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Day 2 Wrap Up

There were a few surprises in store for the spectators walking through the gates on Saturday morning. The first, rather encouraging surprise was the cloudless, clear sky which, despite weather predictions, ensured a dry track for the entire day.

The other surprises all came in the form of lap times. Don’t get me wrong, we were all expecting fast lap times and everyone was hoping Cyber Evo’s last year record would tumble but what was to come took our breath away.

Sierra Sierra was the first to stick its head out. David Empringham pushed the car to a 1:29.0240, smashing Tarzan’s 2010 lap time by more than one second. When the SSE Evo came tearing down the main straight we all rushed out onto the balcony, even an untrained eye could notice that the car was moving at an unprecedented speed. The speed trap at the end of the straight flashed 280kph, which, although impressive, was actually over 10kph lower than the actual top speed of the car. The speed trap was focused at a point where the car was already slowing down. The actual top speed of the SSE Evo on that lap was a staggering 294kph.

All the heads then turned to Garage Revolution and CyberEvo teams, awaiting their response. What they got was rather unexpected. CyberEvo team has asked the officials to check the SSE car for any extra power-adders (namely nitrous), as they found it difficult to believe that a car as heavy as the SSE Evo could reach those kind of speeds. Controversy ensued, SSE garage was blocked from the public, officials sent in and rumour mills set in motion. A little later, SSE got the “all clear” from the officials and went back to their task of replacing a blown head gasket.

Mitsuhiro Kinoshita pushed the Garage Revolution RX7 to its limit, using every last inch of the track with sparks shooting up from underneath the car, managing to close the gap with a 1:30.5010 lap. This would have been enough to take the Championship Trophy in 2010, but this year it was more than a second behind the current leader.

Having sat the previous session out, Cyber Evo went out with a clear directive; with the dark clouds hanging over the track, there might not be another chance to respond. After a couple of warm up laps Tarzan went all out. From the reports around the track we knew that this was it, he was going 10/10ths, the car was flying through the corners, squeezing every last kilowatt of power out of his Evo. Even before he came onto the main straight we all knew this was going to be his fastest lap yet. And it was. Where words fail, numbers tell the story, and those numbers are: 1:28.8510. Almost two seconds faster than his 2010 record.

To say that the crowd went ballistic would be an understatement. In the following 15 minutes, the live timing page on our website alone has exceeded our monthly bandwidth! As Tarzan jumped out of his car, shaking his fists in excitement, the crowds gathered on the rooftop cheered so loudly they have, for one brief moment, silenced our commentators.

It was all up to Sierra Sierra now. With only one session to go and rain looking dangerously close, the team have surpassed themselves in re-assembling the engine in a record time. As the crowd gathered around the SSE garage, it seemed universally clear that for SSE it was now or never. With the hearts and minds of thousands behind him, Empringham went out for the last session of the day. As he’s finished his warm up and was about to press harder, disaster struck. As we have found out later, the previous lap took its toll on the car and a few components, mainly the turbocharger, failed before David had a chance to do his flying lap.

It was not the way SSE had envisaged the day ending. From the high of breaking Tarzan’s old record, to the low of not being able to respond to his new one, there is one thing we can say without any doubt – they went down fighting!

With the competition being so close and the drivers pushing the cars on the razor-thin edge between a perfect lap and a mechanical failure, there is no margin for error. Both CyberEvo and Sierra Sierra paid for their podium places with blown engine components and the difference between the first and second place was just 2/10ths of a second. That’s commitment, close racing, and Time Attack at its best!

Open Class Practice

The bar has been well and truly raised in the 2011 Open Class with many of the cars claiming lap times faster than some of last year’s Pro Class. The quality of the cars competing has clearly been taken up a number of notches.

Just check out the Precision Racing Evo. Looks like they may be taking a few styling cues from iconic Sierra Sierra Enterprises Evo. The car is running the sort of rear diffuser that would be considered outlandishly large by last year’s Pro Class standards, let alone Open Class

Another example is the RevZone R33 GT-R. This is an ex-AutoSelect car which was bought, shipped over from Japan and rebuilt specifically to run in the Open Class at WTAC 2011.

Another one is a S Podlewski’s 180SX. Head to toe in matt black, and featuring a S15 front bar and a louvered bonnet, the car casts an impressive stance.

Help us help our sponsors!

If anyone from the government is paying attention, let us tell you this much: what we are doing with World Time Attack Challenge is stimulating the economy in the Australian performance tuning sector.

There is no question that millions and millions of dollars have changed hands as people have feverishly built cars for an event of international caliber that has captivated the hearts and minds of thousands. The money has poured into local tuning houses that employ local people. These shops might otherwise be looking at a possible down turn in their business.

The businesses in the parts supply sector have had to provide parts to over 130 cars as they get prepared for their big day in the spotlight. Many of these cars have been built from the ground up, meaning, once again, the amounts changing hands for the parts alone could well be into millions and possibly even tens of millions of dollars in total. This includes many Australian parts manufacturers who, with the Australian dollar the way it is, will be relying more and more on local growth to stay alive and keep their business going.

And all that before we even open the WTAC gates on the 5th and 6th of August. With people arriving by planes, hiring cars, booking hotels and eating at restaurants the boost to the local economy is not to be underestimated.  We have media from all over the world coming to Sydney to show the world our beautiful city and its passion for motorsport.

And the reason we are telling you this is simply to let you know we do this with no outside assistance whatsoever. The whole deal is put together by my dedicated and hard-working team and with the help of my sponsors. And that is the point of this article.  To let you know who the people THAT REALLY make this show happen are.

