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Mad Mike to rock WTAC in a 1000hp RX7FD

Even those with just a passing interest in the sport of drifting will no doubt be familiar with this guy and the very mention of his name will make them rush out and book tickets for this year’s WTAC.

Hailing from New Zealand, “Mad” Mike Whiddett is equally well known for his drifting skills as he is for his love of rotaries.

While Mike’s main Formula Drift weapon is a Mazda MX5, his first win in the 2016 FD season came while driving a Japanese built RX7FD.

Competing at the Japan round of Formula Drift, held at the Ebisu circuit, Mike took the win in a twin turbo quad rotor RX7FD, after an epic battle against a Japanese champion Yokoi.

It is this Mazda RX7FD Mike will be bringing with him to compete at this year year’s Just Car Insurance International Drift Challenge in October.

Powered by a bridge-ported, twin turbo quad rotor,

HUMBUL RX7 is nothing short of spectacular!

Dubbed “HUMBUL” the car is nothing short of spectacular in just about any respect. Built by Mike and Taisuke Kawato of Total Car Produce Magic, the car is powered by a custom-built 4-rotor, bridge-ported, 26B engine.

As if a bridge-ported quad rotor wasn’t enough, a pair of GCG GTX3582 turbos was added to provide a healthy amount of boost, contributing to a 1000hp+ power output.

A number of Australian companies have been involved in the build. From GCG who supplied the turbos, Haltech (engine management system) to Turbosmart and Plazmaman there is no shortage of Aussie technology under all that carbon fibre.

The car’s unique look is a part of its universal appeal. TCP Magic G-Face aero kit, Rocket Bunny spoiler and a 6666 rear wing all contribute to the tough and purposeful stance.

Kawato-san insisted there would be no shortcuts in this car’s build and it shows. Everything from the smallest interior detail to the main body parts is top notch.

“We are stoked to have Mad Mike and HUMBUL at WTAC this year!” said Superlap CEO, Ian Baker. “The fans will be in for a real treat!”

Mad Mike vs Daigo Saito vs Chris Forsberg vs Nico Reid

It doesn’t get much better than that!

This is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting drift cars in the world today. And to see it go head to head with the likes of Daigo Saito’s Lamborghini, Nico Reids Silvia and Chris Forsberg in MCA’s 370Z will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Photos courtesy of Red Bull Media.

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WTAC Tickets Now On Sale!


More bang for your buck

We have always been focus on providing our spectators great value for money and this year we’re taking it to a whole new level offering you even better value for money this year. While other events are restricting access for general entry spectators, your WTAC general entry pass will still get your everywhere (well, almost, you won’t be able to get into VIP rooms or the restricted competitors’ area).

If you get a 2-Day WTAC Superpass you get 2 full days and 2 full nights of time attack and drifting action with access to all the attractions including the grand stand and pit building roof. Your ticket also includes on-site parking! On top of that, this year we will also be offering special “afternoon only” passes for those who only want to see drift. And as always, kids under 12 get in for free!

So book your ticket now and tell your friends. Afterall, there is no better way to enjoy WTAC than with your mates.


WTAC 2016 Ticket Pricing

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What do you get with your WTAC ticket

• Entry to all WTAC activities including International Drift Challenge, Show’n’Shine, Flying 500, Motorsport Legends, Miss Time Attack.
• Access to all spectator areas including Pit Garage Roof, Turn One Viewing Area, the Grand Stand, ARDC Cafe.
• On-site parking.

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WTAC 2016 VIP Hospitality Packages Pricing

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What do you get with your VIP Hospitality Package

VIP Lounge:
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• Lucky Door Prize – Race Car Passenger Rides
• $30 WTAC Merchandise Voucher

CLICK HERE for more information about WTAC VIP Packages.

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arrow  Need further convincing? 7 Things your need to know about WTAC 2016
  Travelling from interstate or overseas? See our Accommodation Guide
arrow  Still more questions? Read the Spectators FAQ
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WTAC Highlights – what was your favourite?

Over the years WTAC has had numerous highlights. Controversies, nail-baiting finishes and once in a lifetime opportunities to see some of the most legendary motorsport icons are all part of the deal when you attend WTAC. We all have our favourites, what’s yours?

1. CyberEvo vs Sierra Sierra Duel

The rivalry between these two teams started in 2010 but the moment we all remember happened in the afternoon of Day 2 at the 2011 WTAC.

