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Pulse Back in the Pro Game


Those who follow WTAC will easily recognise Pulse Racing’s bright orange Evo. Over the years the car’s been driven by Steve Glenney, Paul McKinnon and by Pulse’s owner Paul Fisher.


“Our best time was set in 2013 with Steve Glenney behind the wheel,” said Paul Fisher, “So we’ve decided to bring Steve back onboard and modify the car to suit his driving style.”


Having a professional driver means the car will move up to Pro Class but Paul doesn’t seem to be too concerned about that. “Having Steve’s input and of course his driving skills far outweighs any disadvantages that come with moving up a class.”


The team started testing and tweaking early this year and the Pulse/Glenney combo is already paying dividends.  “The car has more than enough power,” said Steve Glenney, “It just needs to turn better, that’s all.”


The car’s front geometry is where the gains are going to be made and judging by its performance at the Nulon Nationals some progress has already been made.

“Even with the initial suspension and steering changes the car’s already much faster that it was last time I drove it,” said Glenney, “With some more testing and further adjustments I’m confident we can shave another second or more off.”


The car’s best to date is 1:30.87 and if, as Glenney predicts, the car can go two or three seconds faster then suddenly the team is in with a shot at the podium.


“The engine is solid and makes plenty of reliable power,” said Fisher, “In fact, we pull power out of it during our testing. What we’re chasing is corner speed.”


“We know it’s going to be tough, but we are totally committed,” said Fisher, “That’s why we’ve given ourselves ample time for testing and sorting out all the issues before the event.”


Of course there are numerous variables that have to be taken into consideration like reliability and the team’s ability to quickly assess and fix problems on the day but given how early they’ve started testing and how quickly they’ve progressed since, it’s not unreasonable to anticipate the bright orange Evo not only taking a part in the Superlap Shootout but also having a fighting chance for a podium place!

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10 WTAC moments we will never forget


With six years of international competition under our belt we can confidently say that in that time we’ve seen many highs and lows. From heart wrenching terminal engine failures to last minute victories by hundrenths of a second in the dying stages of the event. The mixture of drama and excitement has become such an integral part of the event that nowadays it’s almost taken for granted!

In this feature we are going to count down what we consider the very best of the best moments of WTAC (so far).


10.  Rod Millen Celica lapping Sydney Motorsport Park in 2015

Kiwi legend Rod Millen has certainly been there and done that. In 2015 we managed to bring him and his record setting Pikes Peak car to do some demonstration runs. The exotic racing fuel for this car was extremely difficult to procure and cost us several thousand dollars but once we saw it on the track we knew it was all worth it. This really is the “OG aero car“. No ifs, no buts! It is!


9. HKS vs Top Secret in 2014

Two Japanese tuning heavyweights with two Japanese driving legends on the same track in the same type of car was certainly way cool. HKS vs Top Secret, Taniguchi vs Tarzan in two 1000hp plus GTRs. It really doesn’t get much better for the JDM entusiast. Add the fact that Smokey Nagata himself made the trip down and you’ve got a recipe for a JDM heaven.


8. Mad Mike’s flame-throwing RX7FD

In 2011 we ran our first International Drift Challenge and brought over many of the top competitors from New Zealand. Among them was “Mad” Mike Whiddett and his ear splitting, 4 rotor 26B powered peripheral port Mazda Rx7FD. With a specially designed tune, the engine was bellowing 15 foot flames that lit up the whole sky throughout the evening whilst deafening anyone within a 500m radius. Good times!


7. Cyber Evo overnight rebuild to win WTAC 2010

In our first year of international competition we very quickly realised that, at the time, the Japanese and American teams were way more developed than the local cars. The show looked like a 3 way battle between Cyber Evo and Tomei/ Cusco from Japan and Sierra Sierra from USA until the favourite, Cyber Evo, destroyed a cylinder head on the first day.

Australian team Notaras Racing were kind enough to sell them a used cylinder head and the team worked throughout the night to come back and take the win the following day. The crowd jumped to their feet as Tarzan Yamada wrestled the Cyber Evo to keep it in a straight line as the rear wing detached and flew along the track on the final lap. International Time Attack Racing had arrived on our shores in the biggest possible way.


