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Clubsprint: When Hondas Attack


It may not have the crazy aero of Pro and Pro Am nor the horsepower of Open but Clubsprint is the fastest growing class at WTAC and year upon year proves that it can deliver just as much excitement as its high profile brethren.


With serious restrictions on aero, engine swaps and tyre limits this class relies heavily on clever and innovative engineering and of course driver skill. Being an entry level class the associated costs are also considerably lower than in any other WTAC class so it’s not hard to see why the popularity of Clubsprint is growing at such a rapid rate. Those restrictions also make for very close racing which can only be a good thing, but more on that later.


Much like Open, Clubsprint has never had a driver take the top spot more than once. Since 2010 each year a different team stood on the top spot of the Clubsprint podium. This year however, the reigning class champion was determined change this record and make history.


Daniel Meredith took everyone by surprise when he won Clubsprint last year in what many dismissed as an “almost road trim” Honda Civic. After a year of testing and improving his ride, Daniel was back to defend his title with a more refined and fine-tuned car.


Friday morning belonged to Ben Arnold and his beautifully finished Bathurst-winning replica R32 GTR. Despite driving a car with very limited aero (even by Clubsprint standards) Ben was the pace setter early on with a lap time of 1:40.15. Unofrtunately a fatal turbo failure ended Ben’s campaign prematurely with the car retiring on Friday afternoon.


Daniel Meredith took this opportunity to make his intentions known. With a lap time of 1:39.62 in the afternoon session he jumped straight to the top of the class leaving all other contenders in a “chase” mode.


Jason Naidoo pushed hard but was unable to better Arnold’s time and finished Day 1 in the third position with a time of 1:41.29.


Only 0.2sec behind him was David Dalrymple in the Zen Garage R32 GTR.


With Ben Arnold out, the battle for Clubsprint podium was on from the very first session on Day 2.


Jayleen Nader, who didn’t even register on our radar on Friday suddenly posted a 1:39.87 lap time in his Honda S2000, challenging Meredith for the class title.


Meredith responded with a 1:39.274 cementing his No.1 position heading into the Superlap Shootout.


Despite everyone’s best efforts during the shootout, nobody in the top five improved on their times with Nader running wide, Naidoo aborting half track and Meredith making small errors which cost him valuable seconds.

As the dust settled after the shootout the 2016 Clubsprint podium consisted of: 1st – Daniel Meredith, 2nd Jayleen Nader, 3rd Ben Arnold.


In 4th place was David Dalrymple in the Zen Garage R32GTR with 1:40.188.


In 5th place Jason Naidoo in the SuperPro Mitsubishi Evo with 1:40.711.


6th place: Daniel Burton in the Competition Friction Honda S2000 – 1:41.47.


7th place: Danny Buneta in the DB Racing Toyota Supra – 1:42.0830


8th place: Vel Tomic in the Insight Motorsport Honda Civic – 1:42.2450


9th place: Mitchell Lukasz in his Toyota –  86 1:42.259


And rounding up the Top 10 was Harry Zhao driving the Harrop Engineering Lotus Exige with a lap time of 1:42.699.


Our Japanese Clubsprint entry Hideki Maeda suffered from a lethal mixture of mechanical problems and plain bad luck.


Having hit a wall during practice, Maeda-san patched the car up only to be plagued by a series of mechanical issues.


He finished the event with a time of 1:54.248 which we suspect is neither the car’s nor the driver’s true potential.


Kenny Nguyen in the Insight Motorsport Honda Integra – 1:44.966.


Andrew Wegener in the Lone Wolf Racing Honda S2000 – 1:45.103.


Glen Samson in the BYP Nissan R34 GTR – 1:44.505.


Benjamin McLaren in the Cardiff Automotive Subaru WRX – 1:45.281.


Daniel Griffin in his Honda NSX – 1:48.447.

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, Clubsprint is changing, and it’s changing for the better, offering closer racing, more variety in the field and lifting the overall class profile. But don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves:

Clubsprint Fast Facts

1. Less than one second separates the Top 3 competitors.
2. There’s only 3.4 seconds separating the 1st and the 10th competitor.
3. In a class previously dominated by AWDs there are now seven 2WD cars in the Top 10.
4. There are four Hondas in the Top 10.
5. Daniel Meredith is the first Clubsprint champion to successfully defend his class title.
6. The class lap record (under current rules) is 1:39.24 – set by Jason Wright in 2013.
7. Clubsprint first lap record (in 2010) was 1:44.37 – good enough for 17th place in 2016.
8. With 47 entries, this year’s Clubsprint was numerically the largest class at WTAC.

