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Michael Prosenik to compete in Tectaloy Intl Drift Challenge


Fresh from a podium finish at the Adelaide ADGP round Michael Prosenik has been confirmed to compete at the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 18th & 19th of October. He will be in full force in his Scr Drift Team built Nissan Silvia with a L98 engine. Modifications include T 56 Magnum gearbox, GTR diff, L98 Conversion, Full Roll Cage, Fuel Cell In Boot, GTR Rear End, Driftworks Suspension All Round, Tube Front End, Nitrous and a Viva Garage custom body kit.


Michael’s recent competition results include 8th place in the 2013 Formula Drift Asia Melbourne Round, 4th place at the ADGP 2013 Exhibition Round Calder Park, 6th overall in the Victorian Drift Club 2012 series and is currently sitting in 1st place in the 2013 series, 4th at Drift Attack 2012, 3rd place at the Figure 8 Drift Series, 5th at the Queensland Summer Slam 2012 and 1st place at the South Australian Stadium Drift, Tailem Bend comp.


Michael is supported by Supreme Caravans Pty Ltd, Roadking Chassis Pty Ltd, Aircommand Australia Pty Ltd, Viva Garage, Crs Racing Services, I Love Drift, Dbs Customs, Blurred, Grip Tyres and Taylar Made Exhaust.


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Hi-Tec Oils 350Z & Matt Hambridge join TIDC


Matt Hambridge will be joining the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge in the Hi-Tec Oils Nissan 350Z. With some recent impressive results including 2nd overall in the Raleigh drift championship, 1st at Supernats, Top 5 at Powercruise and 4th in a recent round of Stadium Drift, Matt has stepped up to the plate and will be another strong challenger for the title.

350z drift

The engine consists of a low compression Chev 6.2L LS3 V8 with twin GTX 3071 Turbos, Ross performance 5 stage dry sump system, Turbosmart twin 40mm wastegates, Mx performance manifolds and exhaust system, Shauns custom alloy intake intercooler and radiator, electric water pump, custom power steering setup and Proflow clamshell intercooler pipping built by Dynomotive.


The 350Z has a T56 with Ripshift gearbox, Locked 350z diff, Racing Logic/ Powered by max suspension and Vertex bodykit. Other modifications include Mx Performance custom cage, Modified chassis, custom knuckles and suspension arms, dual caliper rear end and custom hand-brake, airjacks, hydraulic pedal box.

350z EC

EMS digital race dash, body aero, V8 twin turbo engine conversion, Turbosmart e-Boost2, Turbosmart FPR3000 fuel regulator, Proflow fluid lines and fuel system.


Matt said “This is the first time we’ve been able to get the 350 out on track at an event of this level, I’m really looking forward to the competition and going up against some of the world’s best!”



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“DK” Dan Kenneally returns to TIDC to chase the crown


The Boss Hog Danny Kenneally will be returning to the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge this year in his infamous Nissan SKYVIA ute. The RB25 DET 6 cylinder powered machine is always a crowd pleaser and we are looking forward to seeing Danny tear it up once again!


Danny’s achievements in the Australian drift competitive scene include three Queensland championships, 2011 Stadium Drift Australia Championship and over 135 podium finishes. With the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge filling with a lot of premium contenders, Danny will be another force to watch for on track!


The Nissan SKYVIA ute runs a RB25 DET 6 cylinder built by WM Race Engines with a OS Giken Gearbox, Nismo diff, Racing Logic Coilovers, Custom Tube front end, Tubbed, Custom Ute back end, GTR brakes, Driftworks Knuckles, 400HP WM Spec -RB 25 combo and a custom R34 GTR front bar, BN Blister sides, Rear quarters and rear bar.

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The new TIDC Judging Panel

With a new and exciting year ahead for the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge, we are also pleased to announce our new Drift Judging Panel. We have assembled three remarkable Drift judges, all with an impressive background in professional level drift around the globe.

The new panel consists of Alexi Smith, Australian born now residing in Tokyo, Japan, Takako Nakayama from Hiroshima, Japan and Gray Lynskey from New Zealand.