6. Team Orange win IDC in 2012

While Japanese D1 drivers have competed in Australia before, back in 2012 we had never seen the top drivers compete in their own “proper” D1GP vehicles. Not until we brought Nobishige Kumakubo and Naoto Suenaga out for the International Drift Challenge in 2012.

Despite near arctic conditions at the then August event, a huge crowd stayed back to watch Suenaga take the win in the Team Orange Evo 9 and giving Aussie fans their first taste of Japanese D1GP superstars.


5. Nemo domination in 2012

This was the one that no one saw coming. There was a lot of hype around this new crazy Pro Class Evo build with designs by aero ace Andrew Brilliant, but with the internet scattered with videos of multiple engine failures in testing it appeared this was just another car that whilst looking the business, would be unlikely to live up to the hype and even turn a full lap at WTAC.

All of that went out the window after the very first session at WTAC when Warren Luff pushed Nemo around the circuit in 1.25.1. A time over two seconds faster than any team had ever gone before! “And there was plenty more in it” said Luffy at the time “wait until we turn the boost up.”


Sadly, we would never get to see that happen as Nemo ran the following year once again with engine problems then disappeared as quick as it arrived in a sea of controversy. With a myriad of people making claims of unpaid invoices and much more it was all fairly obvious the car named Nemo is unlikely to ever resurface again. It certainly changed the face of WTAC forever though, with all the top Pro teams realizing that aero was the key to being competitive at the pointy end of WTAC.


4. Mazda 767B lapping Sydney Motorsport Park in 2014

Everyone these days talks about “breaking the internet” but back in 2014 we actually did it. Or more correctly the Mazda 767B did it when we announced it was coming to WTAC.


Such was the insane volume of traffic to our website as the news went viral that it crashed multiple times. Hearing it wail around Sydney Motorsport Park for the first time was a moment we will never forget. The plan was to do three laps but the owner/ driver Hoshino-san was having such a good time he ended up doing ten, much to the delight of the fans.


3. Cyber Evo vs Sierra Sierra in 2011

With the first ever WTAC going to the Japanese Cyber Evo team, 2011 was shaping up to be a showdown of epic proportions with both teams making claims they have no intention of losing.

Throw the Garage Revolution Rx7 into the mix fresh from a new Tsukuba T/A record time and you start to get the picture. This went right down to the wire with Canadian Indy car driver David Empringham leading the time sheets in the American Sierra Sierra Evo for most of the event right up until Tarzan Yamada pipped him by half a second in the nail biting final session.


Empringham made one last attempt but with everything turned up to maximum the car suffered a mechanical failure relegating the team to second place. Garage Revolution finished 3rd and a rapidly developing Tilton Evo into 4th place.


2. Tilton vs Suzuki vs MCA shootout in 2014

2014 was another year that went right down to the wire. With the reintroduction of the Superlap Shootout format it was a 3-way battle between V8 Supercars star Shane Van Gisbergen in the MCA S13, Garth Walden in the Titon Evo and Japanese legend Under Suzuki in his S15 Silvia.


This one went right down to the dying minutes with all three cars posting their fastest lap in the fading light of the Superlap Shootout. Walden in the Tilton Evo took the win, resetting the lap record once again with and Under Suzuki coming within 4 hundredths of a second behind him on his final lap to the cheers of the crowd and the MCA car coming in just behind.


1. Tilton threepeat 2013, 14, 15

Anyone who has ever won any class at WTAC will know the insane amount of dedication this takes. The late nights, the huge expense, the determination and the final act of stringing it all together on the day. This is indeed a feat that every winner should be proud of.


But without question the hardest class of all to win is the Pro Class. This is the fastest of the fast, the best in the world bar none, pro drivers, pro cars and pro teams. In our seven years of operation we have only ever seen three winners. Tarzan Yamada in the Cyber Evo in 2010 and 2011, Warren Luff in Nemo in 2012, and every other time since has been Garth Walden in the Tilton Racing Evo. 2013, 2014 and 2015 threepeat before announcing the car’s retirement.