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Hideki Maeda to represent Japan in Clubsprint


One of the most interesting developments for WTAC this year is the amount of international interest across all classes. Today we are excited to announce our first ever Japanese entry in the  V-Sport Clubsprint Class.


A former editor of Japanese Option magazine, Hideki Maeda (aka Swift Ohji) has been to WTAC several times covering the event for the Japanese media. From the very first time he set foot on Sydney Motorsport Park he knew that one day he would return as a competitor.


His dream will finally become a reality this year when his 400hp turbocharged Suzuki Swift gets shipped down to compete in the hotly contested V-Sport Clubsprint Class.


As a former demo car for Japanese tuners Top Fuel this car is loaded with all the best bits from their catalogue. Since taking its delivery Maeda-san has continued the development program. The power output has increased from 350hp to 400hp and the chassis/suspension has been adjusted to suit his driving style.


The little Suzuki engine is now sporting a HKS GTSS turbocharger on a HKS  manifold. It also features an array of Top Fuel components including pistons and full exhaust system. Blitz injectors, HKS V-Pro ECU and TRUST oil cooler complete this rather impressive list of mods.


The car sits on Advan Racing RZ wheels with Endless brakes all round and suspension by Tryforce Company. All in all a very tidy, well sorted package that will provide Maeda-san with a competitive edge at WTAC.


“It’s been my dream to come to Australia to compete” said Maeda-san “I have been working very hard to make my car competitive and proudly represent Japan in October. I know the cars in Australia are very fast but I will do my very best to represent my country.”


“I have been getting as much track time as possible before we ship to Australia to ensure both the car and my driving are as competitive as they can be.”


“This really is sensational news” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker. “We now have international competitors in almost every class and Clubsprint is the class that so many of our fans can really associate with.”

“This is the real grassroots class with no sequential gearboxes or wild aero and they run on a true street tyre keeping the costs realistic for the average person. We are sure the Aussie competitors and fans alike will be excited to see a Japanese competitor in Clubsprint Class!”


We wish Maeda-san all the best and we are sure Australian fans will give our first Japanese Clubsprint competitor a warm, Aussie welcome in October.

Tickets start from $20. Book yours now!
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Circuit Club Advan Neova Challenge 2016


Big wings, massive aeros and 1000hp+ engines are the domain of the top classes at WTAC but it’s the Clubsprint class that is closest to the hearts of an every day car enthusiast. There they get to watch and support their friends and the people with whom they’ve tracked together at the humble Wakefield Park trackdays. These are the people who started with street cars and slowly developed their cars and themselves into competition machines.

This year Yokohama teamed up with Circuit Club and World Time Attack Challenge to support those racers and give them an opportunity to represent Circuit Club at the next WTAC. We are excited to present to you the Circuit Club Advan Neova Challenge.

AdvanNeovaChallenge logo


The format is simple. Your car must meet WTAC Club Sprint Class regulations and be running on Advan Neovas. From there, you can submit a Natsoft lap time from any Circuit Club Trackday from now until WTAC October 2016. The leader board will be updated after each Trackday and the fastest outright lap times on the leader board at the end of our Labour Day Trackday 2016 at Wakefield Park will take home these amazing prizes.


Circuit Club Advan Neova Challenge Prizes

Fastest Outright

Fully sponsored entry into WTAC Clubsprint Class 2016 to represent Circuit Club

  • One supplied set Neova AD08R tyres supplied for competition
  • $1000 Circuit Club credit

Second Outright

  • One supplied set Neova AD08R tyres supplied for competition
  • $500 Circuit Club credit

Third Outright

  • One free Circuit Club Trackday

Entry into the competition is free and all competitors will receive a complimentary Competitors Pack and be in with a chance to win some cool lucky door prizes.

If you have ever thought about competing in time attack don’t miss this opportunity! And if you’re not so much into competing yourself, please support the competitors when you see them out at trackdays and ultimately the winner who will be representing Circuit Club in the Clubsprint Class at WTAC 2016!

For full terms and conditions visit the Yokohama website here.
To enter simply message Circuit Club on their Facebook page.

Photos by Matthew Jake Kane


Competitor Entries Open April 1st


Competitor Entries for the 2016 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge open on the 1st of April and close on the 30th April 2016.