1. Alexi Smith Australia/Japan

Alexi Smith is very well known in the drifting and motorsport scene in many countries around the world. Alexi began his involvement with drifting many years ago as one of the original members of Initial Drift Australia, the first CAMS-affiliated drift club in Australia. He then went on to be the Treasurer of Initial Drift Australia until he set his sights Japan in 2008 when he traveled over and now lives there.

Initial Drift Australia were the first to hold drifting events and competitions at the now defunct Oran Park and the first to hold drifting events at Eastern Creek as well. Alexi was involved with the running about a hundred drifting events over the years with IDA, which included everything from skidpan events, training schools and full-track events at Eastern Creek.

IDA were also the first to run a competition on the former 10-11-12 corner layout at Eastern Creek which was used by Drift Australia for many years and Tectaloy International Drift Challenge up until this year.


Alexi actually started drifting himself in 2003 in a 180SX, he then moved to Japan in 2008 to keep his passion for drifting alive and keep on driving as the Australian scene went very quiet. He now owns a JZX100 Mark II, which he regularly drives in Japan.


Alexi regularly writes for Japanese car magazines overseas as well as the local bible of drift, Drift Tengoku. He holds a D1 Street Legal A license and competes locally in Japan. Alexi’s involvement with drifting is extensive and he has also also judged before at various events, including Drift Australia.


Most drift fans and competitors are already aware and admirers of Alexi’s very popular website on drifting in Japan, http://noriyaro.com.


2. Takako Nakayama Japan

 Takako Nakayama from Hiroshima, Japan is a very welcome addition to the WTAC team. Takako is huge fan of rotary engines and is currently employed by Mazda head office when she is not traveling around the world to race events and is proudly our first ever female judge.


Takako told us “As long as I can remember, I love cars and machines, probably due to the influence of my father who also loved cars and motor bikes. At first, my interest was more seeing VIP cars and beautiful shaped sports cars (such as Toyota JZZ30 SOARER, Mazda FD3S, Jaguar, etc) rather than motor sports and racing cars.

“One day, my friend ( a drifter) took me to TOUGE and I experienced a passenger ride. That was like a flash but it unforgettable experience. Since that day I have been fascinated by Drift.”


Takako has been involved with the motorsport industry for about 7 years, mainly D1, time attack & endurance races. She has worked as an administrator for a race team, and, with her Japanese/English skills has often worked as a language support for teams traveling overseas.


Takako has been a keen supporter of drifting in Japan and traveled to Malaysia for Final round of Racepod (the Malaysian National drift competition) to judge alongside “The Terminator” Tsutomu Fujio. She also contributed to putting D1 and FD judging styles into practice with the local judges (Formula D Asia drivers, Zai Bullzai Hamdan & Ee Yoong Cherng). This year was Takako appointed as a co-judge of the Racepod 2013 series with 2 other D1 drivers (Tomokazu Hirota & Yuichiro Takahashi) in Malaysia.

Her respected judging style comes from her ability to perceive one’s drifting/driving skill through many motorsports involvement which she has been a part of, especially her large involvement D1.



3. Gray Lynskey New Zealand

Gray Lynskey’s involvement with New Zealand drifting dates back to 2005, and has expanded into him currently being a judge of the D1NZ National Drifting Championship. As the ex-Assistant Editor for New Zealand Performance Car magazine, Gray started attending and reporting on countless drift events as a journalist.

This close eye on the sport led to assisting NZPC in the creation of a drift series, where he continued his role as journalist as well as taking up the role of Head Judge for the duration of the series. Alongside the creation of this drift series, he also worked to introduce the early stages of Super Lap/Time Attack racing in New Zealand, and ran the inaugural event back in 2008.


After three years with the NZ Drift Series and his time at NZPC, Gray was involved with assisting in the organization of the country’s biggest import automotive lifestyle car events, and judging both the show and drift elements to those events. Following a number of seasons inside the track behind the lens, last year Gray shifted from the infield to the tower to judge D1NZ as the style judge. 

With a long history around motorsport and the New Zealand car scene in general we thought we would ask Gray if he ever gets behind the wheel anymore, he replied simply: “Well, my time behind the wheel has proven I’m better suited to keeping a watchful eye on the sport rather than strapping on a helmet.”

gray lynskey

We are thrilled to have such a great team on our Drift Judging panel for the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge, and we are really looking forward to what this year holds.