What is even more incredible, every year the team smashed their own previous lap record which by now was without question the fastest tintop lap ever on this circuit.This is testament to Kosta Pohurukov and the whole Tilton Team and we can think of no more worthy recipient of our number one spot on this list than this team. Kosta, Garth and the whole Tilton team – we tip our hats to you!


As always, this year we will be looking to add many more memorable moments to this list. 2016 shaping up to be one of the most interesting years yet. With the WTAC crown up for grabs, a bunch of new state of the art Pro Class builds already in progress, along with the best lineup ever for the International Drift challenge, this will be an event not to be missed!

Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge. 14th – 15th October 2016. Sydney Motorsport Park.
Tickets go on sale June 1st. Don’t miss it!

2015 WTAC Form Guide


Picking a winner this year was never going to be an easy task. The competition across all classes has gotten a lot fiercer with a number of teams capable of taking the win. As the official practice day draws to a close the only thing we can promise with any degree of certainly is that this year’s field is closer that it’s ever been.

When awarding our scores we’ve looked at the car’s past performance, pre-event testing and preparation as well our first impressions on the test day. We have then scored each car’s chances of winning its respective class out of 10. And so, without further ado here are our top picks for the 2015 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.

Tilton Interiors


The reigning champs have proven time and time again they can overcome setbacks and come out on top. Going for their third WTAC title they are the team to beat.

Strengths: Very experienced team, tried and proved package, experienced driver, loads of pre-event testing.
Weaknesses: Some reliability issues but otherwise not many.
Our Score: 9/10

MCA Suspension


MCA’s brand new car is big leap forward for the team. With a gun driver and the team’s previous experience in clocking consistently fast times, MCA is well position to dethrone Tilton.

Strengths: Very experienced team, aggressive and experienced driver, massively improved vehicle.
Weaknesses: Limited pre-event testing.
Our Score: 8.5/10

Scorch Racing


In 2014 Suzuki came oh-so-close and will no doubt be going for the kill this year. The car now has the aero package that Andrew Brilliant originally envisaged for it.

Strengths: Has the passion, the skill and the car to go head to head with the fastest.
Weaknesses: The revised aero package had limited testing time. Some engine reliability issues.
Our Score: 8.5/10

RP 968


This is a team that could potentially cause a major upset. They suffered a bit of a setback on Wednesday with flames seen bellowing out of the engine bay but they’re back in their garage today with the car looking as good as new.

Strengths: One of the most extreme builds we’ve ever soon. A very professional and experienced team.
Weaknesses: Little to no testing time. First time at WTAC.
Our Score: 8/10

SVA Imports


UK champions did not come all this way to just ‘have a go’. They know what’s needed to win in time attack and have a well proven package to do it with. The car looked fast in practice and performed without any major issues.

Strengths: Very experienced team, light weight, reliable and very quick car, experienced driver, plenty of pre-event testing.
Weaknesses: First time at WTAC (though Gareth has been here before with Redbrick Racing).
Our Score: 8/10

LYFE Motorsport


This Utah-based team carries the hopes of the entire North American continent on their shoulders. Their car cannot be underestimated but lack of pre-event testing could be a problem.

Strengths: Experienced team, experienced driver, very advanced build.
Weaknesses: Lack of pre-event testing, heavy and complex vehicle.
Our Score: 7/10

Andy Forrest Performance


Strengths: Very fast car with a killer power-to-weight ratio.
Weaknesses: First time at WTAC, largely untested aero package, suffered from gearbox issues during practice.
Our Score: 6.5/10


Mick Sigsworth

Like Tilton in Pro Class, Mick Sigsworth is the one to beat in Pro Am. In fact, many people tip him to be the fastest outright this year. This prediction is not without its merit as Mick is a very competent driver and in his hands the PMQ Evo is an absolute weapon.

Strengths: Reigning champion currently enjoying a big lead over other Pro Am competitors. Fast, reliable car, focused and experienced team.
Weaknesses: Intermittent mechanical issues plagued Mick last year but these seem to have been fixed.
Our Score: 9.5/10

Chris Alexander

Here is a driver that has done a lot of off-season testing and reportedly shaved seconds off his 2014 best. The car certainly has the power and handling to take on Sigsworth’s Evo so it’ll come down to the driver’s capability of getting the most out of it.

