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Top Australian drifters to take on the Internationals


It’s official – the Just Car Insurance International Drift Challenge will be the biggest drift event to ever hit Australian shores!


With legends from around the world converging in Sydney with some of the most insane machinery imaginable it’s only fitting we’ve selected the absolute cream of the crop in Australian drift to take them on. So without further ado let’s introduce the first batch of Australian entries.



This guy is one of the real OGs of drifting in Australia. He has been actively involved in the highest level competiton in the country since 2003 and almost always in a Toyota. He is the only factory-supported drifter in the country with ongoing support from Toyota Australia. He was 2006 Drift Australia Champion and won the 2010 Tectaloy Drift Challenge at WTAC. These days he competes in both ADGP and the Hi-Tec Drift Series in an insane 800hp, 2JZ-powered Toyota 86 prepared by Hypertune.



Another of the “originals”, Whyte has many years of experience going right back to the Drift Australia days. He will be driving his crazy Nissan 370 that sports an 820hp Penske-built NASCAR Dodge engine sourced from USA and backed with a Holinger sequential transmission. As well as competing in ADGP and the Hi-Tec Drift Series he also competes around the country in the Stadium Super Trucks at selected V8SC events. Two time ADGP Championship winner, 2nd against some of Asia’s best at Asian Drifting Grand Prix in Jakarta last year.robwhytemotorsport.com.au



Exedy driver from Queensland stunned the drift community when he won the Formula Drift round at WTAC 2014 against some of the best in the world and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Driving an S15 Silvia with over 1000hp on tap thanks to a turbo LS engine Clarke is a very skilled drifter with a refined technique. He competes in ADGP where he placed 2nd in 2014/15 and other selected events around the country.



Preferring to keep a low profile and let his driving do the talking, Rosenblatt certainly did just that by securing the ADGP championship in his 650hp, LS powered R32 Skyline. He is a proven performer and his consistently “on-point” driving style makes him hard beat. Rosenblatt competes in the ADGP, Stadium Drift Series and more recently taking a podium in the Hi-Tec Drift Series.
Michael Rosenblatt on Facebook



Coming from a family of motorsport has seen Queensland-based Josh Boetcher behind the wheel at an early age. He has successfully competed internationally in the Formula Drift Asia series and has a long relationship with GT Radial tyre. He will be driving an S15 Silvia with a 434ci, 800hp Chevrolet V8 engine. 3rd place in the 2014/15 ADGP season and current Championship winner for the 2015/16 ADGP season. joshboettcher.com.au


With numerous entries coming in from around the country, the ultimate decision on the final field came down to a panel of selectors headed by WTAC drift co-coordinator Yoshi Abey.

“We had over 75 applications for a top 32 competition” said Yoshi. “And we have to put friendships and feelings aside and base selection on a criteria of results, experience, driving skill, showmanship and of course vehicle suitability and presentation. The eyes of the world will be on this event so it is critical we portray the best our country has to offer.”


“For those that missed out – we are playing the long game on this and plan on this being the premiere annual event on the Australian drift calendar so stick with it and there may be a spot for you next year!”

Stay tuned for the next round of drift announcements in coming weeks.

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Kiwi 4 Rotor Lexus heading to WTAC


With the likes of Daigo Saito in his Lamborghini, Mad Mike Whiddett in the twin turbo, 4 rotor RX7 and MCA screwing together a mega horsepower Z car for Chris Forsberg, it would be fair to assume that we already have a pretty stellar drift line up.  Then again, at WTAC we always like upping the ante when you least expect it!


Things are about to get crazy with Kiwi madman Carl Thompson confirming entry into the Just Car Insurance International  Drift Challenge in what has to be the most mental Lexus on the planet!


Not only does it have a quad rotor, 26B Mazda rotary engine but it’s also fitted with one of the biggest turbochargers this side of a US Pro Mod drag racer! With 1250hp at the wheels there is nothing subtle about this car and Carl is determined to showcase its full potential at Sydney Motorsport Park in October.

We caught up with Carl  in his hometown of Warkworth New Zealand as he was busy preparing to “up the ante” prior to coming to Australia.


