Yates. Not many have such a strong brand alliance as Yates having driven a Toyota 86, either old or new, for much of his career. This has led to him being the only manufacturer supported driver in Australia thanks to a deal with Toyota Australia that sees him in quite possibly the most radically modified Toyota 86 in the country.


With a history dating back to 2004 Yates has long been regarded as one of the country’s top competitors.
Image: Gwyn Morgan – Gripshiftslide.com

With a history dating back to 2004 Yates has long been regarded as one of the countries top competitors having won the 2006 Drift Australia Championship and multiple round wins in years that followed in his early AE86. In 2008 he secured a deal with Toyota through their TRD division that lead to a full rebuild with a dry sump “Beams” engine. This car was widely regarded as “the best AE86 on the planet” thanks to a stunning build by Hypertune.

Unfortunately, the GFC hit in 2008 which saw the sale of Drift Australia that would relegate the series tho the annals of history. Then TRD pulled out of Australia leaving him with a car he had invested a huge amount of time and money into, with no national series to compete in and no sponsor.

beau old

Beau’s TRD powered AE86 was widely regarded as the best AE86 on the planet…

For the next few years he chose to sit on the sidelines with the one exception being his once-a-year appearance at WTAC in the Tectaloy Drift Challenge which he won in 2010. Fast forward a few years and with the Toyota 86 setting sales records across the country the relationship with Toyota was rekindled and Yates had taken delivery of a new FT86 and with the help of Hypertune, set about building the insane weapon we know today.

beau engine

The engine now puts out over 350kW and uses a Sadev 6-speed sequential gearbox.

“We are really starting to get a handle on it now” said Yates “like anything, when you re-engineer something so radically, it takes time to iron everything out and get it sorted. This car is really amazing now though, it just has so much grip much of which comes from the original vehicle design.”

“We also thought it important to use the original engine so it retains the true architecture of the car. We did radically modify it though so it makes over 350KW and put a Sadev 6 speed sequential gearbox behind it.”

beau main

Back in Black: Beau’s 86 is ready to take on the world in October.

“Formula Drift is pretty well seen as the pinnacle of drifting world wide so it is extremely important I do well”  said Yates “long term I would love to compete in the entire Formula Drift series and with the World Championship starting next year that is something we certainly have our eyes on.”



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Beau Yates to return in 2013

Beau drifting at Top Gear Festival Sydney. Photo:Apex Photography

Beau Yates has been confirmed for the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge and is vowing to return to the podium once again in what many refer to as “The Ultimate AE86”.

Entertaining the spectators at the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge. Photo: Apex Photography

Beau’s success in the Australian and International Drift scene is unquestionable, claiming the title of Australian Champion and Tectaloy International Drift Challenge Champion in 2010. Despite holding back on his attendance and only competing at the one International Drift event per year, it looks like Beau is back in the game.

With both the Australian Drifting Grand Prix and the Stadium Drift Pro Tour being run as national championships, there is plenty of opportunity for Beau to get back to where he left off.

Beau at Top Gear Festival Sydney. Photo: Apex Photography

In 2011 Team New Zealand took out the win, with Curt Whittaker taking home the trophy. In 2012 it was Japan who dominated as Naoto Suenaga took the win. Beau said “Last year I wasn’t where I wanted to be, but this year I’m coming back. I’ve got my eyes on that trophy again and with some big changes on the way, I’m very confident”.

Beau at the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge. Photo: Apex Photography

Yates AE86 features a “built” dry sump TRD Beams engine with over 500hp and a full competition build by Sydney based fab aces Hypertune, and the build quality is world class. Both the car and driver are unquestionably a well sorted package with many years of development and improvement.

This is in fact the same car, although now in a much higher spec, that Yates won the 2006 Drift Australia Championship in so the history goes back a very long way and the car and driver are always a crowd favourite particularly on his home track.

Earning his nickname “The Show” at the 2012 WTAC.  Photo: Apex Photography

Not only is Beau looking at getting back into competition he has also been expanding his drifting career on an even larger scale. Beau was invited to perform in the drifting demonstration at the Sydney Top Gear Festival in March this year where he lived up to his name of “the show” and literally got the crowd out of their seats as drifted in front of tens of thousands of spectators down the front straight of Sydney Motor Sport Park.

On dispaly at Top Gear Festival Sydney. Photo: 86 Club Australia

“I have some very exciting news coming up with a very very big announcement. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for me in drifting, and it looks like I’ll be back in a big way! The Australian drift scene is changing, there are some new drivers who are really stepping it up and the cars keep getting bigger and better, the competition is getting fierce and there’s no better time than now to take a big step up.”

Head to Head with the Drift Squid at the 2012 WTAC. Photo: Apex Photography

To view Beau’s profile, check out the Tectaloy Facebook Page.


Beau Yates to return in 2012

The 2010 Tectaloy Drift Champion, Beau Yates has vowed to return in 2012 and he wants to get the big trophy back for Australia. After finishing on the podium in 3rd position in 2011 behind the two top Kiwi drivers the former factory TRD driver will be looking for gold in August in what many describe as the best Hatchi Rokyu in the world.

“Drifting will always be a passion of mine” said Beau “I guess after the demise of Drift Australia, my focus in life changed and I bought a house and settled down, but thanks to my sponsors, as well as doing some corporate day stuff for Toyota, I am still able to get out and do the one big event a year, and this year is shaping up to the biggest ever.”