Strengths: Very potent car with a quickly improving driver. plenty of pre-event testing.
Weaknesses: Persisting reliability issues. Car caught fire in practice.
Our Score: 8/10

Rob Nguyen

Now equipped with a supercharger, Rob’s Mighty Mouse is a very serious title contender. If his performance last year is anything to go by this little Honda is not to be underestimated.

Strengths: Well balanced, reliable car with a killer power-to-weight ratio. experienced driver.
Weaknesses: New car for 2015 with limited testing time. Team sat out practice session so we haven’t seen the new package run yet.
Our Score: 8/10

Atsushi Shimaya


This car was no slouch when it competed here in 2013 and has since been dramatically improved. It is certainly capable of being on the class podium.

Strengths: Well developed, tested and proven package, experienced driver.
Weaknesses: Somewhat underpowered in comparison with the top contenders in this class, mechanical issues during practice.
Our Score:7.5/10

Jason Wright

Don’t make Hulk angry! This year Hulk has a billet engine, new transmission and revised aero. This should put Jason well within the podium contention.

Strengths: Reliable, powerful car, experienced driver, sufficient pre-event testing.
Weaknesses: Had a year hiatus from WTAC.
Our Score: 7/10


Steve Ka / Powertune

Strengths: Proven performer. Underwent a massive suspension and engine upgrade since last year. Plenty of testing prior to this year’s event.
Weaknesses: Nothing we can think of.
Our Score: 9/10

Nik Kalis / Team Sparta

Strengths: Nik Kalis is back and he wants his trophy back! The car is finally doing what the driver wants it to and the new aero package will make this car a real threat.
Weaknesses: Judging by its performance so far, not many.
Our Score: 8/10

Evolution Custom Industries

Strengths: Plenty of power, good handling, experienced driver.
Weaknesses: Lack of pre-event testing, some reliability issues.
Our Score: 8/10

Road Track Rally (RTR)

Strengths: Well sorted, reliable package, experienced driver with plenty of time attack experience.
Weaknesses: Limited pre-event testing.
Our Score: 7.5/10

3 Rotor Racing


Strengths: Very professional looking build. Looked very fast and very comfortable in practice, this New Zealand team is certainly a podium material.
Weaknesses: First time at WTAC.
Our Score: 7.5/10


Jason Naidoo

Strengths: WTAC veteran, new powerful engine, tried and proven performer. This year Jason will be hard to beat.
Weaknesses: Limited testing with the new engine.
Our Score: 9/10

David Lord

Strengths: Another WTAC veteran who proved last year that he’s got what it takes to make the podium.
Weaknesses: Lack of pre-event testing.
Our Score: 8/10

John Richardson

Strengths: Finishing just outside the podium last year, John has some unfinished business to take care of. He’s got a refined, well sorted package that could potentially put him on the podium this year.
Weaknesses: Competing against AWD EVOs and STIs, John’s R33 GTST might have some weight and RWD disadvantage.
Our Score: 7/10

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Notaras throws his hat in the ring


Something’s afoot in Canberra’s quiet suburb of Fyshwick. When we first heard rumours of a new Pro Class car being built at Notaras Motorsport we knew it was going to be something special.

And since we are an impatient lot we couldn’t wait untill the car was completely finished and turned up on Martin Notaras’ doorstep last weekend to see what’s up.


What we saw was a build that’s not only clever and unique but also a perfect example of how the same concept can be approached in many different ways. To satisfy our curiosity we took the opportunity and got all the nitty gritty details straight from the horse’s mouth.


WTAC: Let’s start at the beginning, when did you first decide to try your hand at time attack?

Martin Notaras: For me it all started in 2008. I competed at the first Superlap Australia at Oran Park and enjoyed the format, the competition and the atmosphere so much I’ve been doing it ever since.

Notaras Evo at WTAC 2011, the car was a tarmac rally competitor converted to time attack spec.