Sierra Sierra had just smashed Cyber Evo’s 2010 record by over a second and posted the fastest ever top speed at WTAC. So fast was the SSE Evo down the main straight that CyberEvo crew asked for the car to be checked for Nitrous.

Just when we thought CyberEvo was beaten, with just one session to go, Tarzan Yamada managed to pull a rabbit out of the had and better SSV’s time, setting a new WTAC lap record and successfully defending his title.

2. Team Orange win the 2012 Drift Challenge

Not many drift teams get such an enthusiastic reception as Team Orange did in Sydney back in 2012. The big question was; can they back their popularity with results? With Kumakubo-san out early with mechanical issues it didn’t look all that well for Team Orange at the end of Day 1.

Day 2 proved to be a defining day for Kumakubo’s team mate, Naoto Suenaga who seemed to progress effortlessly through all his battles, defeating some major local talent in the process.

As the smoke settled after the final battle, it was Suenaga who was left standing, winning not just the TIDC trophy but the hearts of Australian and New Zealand drift fans.

3. Mad Mike drives the PPRE 6-rotor

Nothing, and we mean nothing can prepare you for the sound generated by a peripherally ported, six rotor engine. We brought the 6B powered Mazda RX4 coupe from New Zealand to display at the 2013 WTAC. Our intention was to have the car in the paddock and start it up occasionally for the spectators.

When we heard the car start up however, a decision was quickly made that this car simply had to go out and do a few demo laps. The owner threw the keys to “Mad” Mike Whiddett and the rest, as they say, is history.

4. Legends shine and burn

In 2013 we were lucky enough to have two iconic Group B rally cars joining the ranks of our Motorsport Legends. The first car was an Audi Quattro S1 Group B replica and the second was an incredibly rare, genuine MG Metro 6R4 powered by a naturally aspirated 475hp V6 Goodwin V64 engine that revved to 14,000rpm!

As the cars went out for their laps a call came through the radio that one of them caught on fire. Our hearts sunk as we saw the gorgeous Metro engulfed by flames. While not exactly a highlight, it was a sight we will never forget.

5. Tilton vs Scorch Shootout


2014 saw the re-introduction of Superlap Shootout, a bonus round for the top five teams in each class. Held in the afternoon of Day 2, with near-perfect track conditions, Superlap Shootout proved to be the deciding moment for the defending champ.


Day 1 was a day Tilton would rather forget. Battling mechanical issues and even enduring a fire breaking out in the engine bay, Tilton were forced to pull an all-nighter to get the car ready for Saturday. Under Suzuki on the other hand was in a top form. Getting faster with every lap, the Scorch Racing S15 looked poised to wrestle the title away from Tilton.

It all came down to the final lap in the Superlap Shootout. Garth Walden drove a miraculously fast lap, beating Suzuki by just 0.04 sec, the smallest margin in WTAC history.

6. Mazda 767B Le Mans


There are cars that transcend all car genres and unite all motorsport fans with their racing legacy and sheer presence. Mazda 767B Le Mans is such a car.


It was without a doubt the centre of all attention in the paddock and was followed by a mob of adoring fans wherever it went. The sight and the sound of a 767B thundering down the main straight at SMSP was an unforgettable experience.

What’s your favourite?

Let us know what your favourite WTAC moment was in the comments below and you could win a WTAC ticket for yourself and your mate.

Outlaw Drift Shootout is coming to WTAC!


Round’em Up, Pair’em Up and Let’em Loose!

Outlaw Drift Shootout is a new, action-packed, high adrenaline, full throttle drift competition taking place during the Midday Mayhem on the main straight in front of a capacity crowd.


How does it work?

The main straight will be converted into an Outlaw Drift course consisting of:

The “Blazing Saddles” run-up area (not judged) used by the competitors to gain speed, get into formation and get their tyres smokin’!

The “OK Corral” obstacle course (judged) which the competitors are required to complete in formation, at full speed while coming as close as they can to the three contact points.

There is a Bonus Zone at the end of the Main Straight where the teams get one more chance to impress the judges and the spectators.

The course ends with the “Grand Canyon” section used to either to cool down or let off some steam before the cars are turned around and lined up to do the course again – this time uphill.


Competitors will be paired up and each pair has to work together as a team. Each team has to complete the course twice in each round – Course A (downhill) and Course B (uphill). Rather than battling each other, the two drifters in the team will have to work together to impress the judges with their speed and skill.


