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Fernandez Ute to debut at WTAC 2012

We are proud to announce the Fernandez Motorsport Falcon utility will debut at World Time Attack 2012 in the Pro Class. This is a car that has been long awaited by Ford fans around the country and all eyes will be on it as it heads out onto the Eastern Creek circuit (now Sydney Motorsport Park) in August.

This team hit the headlines in 2010 when they competed in an ex Jason Bright V8 Supercar fitted with an Australian built XR6 turbo twin cam six cylinder engine.

While this may not have been competive against the experience and might of the Japanese and American teams they certainly learnt a lot and got the fire burning in Jose Fernandez and saw the creation of an Australian icon for time attack racing, The Falcon Ute!

“The first thing we realised is that there was no way that a big heavy V8 Supercar was ever going to compete with lightweight missiles especially on street tyres” said Jose “so we set out to build something a lot lighter and something with a bit of character that we can use as a demo car to compete in World Time Attack and other sprint type events.”


Unfortunately with a busy race schedule throughout the year running young guys in the V8 touring cars series the ute was never finished in time for WTAC 2011 but did however appear on the Haltech stand with a crowd around it all weekend admiring the crazy engineering that has gone into this car.

For 2012 it will be a different story according to Jose “We will be there 100%!”.

“While I do not expect a largely untested car to be a threat to the front runners we will certainly be giving it a good go and flying the Aussie flag high. Much of our business today is either racing cars or performance upgrades for Xr6 so this is the logical marketing tool for Fernandez Motorsport and  we will continue to develop it into the future as time permits.”

The car will also be fitted with a 4 speed Jerico gearbox this year replacing the 6 speed Holinger. ” this engine just has so much torque it does not need six gears and we are fairly confident the car will be faster with taller gearing and less gearchanges” said Jose. On top of this Ian Pollard will be finishing the rear bodywork in lightweight carbon fibre. The XR6 engine remains unchanged and Jose is confident that this will have more than enough power to do the job.

We will keep you udated as this car comes together and you can check out the full spec sheet on the Yokohama Advan website.


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Zetland NSW 2017

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The debut of the Fernandez Ute

Just a quick update as the long awaited Fernandez XR6 Turbo Ute just pulled into the pit area. It looks like the team may have ran out of time to build the car, so the car will only be on display at the Haltech stand, and won’t actually make it out on the track.

The car may look like a ordinary Australian sedan from the front…

But is pure tube frame goodness underneath…

Fernandez plans revealed for WTAC 2011

Jose Fernandez has revealed the plans for his 2011 entry to World Time Attack. Fernandez Motorsport is in the process of preparing a “super lightweight” FG Ford ute that will be powered by a more refined version of the XR6 Turbo engine that he ran last year in the ex-V8 Supercar.

“We came away last year with a lot more of an idea what needs to happen to make a competitive time attack car,” said Jose at his Sydney race shop.

“A V8 Supercar may be a great race car, but for this type of thing it is unlikely they would ever be competitive. To start with they are built to do 500 laps door handle to door handle and are built very strong, but they are also very heavy. With the ute we are starting with a clean slate and we will construct most of the body from carbon fibre and include a big aero package. Our aim is to have the whole thing race ready at around 1000kg.”

“We will be using many Supercar components such as up-rights, suspension parts and the Holinger sequential gearbox, but this will be a whole different deal to what we ran last year. We aim to be competitive with this one from the get go.”

Fernandez Motorsport will also be refining the engine to make the whole package a lot more tractable. This will include resizing the turbo and moving everything down to obtain a lower centre of gravity, with Alex and Oyay from Plazmaman once again being involved in the development.

“Basically anything that doesn’t need to be there will be going, and anything that does need to be there will be lightened as much as physically possible, and I have the best carbon fibre guy in the business, Ian Pollard, helping me. It is important to remember in this sport you only need to get one REALLY good lap in.” said Jose

When quizzed about why he chose a ute, we received a very quick response of “Why not? We are in Australia and Australians LOVE utes!”

The rendering shown is only the livery concept and the finished vehicle will have a lot more aero and will sit a lot lower, but we get the impression that the time attack bug has bitten pretty hard at Fernandez Motorsport and this team certainly has the resources to build something VERY special.

We will keep you up to date with this project as it gets closer but in the meantime check out www.fernandezmotorsport.com

Fernandez to return in 2011

Jose Fernandez has revealed he will be returning to World Time Attack 2011 but it will not be in the bright green Falcon. The green Falcon that run at the 2010 WTAC year has been returned to its former V8 guise and sold. Team Fernandez have retained the 700hp XR6 engine and Holinger sequential gearbox.

Whilst Jose would not reveal what their plans are for 2011 he did make the following statement:

“ Will we be back next year? You bet we will! To be honest I am still amazed at how fast the overseas cars were and there is no questioning we underestimated what we would need to be competitive. I mean let’s be honest prior to this how many cars have you heard of running much faster than a 1.40 on semi slick tyres around the Eastern Creek circuit?”

“And these cars were ten seconds quicker!! So we have certainly had a rethink and a heavy old V8 supercar is never going to cut the mustard and hence the green car has been sold. The reality is that we will need to be at a fraction of that weight to be competitive. So having said that we certainly have a plan for 2011 but I will not reveal it at this early stage. Regardless I can tell you we will be there and we will be there to be at the pointy end of the field. This year was our education and now we will put our learning’s into practice but this is certainly the direction our business is heading and this event is certainly the place to showcase it.”

We can only wonder if his plans still include the mighty XR6 or is he changing direction altogether, only time will tell!

For more info check www.fernandezmotorsport.com