This year our trade alley display will be, in our opinion, the best aftermarket show in Australia, with just about every significant performance brand displaying in some way shape or form. The response from the tuning industry was humbling to say the least and I can tell you that every single one of these companies stuck their hand in their pocket so that we, as a country, can lead the World in the sport of Time Attack and our fans can see the fastest in the world go head to head without having to go overseas.


Ian Baker
CEO – Superlap Australia

Clubsprint Class. Harding/APR VW Golf.

There is something kinda weird about the phrase “six hundred horsepower VW Golf” but that is what the guys at APR are expecting from their insane Golf R.

The reason for these high expectations is simple; the engine is a hand built motorsport engine from American Volkswagen tuning giant APR with a full stage three APR turbo system all engineered to make between 500 and 650 horsepower depending on the fuel quality. These are not idle claims either as many found out at the 2010 Motor Magazine tuner challenge when an earlier APR tuned Golf set the fastest lap time around the Eastern Creek circuit!

The mods don’t stop at the engine, with the clutch packs and seals upgraded in the DSG gearbox and the software for the gearbox shift patterns was sourced from a Canadian company demonstrating this team’s ability to source the most suitable parts from anywhere in the world.

The suspension has been replaced with JIC coilovers and APR Australia front and rear sway bars and links and a load of Super Pro bushes replacing the soft rubber pieces. The brakes were not forgotten with a set of big Alcon four pots replacing the original callipers up front and the whole package rolls on slick looking Ultra Leggera OZ racing wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus RS3 tyres.

The steering duties have been assigned to Harding Performance head honcho Guy Harding, who, amongst other things, can claim a class win at Targa Tasmania. The combination of big horsepower, clever setup and a good driver should make this a formidable Clubsprint Class entry!

About Harding Performance/APR
Based in East Brisbane, Queensland, Harding Performance and APR are one of the most prominent Volkswagen group tuners in Australia. In the importing, distributing and retailing business since 1998, they are evelopment partners for APR products into parts of Asia, Europe and the UK.

Harding Performance achieved the honour of APR’s Global distributor of the year in 2009 out of 290 Worldwide dealers and received APR’s prestigious Presidents choice award in 2010.

Harding Performance/APR
2/63 Fisher Street, East Brisbane, QLD 4169
Tel: 1300 730 949

Clubsprint Class: Advan/Hi Octane Racing.

Running in the Clubsprint class for the Advan/Hi octane Racing team in 2011 is experienced circuit campaigner Ovidiu Zaberca in his Evo 8 Lancer. Ovi has been involved in the Australian time attack scene forever and actually competed in the Autosalon circuit battle events in his previous Evo IV before stepping up to the Evo 8 he is now campaigning. For 2011 Ovi joins Mark Berry, Russell Newman and Jake Jones in the Advan/Hi Octane livery giving this team a very strong presence in all classes. “there is no question in my mind that the Advan Neova is the tyre to be on in the Clubsprint class” said Ovi “ and to be part of the Advan/Hi Octane Racing team just made an awesome event even better! We have been friends for a long time”

The bright red Evo runs a simple but well sorted package that has seen a first place at the 2010 Evo Nationals in the highly modified class and second outright and a fifth outright in Clubsprint class at World Time Attack 2010. The car runs a set of Tein monoflex coilovers with a bunch of Whiteline gear, a Full Race exhaust manifold and Invidia dump pipe and Turbo XS exhaust and intercooler, a FP Green turbo and a Cosworth Cam and spring package.

Contrary to some mysterious rumours going around that Ovi is an ex Romanian Formula one test driver the reality is that he is the son of a Romanian hill climb racer and started in go karts at a very young age before following in his father’s footsteps and competing in the Romanian hill climb championship. When he immigrated to Australia the bug bit again and he was off to buy an Evo Lancer and so it began. “I will be doing my absolute best this time out” said Ovi “ As I really don’t want to let the team down!!”


Clubsprint Class Sponsor: RECARO

We are proud to announce the naming rights sponsor of the Clubsprint Class at World Time Attack  Challenge 2011 is RECARO.

Recaro is a name synonymous with the highest quality automotive seats and has a history dating back to 1906 in Stuttgart Germany and a motorsport history dating back over 40 years. Their seats are standard fitment to many exclusive vehicles throughout the world including The Nissan R35 GTR, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche GT3 and are a factory option on many more. Their competition seats are used in just about every form of professional motorsport worldwide and are the choice of many of the top factory teams around the world.

Recaro also have a range of more affordable club level racing seats that include all the technology and many of the features of the professional level seats at a price to suit the weekend racer.

“To have Recaro join us as the Clubsprint Class sponsor for 2011 is fantastic” said Superlap marketing manager Greg Lysien “This company has an extremely well regarded product worldwide and for them to recognise the WTAC as an opportunity to be involved with gives us a fair indication of where the event is heading.  They have told us their technical staff will be coming over from Germany to man their display and answer any questions regarding their seats and they will also be running some show specials on display seats”

The Recaro Clubsprint class is set to be a battle to the end in 2011 with many of the top 2010 competitors now having another year of development under their belts that has seen the lap times tumble. The big difference with the Clubsprint Class is that the driver must be the registered owner of the vehicle and no “pro” drivers are permitted and the cars must run on “road” tyres as opposed to the semi slicks permitted in other classes.

Whilst in theory this should create a “feeder” category for the higher classes, which in many cases it has with the 2010 Champion Nik Kalis and many others now stepping up competing in the Hankook Competition Open Class, for many others it has been about perfecting their car to run fast on road tyres and coming back year on year to battle like minded individuals.

What is also worth noting is that with the exception of the engine being of the original designation, the engine modifications are virtually free, and meaning there is some extremely powerful cars doing battle on road tyres making for some very exciting time attack action!