WTAC: Owning a high performance workshop that specialises in motorsport builds seems to be an ideal base to run a time attack team from. Do the two go hand in hand?

MN: Yes, both benefit from each other. That’s how and why I got into the business in the first place. I stil get a buzz out of building performance cars for people and seeing them do well.

Apart from time attack and tarmac rally we also do a lot of custom fabrication work for other racing categories and street machines through our other shop – Fyshwick Exhaust.

The car received new aero in 2012 but suffered from setup issues which resulted in a rear wing failure.

WTAC: You’re no stranger to top level time attack racing having competed in Pro Class in 2011 and 2012. What, in your opinion, does a Pro Class car need in order to be competitive in 2015?

MN: A Pro Class car nowadays needs to be a complete package. From aero and suspension to engine, gear box and diff. Everything needs to be planned in advance and built with one very clear goal in mind. Without this, you simply cannot compete with the front runners.


WTAC: Let’s move to the beast that you’re working on now. Is this a completely new build or a revamp of your old car?

MN: The car we campaigned in 2012 was originally built as a tarmac rally car. It then had been converted to a time attack racer. It was a bit on the heavy side and even with the addition of an aero package in 2012 I felt we have reached its limit.

I knew that I had to start from scratch so I purchased a new shell and started to build form there. While we’ve used many parts from the old car, this is very much a ground-up build, designed solely to compete at WTAC.


The engine will produce over 900hp which will give the car a killer power-to-weight ratio.

WTAC: We’ve heard Andrew Brilliant was involved in the project too?

MN: Yes, I spoke to Andrew in 2012. After our initial talk we flew him over so he could take a look at our previous car and come up with a package utilizing some of the gear we already had and incorporating it into the new build.


Even without its side skirts and with an incomplete nose piece Notaras’ aero is like no other we’ve seen to date.

WTAC: Even without the sideskirts and the front lip the aero looks quite different to what we’re used to seeing on Evos.

MN: When you’re building a car from ground up you have the freedom of custom making everything to suit your objectives. I really wanted to spread the weight more evenly so we have moved the dry sump away from the engine bay and the radiator will be mounted in the boot.


This massive side scoop will direct air onto a boot mounted radiator. It can also swallow a flock of birds. Or a small child.

WTAC: All that downforce will need some forward momentum to work, talk us through your engine and drivetrain setup.

MN: I have always built my own engines and we are running a 2.3L Nitto stroker kit with our own custom head work by Winter’s Head Service.


Boost comes via a Precision 6466 turbo matched to a twin wastegate manifold. We also run a Pro Speed intercooler with our own custom intake and intercooler piping. We run Turbosmart wastegates and bovs.


In terms of engine management we have struck a deal with Haltech we are running their new Elite ECU supplemented with all the latest Haltech gear.


I convinced Frank from Modena Engineering to build me a six speed sequential box to match the package we had. We are already running Modena front and rear diffs.


For suspension we went straight to MCA Suspension and now run their custom Gold Series units both front and rear.


The brakes are all AP from the pedal box, discs and callipers. We’re using Endless pads both front and rear. This is a proven setup that we’ve used before and are very happy with.


WTAC: It looks like weight saving was high on your list of priorities…

MN: Yes, that was one of our goals, to get the weight down to a minimum but also to have a better weight distribution. Lightweight carbon fibre panels sure help to shave those extra kilos.


We have encountered a number of challenges along the way and had to come up with some creative solutions. I’m very happy with the result though, it showcases what the workshop is capable of building.


A bigger, stronger rear wing, designed by AMB Aero will replace the current, somewhat smallish wing.

WTAC: What was the most challenging part of the build to date?

MN: Building the shell was right up there. We did it all ourselves, something I’m really proud of. But the hardest thing has been incorporating all the aero parts int the build.


WTAC: Pro Class looks exceptionally strong this year, what spot are you aiming at?

MN: Having not yet tested the car yet it’s hard to say. Realistically though, our aim would be to finish in the top 5 this year. We are yet to decide who’s going to drive the car at WTAC but we’ve narrowed it down to a couple of very capable guys and we’ll make our decision next week.