Yates has been at the top of the drift game in Australia since the very beginning, more often than not campaigning the same Ae86 Toyota he is currently driving. After being crowned Drift Australia Champion in 2006 he was picked up by Toyota Australia. Now with a decent budget to work with in 2007 the car was rebuilt to absolute perfection by Mark Bissett and the team at Hypertune in Sydney and re emerged powered by a super trick TRD Beams engine featuring a dry sump system and a big GCG Turbo. In this format the car competed successfully in the 2008 Drift Australia series in full TRD livery (see picture below) finishing in 3rd place with the promise of much more to come in with the fresh set up.

Unfortunately like so many other companies both Drift Australia and TRD were backed into a corner with the GFC in full effect by 2009 and Beau was left without a national championship and, with TRD pulling out of Australia, without a naming sponsor. The car was parked until 2010 when he re-emerged in the very first Tectaloy Drift Challenge in 2010 where, despite not having driven for over a year, Beau still managed to take on all comers and emerge victorious.

With the little TRD engine now putting out well in excess of 300rwkw in a well sorted very lightweight package there is no question the car is ultra competitive and will be a force to be reckoned with come August.

“I am so fortunate to have a bunch of companies that believe in me enough to help me get on the track because to be honest with the responsibility that comes with a house mortgage I simply could not afford to do it on my own. To be able to battle some of the top Japanese and Kiwi D1 drivers in their own cars on my home track is a dream come true, I can’t wait!”

These companies are:
Hypertune, Hi Octane Racing, Motul Oil, Toyo Tyres, GCG Turbochargers, Just Engine Management, Bilstein, Autosport Engineering.

Read Beau Yates Driver Profile here

The 2010 Drift Champion returns to the Creek

We are proud to announce that Beau Yates has confirmed he will be returning to defend the title he won in 2010.
“ The Superlap event last year was certainly the highlight of my year last year” said Beau when we spoke with him. “ I can tell you I am really looking forward to getting back into some proper competition again”
And some proper competition is what Beau can expect at this years event as some of the world’s best drifters will be converging on the Eastern Creek circuit for a showdown like no other.

“The AE86 or ‘Haitchi Rockyu’ that Beau drives has a cult following worldwide amongst the drift community.” said Superlap marketing manager Greg Lysien “and it is fair to say that Beau’s car, with its factory TRD prepared engine and faultless build quality is probably the best example of its kind not just in Australia but in the world. Beau has always been a crowd favourite so we’re very happy he is returning to defend his title. The Tectaloy Drift Challenge will be the only place fans can see this car compete in 2011!”
Read Beau’s full driver profile here.

Tectaloy International Drift to light up Eastern Creek.

Following the success of the Tectaloy Drift Challenge at last year’s WTAC, 2011 will see the introduction of a “double header” format with the Yokohama World Time Attack running throughout the day and as soon as the sun sets the last few turns of Eastern Creek raceway will be lit up for a drift show like never before seen in Australia as our local heroes battle it out with some of the most famous drift cars on the planet.

“Whilst Australia has been somewhat lacking of a national series for the past couple of years, this is certainly not the case in other regions of the world and we do not believe that the Australian fans should miss out on this spectacular sport, so with the support  of our major sponsor Tectaloy Performance Coolants it has been possible to bring in some international superstars that our local guys would have only ever dreamed of competing against in the past, and by combining it with World Time Attack we will give sponsors, spectators and entrants the benefit of having two events for the price of one, something that I do not believe has been done before in Australia” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker.

With Beau Yates already confirming he will be returning to defend the title he earned in 2010 and many other top level Australians also expressing interest this will be one will be one event that is not be missed by anyone with even a passing interest in the world of drift.

“This event is milestone for drift in Australia and when I was shown the calibre of the overseas cars that were interested in attending we knew we were on the right track. This is not only a way to connect directly with our consumers but also a perfect showcase for our product as we know that many of the top cars are already using our product and if there is any form of motorsport that will put our product to the test it is the sport of drift, with engines often held on the rev limiter for extended periods.” said Doug Iric, National Marketing Manager for ITW Aamtec (Tectaloy).

As this event will be deemed an international event with worldwide media exposure guaranteed for both the drivers and the sponsors, we require all vehicles and drivers to be of a standard deemed suitable by the organisers and we will be releasing entries in the coming weeks.

If you would like to receive an “expression of interest” form outlining these requirements send us an email request.

We will be announcing the international cars and superstars over the coming weeks and I can guarantee you that no one will be disappointed!

Driver Profile: Beau Yates

yates3 2

Today we talk to former Australian drift champion Beau Yates and have a look at the baddest AE86 in Australia.

Superlap: You have been out of drifting for a while now what have you been doing?

Beau Yates : Yeah well I guess I put my heart and soul into building this car and things were looking up with backing from TRD we were in a better position than ever before, but I guess you could say the timing was terrible because the GFC hit just after we debuted the car and hence both my major sponsor and my tyre sponsor pulled out simultaneously and then Drift Australia lost its backing leaving me with a big dollar car and no real series to race in and no backing to do it either. I have been focusing on other things of late like trying to buy a house with my girl. To be honest the car has been in mothballs.

Superlap: Are you looking forward to getting out again in the car?

Beau Yates : Absolutely!! This event looks like it will awesome. The car is such a buzz to drive. I mean this is everything we had learnt in previous years all put together without compromise.

Superlap: How do you think you will go against two of Japans best?

Beau Yates : I have no doubt that given the same opportunities a handful of Australians could mix it with these guys. What we lack out here is the chance to do it on a regular basis.

Superlap: Your car looks sweet! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Beau Yates : Yeah this is the same car I have had all along but we completely rebuilt it using a dry sump Beams TRD engine with a specially built GCG turbo and Bilstein suspension. Hi Octane racing have also chipped in to help me get the car to the track this time around.

The whole car was basically hand built by Mark and the boys at Hypertune and as I said before it is without compromise using all the best parts and the pictures really tell the story.

Click here to read Beau Yates Bio