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Daigo Saito to compete at TIDC


International drift legend, Daigo “The Ninja” Saito has confirmed to compete at the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge.


Daigo has held the title of Drift Champion in Japan, USA and Asia, winning 2008 D1GP Champion, 2011 Formula Drift Asia Champion, 2012 Formula D USA Champion and 2012 Formula Drift Asia Champion. In the opinion of many, Daigo is quite possibly the best competitive drifter anywhere in the world.


Daigo will be competing in his 900hp+ 3.4 litre 2JZ Toyota Mark 2 which was built by Fnatz & Phat Five Racing in Japan. The engine features a full catalog of performance gear is a well proven package that is certain to put a smile on any drift fans dial as it bounces off the rev limiter around the Sydney Motorsport park circuit in anger with the “master” behind the wheel.


Daigo’s extremely aggressive and intimidating driving style will put the pressure on the Australian and New Zealand competitors who can’t wait to drive along side the Champion they have been watching from a-far dominate the world drift scene.


Saito is very committed to drifting and can always be found practicing his driving style and techniques and working on his cars in between competition and practice events.


World Time Attack Challenge Event Manager Amy Boatwright said “We are really excited to confirm Daigo for 2013, it will be an honour to have a driver of his caliber at the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge and he will really raise the bar. I have no doubt the Aussie and Kiwi competitors will provide some serious competition for him and I am eager to see the result“.


For all Tectaloy Drift Challenge Team Profiles go to the Tectaloy Facebook Page.



Beau Yates to return in 2013

Beau drifting at Top Gear Festival Sydney. Photo:Apex Photography

Beau Yates has been confirmed for the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge and is vowing to return to the podium once again in what many refer to as “The Ultimate AE86”.

Entertaining the spectators at the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge. Photo: Apex Photography

Beau’s success in the Australian and International Drift scene is unquestionable, claiming the title of Australian Champion and Tectaloy International Drift Challenge Champion in 2010. Despite holding back on his attendance and only competing at the one International Drift event per year, it looks like Beau is back in the game.

With both the Australian Drifting Grand Prix and the Stadium Drift Pro Tour being run as national championships, there is plenty of opportunity for Beau to get back to where he left off.

Beau at Top Gear Festival Sydney. Photo: Apex Photography

In 2011 Team New Zealand took out the win, with Curt Whittaker taking home the trophy. In 2012 it was Japan who dominated as Naoto Suenaga took the win. Beau said “Last year I wasn’t where I wanted to be, but this year I’m coming back. I’ve got my eyes on that trophy again and with some big changes on the way, I’m very confident”.

Beau at the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge. Photo: Apex Photography

Yates AE86 features a “built” dry sump TRD Beams engine with over 500hp and a full competition build by Sydney based fab aces Hypertune, and the build quality is world class. Both the car and driver are unquestionably a well sorted package with many years of development and improvement.

This is in fact the same car, although now in a much higher spec, that Yates won the 2006 Drift Australia Championship in so the history goes back a very long way and the car and driver are always a crowd favourite particularly on his home track.

Earning his nickname “The Show” at the 2012 WTAC.  Photo: Apex Photography

Not only is Beau looking at getting back into competition he has also been expanding his drifting career on an even larger scale. Beau was invited to perform in the drifting demonstration at the Sydney Top Gear Festival in March this year where he lived up to his name of “the show” and literally got the crowd out of their seats as drifted in front of tens of thousands of spectators down the front straight of Sydney Motor Sport Park.

On dispaly at Top Gear Festival Sydney. Photo: 86 Club Australia

“I have some very exciting news coming up with a very very big announcement. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for me in drifting, and it looks like I’ll be back in a big way! The Australian drift scene is changing, there are some new drivers who are really stepping it up and the cars keep getting bigger and better, the competition is getting fierce and there’s no better time than now to take a big step up.”

Head to Head with the Drift Squid at the 2012 WTAC. Photo: Apex Photography

To view Beau’s profile, check out the Tectaloy Facebook Page.