Course A starts at Turn 12 and will see the drivers head down the main straight towards the Bonus Zone at Turn 1.


Each team will be scored on their performance, top half of the field will move to the next round until the grand final where the final two teams will battle each other for the title of the Outlaw Drift Shootout Champions.

What’s happening and when?

Friday competition will not be judged as it is intended for teams to get familiar with the course and work out their tactics. Don’t think the teams will be taking it easy though, we are expecting plenty of speed, smoke and tyre-frying action.

Saturday competition will start with a demo lap and then it’s Outlaw Drift competition time!

Round 1: All teams need to complete Course A and Course B. The four teams with the highest scores advance to the next round.

Round 2: Top 4 teams complete Course A and Course B again. The two teams with the highest score move to the Final Round.

Round 3: Top 2 teams compete for the Outlaw Drift Shootout Title. The team with the highest score wins.

The winners receive their trophy in front of the capacity crowd after the final round.

DriftOutlaws 844

How will it be judged?

Each team will be judged on speed, style and proximity to the contact points. A combined score after completing Course A and Course B will determine whether the team moves on to the next round.

DriftOutlaws 843

Who will be competing?

The field will consist of 16 hand-picked, top level drifters including some high profile international guests. We are aiming to field the world’s most powerful drift machines with the most daring, aggressive and skilful drivers behind their wheels.

DriftOutlaws 841

What can you expect?

Plenty of noise, smoke and some close proximity drifting as the teams showcase their driving skills down the main straight.


Naming Rights Sponsor

We would like to welcome Hi-Tec Oils as the official naming rights sponsor of the Outlaw Drift Shootout. Hi-Tec Oils is heavily involved in the sport of drifting in Australia backing the popular Figure 8 Drift series as well as a number of other motorsport events.


Mad Mike wins 2014 Red Bull Drift Shifters

It’s drifting, but not as you know it. The rules of the red Bull Drift Shifters competition are akin to those in a pinball machine; there are proximity sensors placed on the wall surrounding the track, the drivers need to activate as many as they can as they race through the course.


There are combinations that offer bonus points – again, just like in a pinball machine!


So how does this translate into a racing event? Quite well actually. The action is fast and evenly paced and the driving is nothing short of spectacular.


Not that you would expect anything less from the drivers of this caliber. WTAC regulars “Mad” Mike Whiddett, Jake “Drift Squid” Jones and Gaz Whiter were joined by the likes of Daigo Saito, Chris Forsberg and Matt Powers just to name a few.


It was a tight battle all the way to the finals, with Mad Mike emerging as the eventual winner, much to the delight of his home crowd.


Mad Mike on his way to win the finals against USA’s Chris Forsberg


The weather was ideal and downtown Auckland provided a spectacular backdrop.


Daigo Saito lost his rear wing and part of the roof in the early stages and continued on topless.


Chris Forgsberg’s 370Z looked menacing all in matt black.


Mad Mike had plenty of reasons to smile. Winning in front of his home crowd was one of them.

They’re here!


Our media launch, held usually a few days before the event, marks the official start of the WTAC Week. The countdown to the event is well and truly on with all the international cars already in Sydney and getting ready to attack.


Parked side by side, the HKS and Top Secret GTRs look pretty evenly matched. The battle between these two titans is one of the most eagerly anticipated duels at this year’s event.


Yep, we’re smiling…


Top Secret windscreen banner quietly hints at the R35 GTR Class result…


While HKS’ alludes to its engine power output…


Everything about this car says HKS are very serious about their official return to international time attack racing.


Alex Kelsey’s hand-built rally car is even more impressive up close than on pictures.


The quality of this build and the attention to detail is simply stunning.


And one lucky spectator will ride shotgun with Alex in this very seat…


While not officially competing, the 767B is a huge drawcard for this year’s WTAC.


A chance to see this car doing a flying lap around Sydney Motorsport Park should be enough to convince any motorsport fan to be there!


Under Suzuki’s S15. We’re expecting to see some low times from this car.


Without a doubt, this is the most serious this car has ever looked.


The no-nonsense, all-business approach is also reflected in the cabin.


Top Fuel / Voltex S2000RR. Subtle improvements are noticeable everywhere if you look closely enough.


In the foreground: a 1000hp time attack Nissan. In the background: a 1000hp drift Nissan.


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