What’s New in 2016

More Trophies
In addition to the top three placements in each class we are bringing back the following class trophies:
• Fastest AWD (Pro, Pro Am, Open, Clubsprint)
• Fastest FWD (Pro, Pro Am, Open, Clubsprint)
• Fastest RWD (Pro, Pro Am, Open, Clubsprint)
• Fastest Naturally Aspirated (Pro, Pro Am, Open, Clubsprint)

2. No increase in Entry Fees
Despite the increasing running costs of the event, we have not increased our Entry Fees. In fact, our entry fees have been on hold since 2012 showing our commitment to providing time attack competitors with a great value for money.

2016 WTAC Competitor Entry Fees

Class Carport Garage
Clubsprint $899* $999*
Open $1199
Pro Am $1299
Pro $1299

*Subject to availability.

Before you enter your car

1. Read the latest version of the WTAC Rules.

2. Ensure your car complies or will comply with all the rules relevant to your class.

3. The Expressions of Interest Form requires some specific information like your best lap time so far, make sure you have that information readily available.

4. Take some pictures of your car. Typically we require a side-on shot, front 3/4 shot and an engine bay shot. If you have more photographs of your car attach them with your EOI Form. If possible include a picture of the driver too. Remember the better the pictures the better your profile will look and the happier your sponsors/fans will be.

How to enter your car

1. Complete and submit the 2016 WTAC Expressions of Interest form. Make sure you nominate your tyre quantity, size and compound in your EOI form. This will ensure Yokohama Australia has adequate supply of tyres at the event.

2. Once your EOI has been processed and approved you will be contacted by WTAC staff and sent an invoice for your entry fee.

3. Your place will be confirmed once the entry fee has been paid.

4. Your tyre order will be confirmed once your payment for the tyres has been received.

Competitor Portal

All the competitors now have a dedicated area on the WTAC website. To access the Competitor Portal click on the “Competitor” menu located in the top right corner of the home page.

Garage allocations

Garages will be allocated once a full field is confirmed and paid for. You will be notified of your garage allocation via email and the Competitor Bulletin.

Competitor Bulletin

Once your Entry Form has been accepted we will add your email address to our Competitor Bulletin database. You will be notified of all important changes and updates via that Bulletin to make sure the email you include in your Entry Form is one that you check on regular basis.

Team and Race Car Appearance

Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is an international event with over 100 media covering it for numerous publications from all around the globe. Ensure that both your car and your team look the part. Remember you’re not just representing your workshop and your sponsors, you’re also representing your country.

2016 WTAC Circuit Layout

The 2014 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge will run on the “GP Circuit”. The layout of this circuit remains unchanged from last year and should provide comparable lap times.



2016 WTAC Rules Update


Why the rule update?

To ensure a healthy, safe and competitive playing field the WTAC Rule book has undergone some fine tuning this year. The changes are minor but it’s important all competitors are aware of the changes as they may affect your car.

As we continue to refine the WTAC Rulebook we are continuously working with the technical department at CAMS to ensure that we provide the safest environment possible. We are proud of the fact that in our 6 years of international competition we have never had a serious injury and that is something we are looking to maintain well into the future.


What have we updated for 2016?

Below are the main point of the 2016 Rules Update, please make sure you read the entire 2016 WTAC Rule Book and note ALL the changes (marked in red).

1. Pro and Pro Am Vehicle Safety. An on-board (or plumbed in) fire extinguisher system of a minimum of 2.4litre capacity and recommended to comply with the FIA requirements is now required in all Pro and Pro Am vehicles.

2. Body and Chassis Modifications in Clubsprint and Open. Clarifications in regards to body panels and wheel arches as well as the positioning of the fire wall and floor modifications.

3. Weight Reduction for N/A Vehicles in Clubsprint. Naturally aspirated vehicles are now permitted an additional 10% decrease to the minimum weight.

4. Rollover Protection in Clubsprint. Each vehicle with a performance level, based on lap time, quicker than a 1.45 min lap of Sydney Motorsport Park Grand Prix Circuit must now be fitted as a minimum with a CAMS Type 2 Safety Cage (half cage).

5. Nitrous Usage. As we look to attract a more diverse range of vehicles including some from other forms of racing we will now allow Nitrous Oxide on naturally aspirated vehicles in Open and Pro Am Class

Nitrous Clubsprint Class: not permitted. Open Class: naturally aspirated vehicles only. Pro Am Class: naturally aspirated vehicles only. Pro Class: all vehicles.

6. Aero Limits. WTAC Rule Book now includes diagrams showing the allowed size, position and distance from the body for each class and we have also increased the wing height of the Pro Class and Pro Am Class cars to ensure more even parity across different body styles and greater stability as these cars continue to push the envelope.

There will be no further changes to the rules before October 2016 however we will post an “updated version” with our Supplementary Regulations that may be in a revised format. The content will remain as per the current edition.