WTAC: Which team do you consider a favourite this year?

MN: Obviously Tilton, being the defending champion but I honestly believe the car to beat this year is the PMQ Evo. Although Mick (Sigsworth) competes in Pro Am and therefore flies a bit under the radar, I think he is the one to watch!


WTAC: What advice would you give to some considering building a time attack car?

MN: Give yourself as much time as possible to build it. Try not to change too many things once you have started, come up with a plan and stick to it. And if you want to be competitive in the higher classes, be prepared to spend a fair bit of money, those fast lap times don’t come cheap! 

WTAC: Thanks Martin, we can’t wait to see the car when it’s all finished. Good luck in October!

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RTR – the king of comebacks returns


Whilst much of the media hype with World Time Attack Challenge may be focused around the large contingent of international teams, it is worth noting that there are some equally exciting battles every year in the Open and Clubsprint classes with tuning houses and enthusiasts converging from all sides of the country to take on the fastest cars in the land.


One of these teams that ventures back year after year is Victorian based tuning house Road Track Rally and in 2015 they will be entering a two car team with a crazy as hell Evo X in Open Class with John “Mr Time Attack” Boston behind the wheel and RTR head honcho Darrin Morice driving a smartly modified BRZ in the Clubsprint Class.

We caught up with Darrin at the impressive new Road Track Rally headquarters at Truganina on the outskirts of Melbourne.


WTAC: Hi Darrin, apart from preparing for WTAC, it looks like you have been busy with your new workshop!

Darrin Morice: It’s located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and is now attached to our Skid Pan. It makes it easy to test cars without taking them on the road. Quite a number of the cars in our shop aren’t road registered so being able to drive them in anger without the expense of trailering them to a racetrack is amazing. We’re just finishing up the construction of the Dyno Cell right now. The shop has not only undergone a physical transformation, our philosophy has changed too.

The guys in the shop (myself included) have made a commitment to quality above all else. No more building cars to a deadline, instead, we build to the highest quality, regardless of time, even if the trade off is lost income, I’ll wear it.

We provide everything from regular logbook servicing to full race car building and fabrication. We have a 4WD dyno and can tune pretty much anything but given we are a Haltech dealer, we’re specialists in tuning cars with Haltech ECUs. It’s the ECU we run in our own cars.


WTAC: Let’s talk about your Evo X. We hear you have been making some huge steps forward with this car in the past 12 months.

DM: Given the build for last year’s WTAC went from ‘wreck to running’ in 6 weeks, there are endless areas for improvement. For us, fixing a number of those ‘small things’ will add up to a massive improvement.


WTAC: A lot of people think your Evo is a “Big Dollar Build”, but that’s not exactly true is it?

DM: Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll give you a rough idea of our build: The big-ticket item is the gearbox. Front bar aside, the cost of the gearbox alone would be close to the total of the parts of the rest of the car. I know that sounds incredible, but every other part on the car was either bought because an item was on special or was second hand. Doors, bonnet, boot, rear wing uprights (borrowed!), wheels, radiator, oil cooler, intercooler etc were all second hand.


So much of the car was made up of factory components; factory transfer, diff, shafts etc. It’s even the same engine that was in my car when I bought it new off the showroom floor! It had 70,000kms on it when we built it. The engine we’ve run for the last 3 years at WTAC remains un-opened and consists only of a Nitto stroker kit, cams and springs.


That’s it. No fancy headwork or lubrication systems. We’ve tried various turbo kits and turbos but it still retains the factory intake manifold, throttle body, ignition system, sump and even the factory engine mounts! The only sponsor-supplied items at no cost were the brilliant Haltech Elite ECU and all of our fluids from Martini racing.


WTAC: What changes have you made since last year?

DM: Rear diff has had a tickle-up to cope with the extra power it will now need to handle. But it’s the suspension settings where we see ourselves making a huge leap forward. Last year during our six sessions we changed springs 5 times and we still didn’t get to our optimum settings. We only attached our rear wing and canards for the first time on the morning of the event!


WTAC: We understand you have been working closely with Topstage Composites. How big of a part does weight and aero play in the Open Class?

