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Tilton first Aus Pro Class team to confirm

We are proud to announce the Tilton Interiors team as the first Australian Pro team to confirm entry into the 2013 World Time Attack Challenge. The Tilton team is one of the longest campaigning teams and one of the most competitive. They are currently bound for Japan where they will compete in the Revspeed Hyper meet at Tsukuba Circuit before undertaking a full new aero program with Voltex all in preperation for the return to Australia. The team are eager to test and chase the World Time Attack crown once again with longstanding team driver Garth Walden behind the wheel.

“This is what we really want to win” said team principle Kostinken Pohurukov “and the real purpose of taking the car to Japan was so that Nakijima-san can undertake an extensive new aero development, but as I have always wanted to race at Tsukuba and we figured the timing was right as the car was bound for Japan anyway. After last year it became very apparent that the whole time attack landscape has changed dramatically and we intend being right at the pointy end of it, and that needs to include the top step of the podium at WTAC.”

The car will be stripped down after the Tsukuba battle where it will undertake an extensive external revamp that will include new lightweight dry carbon panels and a totally revised aero package. The Evo will see time in the Mie wind tunnel to optimize the whole package and provide not only optimum down force but also a high level of dynamic stability with minimal drag whilst still retaining the look and feel of the original Mitsubishi Evo. The car will also have the horsepower ratcheted up and a paddle shifter fitted to the Holinger transmission.

This is the car which many are predicting as the one to beat in 2013 with the team now having the data of many years racing this same car. The Nemo team has confirmed that they can make the car comply to the 2013 rulebook but they are yet to actually confirm entry. Regardless Team Tilton is happy to take them and any other challengers head on with the new rule book set to provide much closer racing not unlike what we saw in 2010 and 2011.

“These guys are sure to be a threat this year” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “In fact you could almost guarantee it. I have always thought of this car as a cross between the Cyber Evo (it had their aero package) and Sierra Sierra (it has a huge horsepower Cosworth engine) but with the new developments about to commence we can only assume that they will move forward in leaps and bounds. Although they are coy about how much faster is should go they did say seconds, and yes that is plural!”

We are sure to keep you up to date with the Tsukuba Hyper meet and the car as it progresses at the Voltex HQ at Suzuka over the coming months… Watch this space!


Say hello to the Royal Purple Oil Stars

Royal Purple Australia has officially launched “Oil Stars,” a comprehensive lineup of sponsored cars and drivers which will stage an all-out assault on the revered WTAC event at the Eastern Creek Raceway on August 10th-11th.

Leading the Royal Purple Oil Stars charge in the Pro class is Garth Walden in the Tilton Interiors Mitsubishi Evo 9. IS Motorsport Open class competitor and Oil Star Nik Kalis (Lancer Evo 9) will be out to defend his 2011 class win, while teammates Jason Naidoo (Open class, Lancer Evo 8MR), and Clubsprint competitors Dan Farquhar (Lancer Evo 8), Chris Tiqui (Lancer Evo 9) and David Steinwede (Lancer Evo 8) will also be vying for line honors. The AVO Turbo VL Commodore of Jason Clements will also fly the Royal Purple flag in the Open Class, while Jake ‘Drift Squid’ Jones (Hi Octane Racing Nissan S13) will let it all hang out for Royal Purple in the Drift Challenge.

Royal Purple Australia Managing Director, Eian “EJ” Jones, recognises the importance of motorsport as a proving ground for Royal Purple’s range of performance synthetic lubricants, and is proud to have an active involvement in Superlap.

“Being a major sponsor we love to be heavily involved, not just as an exhibitor as we look forward to this year’s exciting event. It’s been very rewarding to hear the terrific feedback from customers about their experiences with our product, plus the updates from our sponsored drivers after running Royal Purple oil through their race cars. We were ecstatic with our 2011 results, and we know we can help more drivers and vehicles and go even faster in 2012.”

Last year Royal Purple were involved with big-hitting international team Sierra Sierra, whose Mitsubishi Evo 8 ran second by the narrowest of margins in Pro Class with David Empringham at the wheel. In the Open class, the Royal Purple-backed IS Motor Racing/Piazza Doro Mitsubishi Evo of Nicholas Kalis stole the show, claiming the top spot on the podium.

“We just missed out on a podium in Clubsprint class too, so naturally we’ve got high expectations in each class with our 2012 Royal Purple Oil Stars Drivers,” said Eian.

To find out more about the “Oil Stars” lineup, check out the Royal Purple facebook page.

If you’d like to find out more about the Royal Purple Oil range HPS (High Performance Street) or XPR Xtreme Performance Racing oil, head to the Royal Purple website.

Locate the nearest Royal Purple distributor to you.

Top Aussie teams testing at Eastern Creek

With the WTAC only four weeks away, the Australian Pro Class teams are wasting no time getting their machines fine-tuned for the event. Among  a number of teams testing at the Sydney Motorsport Park today were Tilton Interiors and Pulse Racing.

Time Attack ace, Steve Glenney was driving the Pulse Racing Evo which looked very quick and impressively solid through the fast corners.

“We have fixed a few little issues” said the team owner and manager Paul Fisher, “the car is now a lot faster but we still have some things to sort out.”

Another familiar sight in the pits was the Tilton Interiors Evo. Looking just as menacing, if a little more subdued than the Pulse car, the Titlon Evo was a sight to behold flying past the grand stand.

“It’s all about the small details now,” said Kosta Pohorukov, “we really want to know how the car is performing everywhere around the track. The trick is to pick up a little bit of time on every corner.”

True to Kosta’s words, the Tilton team were busy data logging and analysing the car’s performance. “The more information we gather the better our chances of getting it right on the day” said Kosta. We couldn’t agree more.

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