So in short, get your cars ready, 2016 WTAC is going to be the best one yet!


arrow  For all competitor-related information head to the Competitors Portal
arrow  Read the 2016 WTAC Rules here

Class of 2015: Clubsprint


Pro and Pro Am classes have crazy aero and huge horsepower. Open class has cutthroat workshop vs workshop competition. Despite all that, it’s the Clubsprint class that has exploded in size this year, overtaking Open as the biggest class at WTAC.


A large and, more importantly, growing grassroots entry-level class is great for the sport. It attracts new racers while allowing them to race on the same track and at the same event as the top heavy hitters. Just like every other motorsport, time attack needs to attract new people to its ranks and that’s what the Clubsprint class is all about.


Secondly, Clubsprint class provides a relatively easy and inexpensive way for young racers to get into time attack racing and WTAC. As the cars competing for the outright win are hitting six digit build budgets, it’s even more important to keep the entry level class affordable and accessible to the average enthusiast.


With heavy restrictions, Clubsprint cars are very close to their street-driven origins and many of them are actually driven to and from the event. Jason Naidoo’s Evo (above) is one such competitor. These restrictions keep the development costs down and shift the emphasis to engine and drivetrain setup as well as showcasing driver skill.


Despite the restrictions Clubsprint class has intense competition for the podium spots. It is a vibrant, exciting and unpredictable class with a different winner each year.


Interestingly, the class record of 1:38.86 set by Nev Scott in his Subaru WRX back in 2012 still stands. Nev Scott has since progressed to Open class and this year’s winner Daniel Meredith (above) came very close to beating it in his Honda Civic with a time of 1:39.4470.


David Lord driving his Tunehouse-built Subaru STi shaved almost a full second off his last year’s best, finishing half a second behind Meredith.


Marginally faster this year (1:40.086), Jason Naidoo pinned all his hopes on the Superlap Shootout, a gamble that unfortunately didn’t pay off when the shootout got rained out.


Also improving this year was John Richardson in his Nissan R33 GTS-T. John’s consistently fast lap times (best lap of 1:41.311) put him amongst favourites for the class podium next year.


Tunehouse returned with their Toyota 86 and Josh Muggleton behind the wheel. The car underwent a complete engine overhaul with a new turbo kit replacing the supercharger used last year. Despite suffering from mechanical woes the car managed to go half a second faster than last year (1:42.34).


Scott Stewart debuted his bright orange Evo VI with a 1:42.6160.


The ‘other’ Tilton Evo – driven by Charlie Dang clocked in at 1:44.674, almost a second faster than last year.


Harrop Engineering’s Toyota 86 driven by David Schardt turned heads whenever it went out on track, posting a respectable lap time of 1:47.413.


The Euro content at WTAC continues to grow in numbers with Stephen Muller and his VW Golf MK6 (1:47.87)…


John Tucker’s VW Golf MK6 (1:52.923)…


Harrop Engineering’s BMW M3 (1:48.579)…


and Paul Kovaceski’s immaculate Porsche 944 (1:49.828).


Bill Nabham was flying the rotary flag in Clubsprint (1:48.297)…


along with Elliot Malouf (1:49.721)…


and Shane Barwood (1:51.806).


David Dalrymple in his R32 GTR also improved by almost a second from his last year’s best by stopping the clock at 1:44.977.


Jim Seng Tu in the Team EXE OTR Mitsubishi Evo 9 – 1:42.023.


John Healey in the ROH Toyota 86 – 1:42.9310


Michael King in the DTMF Racing Mitsubishi Evo VIII – 1:43.377.


Steven Planinic in the Garage 88 Mitsubishi Evo – 1:47.5950


Darrin Morice in the RTR Subaru BRZ – 1:47.1020


Siev Gour in the Ton Legal Honda Civic – 1:46.3140


Stuart Rankin in his Toyota Supra – 1:47.997.


Laurence Gleeson in the Team Lori – Walk for a Cure Nissan Bluebird – 1:49.0730


Thomas Bullock in the Team Honed Honda CRX – 1:50.1190


Vel Tomic in the Insight Motorsports / SPMR Honda Civic – 1:55.5848


Mark Collingwood in the Automotive Plus Mazda MX5 – 1:55.6970


Adam Clarke in the Dragcarfab Nissan R33 GTST – 1:58.649.


Anthony Halwagy in the U.G. Racing Honda Civic – 1:54.518.


Alan Chea in The-Lowdown Mitsubishi Evo V – 1:54.494.

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