DM: Huge! Even in the Open Class, aero plays a significant part in lowering lap times, which is why I contacted Freddy at Topstage.


When you look at our car it’s pretty easy to see the front bar is the biggest departure from a stock looking car. The whole design of the front bar was Freddie’s. When I saw the prototype I was a little skeptical, I didn’t immediately love it, but man I love it now! I’ll often find myself just standing there staring at it. It’s beautiful!

Although Freddy had made an awesome front bar, I didn’t get time to channel the air properly, therefore the front ended up catching air.This has now been fixed. The aero will work much better as a whole with air being directed to the intercooler, oil cooler, transmission cooler, brakes etc, etc.


To go with the custom made front bar, I bought off-the-shelf V3 Aero Wing, front splitter and rear diffuser from Topstage. New wing uprights are on their way too. The rest of last years aero consisted of factory side skirts, ‘extensions’ that only aided in adding weight to the car (over 20kgs!) and our factory front guards that were modified with an angle grinder and a rivet gun. Needless to say we will be making improvements in that area before this year’s event.

WTAC: You will have a bit more power and a Holinger Sequential transmission too?

DM: The best part of having the Holinger is getting 6 gears to play with. Although the standard Evo X 5 speed is chiseled from a billet of God’s own bollock and will easily handle 460 – 480kw, the gap from 4th to 5th is enormous and doesn’t work for the SMSP layout.


Engine wise, I’ve finally caved and I’m upgrading our motor. Intake manifold, throttle body, CDI and headwork are planned in the coming months and I’ve got an EFR 9180 that may just find its way on the motor also.


WTAC: Having finished in third place last year, what is your goal for this year?

DM: First place in Open. Next question.

WTAC: What is your target time for this year?

DM: Under 1:30. None of us here will be happy with anything but. The way the bar keeps getting re-set each year it’s only a matter of time until Open class times reflect Pro Class times from only a few years ago.

WTAC: Now lets look at the BRZ. Tell us a bit about it.

DM: It’s my daily driver and it’s such a fun car to drive, especially with a bit more mumbo. I just want to go out and get amongst it. There’s no buzz like having a steer at WTAC. For a hack driver and motorsport tragic like myself, getting to drive on track with literally thousands of people watching is just amazing. The car itself just has the basic bolt-ons, all parts available off the shelf.


WTAC: What sort of power is it making?

DM: We’re aiming for around the 300rwkw mark. Being Clubsprint, it is possible to have too much power. It’s capable of over 350kW but sometimes balance is as important as power.

WTAC: The fastest 86 in Clubsprint contest is hotter than ever with Tunehouse, Harrop and ROH/V-Sport all having extremely strong cars this year. How do you see the RTR BRZ against these guys?

DM: The car will be awesome, no doubt about it. The driver on the other hand, he needs a bit of work. If you changed that to “fastest owner-driver 86” in Clubsprint I reckon I might be up for that!


WTAC: Your partnership with Martini Racing is as strong as ever, we hear you guys are planning something pretty cool in the pits this year?

DM: Dan and Jesse are ripping guys and we get along well. We wanted to see if we could do something together so we’re having a ‘Lounge’ of sorts where spectators can come past and hang out with the Martini Racing team and watch all the live stream action on some big screen TVs.

It will be right outside our pits so our cars will be on display so you can come, check out the cars and grab yourself some cool Martini Racing, Puma and RTR Merch.

WTAC: Thanks for your time Darrin. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Sydney and if anyone is after some serious, high quality mechanical or race car work, check out Road Track Rally: www.facebook.com/roadtrackrally www.roadtrackrally.com.au

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SVA Imports Evo to represent UK at WTAC 2015

Fresh from an outright win at the UK Time Attack event at Snetterton Circuit last weekend, the SVA Imports team are proud to announce their entry in the 2015 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge with their Pro Class Mitsubishi Evo VI.


Anyone following the UK Time Attack series will agree this is one of the, if not the fastest car in UK. Photo: Aron Vickers

This car is without question one of the fastest, if not the fastest time attack car in the UK right now. Any notion of this being untrue was hit out of the ballpark last weekend when the team reset the Snetterton Circuit lap record despite the conditions being far from perfect.