WTAC: Awesome news you are making the trip across the ditch to show this crazy car to the world, you must be excited?

Carl Thompson: It sure is a great news and I am genuinely pumped for this trip. I’m even more excited knowing that I will be battling it out with some of the best drivers in the world!


WTAC: How did this insane build come about?

CT: It all started after I saw the ‘Friends Racing’ Aristo. I just fell in love with the chassis. I found a shell shortly after and started to plan the build.

WTAC: We are always blown away by Kiwi fabricators and it appears you had top guys working on it.

CT: Yes, I have had some really talented people involved with the build, including Colin at Rolling Addiction, Graeme at SMS Fabrication, Adam at C’s Garage and Brent Curran at Curran BrothersRacing.


WTAC: That engine is an absolute masterpiece, can you give us some details?

CT: The engine itself is a dry sump side-port 26B quad rotor. It’s been built by Brent at Curran Brothers Racing. It’s running a custom exhaust manifold with a GTX55 turbo and 5 inch exhaust. Bell intercooler, 100mm throttle body with custom intake manifold and runners, Kinsler mechanical fuel pump and 16 x 1600cc Bosch injectors. We are using M&W ignition, Microtec ECU and Racepak data logging. It puts down over 1250hp at the wheels on 30psi.


The turbocharged, side-ported, 1250hp, 26B quad rotor

produces a spine-tingling noise like no other engine!

WTAC: We’ve been told this is the second stage of this engine build. So you have gone to an even wilder setup?

CT: Yes, we made some improvements from the original setup, for more power (of course) but also to make it more serviceable and reliable.


WTAC: Being a longer wheelbase it must be a lot more stable with that much power. Was that part of the strategy from that start?

CT: I wouldn’t say it was a strategy as such, it’s just how the dice rolled because of the nature of the chassis but yes, the car is very stable.


WTAC: We’re really impressed how every facet of this car is top level, the brakes, the transmission, every single component.

CT: Being a larger vehicle, I believe it needed all of the best gear, one for safety and two for durability, especially with all the power and abuse it has to deal with. We have not cut corners anywhere on this build, it has the best of everything. The Transmission is a Holinger Sequential 6 speed and the brakes are competition monoblock Brembo designed for a Ferrari GT3 car.


WTAC: This will be the car’s competition debut, i tmust feel pretty special?

CT: Absolutely, this will be the first time the car has left the country and I’m excited to say that it’s for this event. I have been quite selective with where this car travels so to be given the opportunity to come and show what it can do at WTAC is very special.


WTAC: We are sure the fans worldwide will be cheering you on as you go head to head with some of the best in the world! We can’t wait to see you in action!

CT: Thanks guys. I can’t wait to come and kill heaps of tyres!

Tickets start from $20. Book yours now!
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Helpful Links

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Gavin Edwards joins TIDC line-up

Australian national drift competitor from NSW, Gavin Edwards will join the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge line up for the first time this year in his outstanding Nissan Skyline R32.


Gav started drifting in late 2010 in his Green SS Commodore ute right before Oran Park Raceway closed down. He entered his first Drift competition at Raleigh raceway and after doing well and loving the feeling and atmosphere so much decided to step it up to Stadium Drift in 2011 L2 series.


Late 2011 Gav decided to build a dedicated Drift car. He decided on a R32 V8 powered beast with all the goodies from Trent Whyte’s old Drift Australia competition car. The car is as competitive as an R32 can be with an 6.8L 550RWHP LS2.


Gavin has been quickly rising up the ranks in the competitive Australian drift scene, often battling Rob Whyte, Tony Harrison, Nick Coulson and other top level Aussie drivers. He has shown some impressive results in recent times currently sitting in second place in the Stadium Drift Pro national drift series.


Gav’s Skyline runs a mean 6.8 LS2 engine, T56 Gearbox, GTR Nismo 2way Diff, BC Racing suspension and a Vertex body kit. It shreds tyres and is great to watch on track!


To view Gavin’s profile for the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge, CLICK HERE!