The car will be driven by the very experienced Gareth Lloyd who has been instrumental not only in driving the car throughout the UK series but also the ongoing development throughout the years.

SVA Imports are at the top of their game. We are certain we’ve got the right team representing UK – Ian Baker. Photo: Rich Sams

“It would be fair to say that the UK has never had a fair go at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “but I can confidently say that should all change this year.”

“Sure Redbrick Racing made the trip out in 2012 but a bunch of niggling problems and a couple of off track excursions put them out of contention before they had a chance to lay down a proper lap time. SVA certainly seem well equipped to give the whole thing a proper go in October. We are certainly confident we have the right team coming!”


This ain’t no beauty contest, SVA’s Evo is all business. Photo Rich Sams.

“This is really important this year because, and I will have to the the cat out of the bag to tell you this, in 2015 for the very first time we will have the fastest cars from no less than FIVE separate countries across four continents represented in the Royal Purple Pro Class.”

“So of course finding the fastest car to represent each region is absolutely paramount. We are confident these guys are exactly that.”

We ventured down to SVA Imports and  caught up with team principle Raef Davis at their base in Dover, Kent UK last week to get the lowdown on their plans and a bit of insight into what is without question the fastest Evo 6 on the planet!

We need the fastest cars to represent each region.

SVA Imports Evo VI is exactly that.

The car started its life as an Evo VI RS but quickly turned into a full blown time attack machine. Photo: Aron Vickers

WTAC: It is a fantastic news that you guys will be heading down under in October. You must be excited?

Raef Davis: Everyone here is extremely excited to be coming to WTAC 2015 with the chance to compete against of the worlds fastest time attack cars.


WTAC: We hear the car started its life as a weekend racer?

RD: The car was originally an Evo 6RS though as you can see it’s moved on a fair bit since then. We started with the original car three years ago with the idea of just having some fun and not getting to carried away. That’s how these things start…”


WTAC: What’s lurking beneath that bonnet?

RD: The engine is a 4g63 stroked to 2.4ltr which makes 940bhp without nitrous and the transmission is a Drenth sequential that we have adapted to a paddle shift.

We are currently working on a new engine that addresses the weaknesses of the 4g63 motor and will allow us to reliably run more power. We are aiming to have it finished and tested before we ship the car to Australia.


WTAC: Your driver, Gareth Lloyd has competed here before in 2012 with Red Brick Racing so this will obviously be a big help?

RD: Gareth is a very experienced driver who has been working with for the last couple of years. In 2012 Red Brick Racing suffered from numerous issues so Gareth never really got a chance to get a proper lap in. Having said that, he certainly does have some prior track knowledge (not as much as the locals though) and he is very good at adapting to different tracks and conditions. And most importantly, he is very fast.

Gareth Lloyd is not only a very experienced driver, he is also familiar with the SMSP track having competed there in 2012. Photo: Rich Sams

WTAC: What events have you been competing in and who are the strongest competitors in your region ?

RD: We competed in some of the European time attack last year as well as the UK Time Attack series. We are the current European Time Attack Masters and hold the lap records at Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Snetterton, Zandvoort and Assen. We plan to run the full season of UK Time Attack this year before we ship the car to Australia. 

Our closest rivals and friends are Roger Clark Motorsport with their extremely fast Gobstopper 2 which we had some great battles with last year.

Not many cars can lay claim to being faster than the famous Gobstopper 2. This is one of them. Photo: Rich Sams

WTAC: We can assure you that the whole of the United Kingdom fan base will be cheering you on when you arrive here in October. We can’t wait to see what you guys can do!

RD: We can’t wait. See you there!

TA14R5 1599

SVA Imports would like to thank our sponsors who make all of this possible:
• Spec R
• Nitron racing systems
• Hel performance
• CR turbos
• Clutch masters
• Motul
• Miltek exhausts
• Kelford cams
• Ross sport
• Syvecs
• Magnus Motorsport
• Alcon

And of course the team who work so hard giving up their weekends time after time.

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