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Tilton Racing Evo on track at WTAC 2016!


Yes, we thought that might grab your attention! And we are not kidding either…


In October you will get your chance to see the three times WTAC Champion, Tilton Racing Evo, on track!

As the car is now retired, it will not be competing, instead it will be fitted up for team’s owner and all round legend Kostinken Pohurukov who will be sent out to do a Lap of Honour during the Midday Mayhem.


Kosta (left) is not only the owner/manager of Tilton Racing but also a true revhead and a seriously quick driver so rest assured he won’t be taking it easy on his Lap of Honour.

Being a true revhead at heart and with plenty of Radical racing experience under his belt, rest assured Kosta will not be satisfied with just a leisurely paced demo lap. “Hell no,” replied Kosta when we’ve asked him if he’s going to take it easy. “It will be pedal to the metal all the way!”


Tilton Evo is not just the most successful Australian time attack car ever. Over the years it has earned its place alongside the most iconic time attack cars world-wide. It’s impact on WTAC, and indeed the international time attack scene cannot be underestimated.

“It really is an honour to be able to do this for Kosta” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker. “He is without a question the backbone of the whole Tilton operation and when I found out he had never even driven the car in anger we just had to do something about it.”

“Kosta really has been the heart and soul of time attack racing from day one back at Oran Park. This is our way of saying thank you and as a bonus the fans worldwide get one last chance to see what is unquestionably (until proven otherwise) the fastest time attack car on the planet.”


This will be the last time we’ll get to see the car that dominated WTAC for the past three years in action.

“It is true that I have never driven it in anger” said Kosta. “That is mainly because myself and my team were always so focused on the task at hand and that was to win WTAC.”

“In fact this will be the very first year we will sit it out so I guess you could say I am a tad excited to get behind the wheel of something that has been such a massive part of my life for so many years. Finally I will get to see what the beast feels like from a driver’s perspective. I can’t wait!”


All hail the King Tilton. Retiring undefeated after three back-to-back WTAC titles Tilton leaves big shoes to fill.

“I got married earlier this year and I promised my wife I would calm down for a bit with the cars. But the bug is always biting and I already have a new car on the drawing board to take on the new breed of time attack cars.”

“It would be silly to think we could go much faster in what still is essentially a modified road car. The game at the top end has changed for sure and the fact that we have been able to stay on top for this long is a testament to my team. We’ll need a new weapon of an entirely different design principle and that is what we have already started to work on.”

Dawn of a new era5

Throughout both days the Tilton Evo will be on display on the Royal Purple stand. Members of the Tilton team including driver Garth Walden will be out for a small presentation on the centre stage on Saturday afternoon followed by a short Q&A session. If you are a true time attack fan you will not want to miss this opportunity.


This will be your one last chance to see this iconic car on track. Don’t miss it. Book your WTAC tickets now!

Tickets start from $20. Book yours now!
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Dawn of a new era

Dawn of a new era19

The last six years of World Time Attack Challenge can be best described as “evolutionary”. The event that started as a brand new concept in 2010 has evolved into something a lot bigger, better and more exciting. An event that has unmatched global reputation and is widely regarded as a bench mark other events are compared to.

Dawn of a new era1

The first two years of WTAC saw a total domination from overseas challengers. The likes of CyberEvo, Sierra Sierra, Cusco/Tomei and Garage Revolution took the spotlight with local teams struggling to match their pace.

Dawn of a new era2

2012 was a breakthrough year for Australian teams with Nemo Racing redefining the look, the speed and the overall approach to WTAC Pro Class. Australian time attack had arrived.

Dawn of a new era3

Tilton wrestled the title away from Nemo in 2013 and successfully defended it in 2014 and 2015 becoming the only WTAC team to win three consecutive Pro Class titles.

Dawn of a new era4

Earlier this year Tilton owner and manager confirmed rumours that their Evo will retire so the team can concentrate on a new project.

Dawn of a new era5

Tilton’s retirement opens the Pro Class right up. With up to five cars capable of taking the win, the competition is bound to be fierce. And that’s not counting the new builds and number of international teams who have expressed interest in competing this year.

Dawn of a new era18

But WTAC is not just Pro Class. One of the biggest upsets last year came in Open Class with JDM Yard’s Honda Civic beating a field of AWDs and RWDs to take the win.

Dawn of a new era7

Defending that title won’t be easy as we are already getting reports of some serious machinery being built to take them on. Not that the top runners of the class are far behind.

Dawn of a new era8

2015 runner-up Revzone and their Mitsubishi Evo are within a hundredth of a second. Evolution Custom Industries’ Porsche 944 and Insight Motorsport’s Honda S2000 are within a striking distance and let’s not forget the 2014 Open champion, Steve Ka’s Powertune Nissan R34 GTR.

Dawn of a new era9

It’s getting crowded at the top of Pro Am too with Chris Alexander closing the gap on Mick Sigsworth and Rob Nguyen’s Mighty Mouse not far behind. There’s also some talk of another high-profile Pro Am entry which may well upset the status quo.

Dawn of a new era10

If that wasn’t enough, Mick Sigsworth’s company now offers his Evo platform for sale as a kit, meaning anyone with the right budget can buy a tried and proven 1:25 second package as a starting point.

Dawn of a new era11

But the really exciting news comes from the grassroots, street-oriented Clubsprint class. Last year this class also saw a FWD Honda Civic swipe the win from the AWD brigade with Daniel Meredith in his BYP Racing prepared rocket stopped the clocks with a sub 1 minute 40 lap time.  The interest in this class has skyrocketed and it looks like we are going to have a jam packed Clubsprint class.

Dawn of a new era12

Why is this exciting? Every form of motorsport needs grassroots support. Without new people coming into motorsport the interest from both competitors, fans and sponsors alike will stagnate and eventually wane.

Dawn of a new era13

So the ever growing intake of new people wanting to build and race cars in Clubsprint class is a sign that time attack racing in Australia is enjoying a healthy growth in both interest and participation.

Dawn of a new era14

Retaining and growing our fan base is something we take very seriously. Our aim is to make WTAC the best “bang for your buck” motorsport event in the world. We have squeezed more action, more attractions, more ticket options, more inclusions while keeping the ticket price the same.

Dawn of a new era15

As we head towards the 7th World Time Attack Challenge we can’t help but feel the best is yet to come. The event is about to evolve once again and cement its position as one of the most spectator and competitor friendly motorsport events in the world.

Dawn of a new era16

There will be four Class titles up for grabs and it’s quite possible we will see a new champion in each class this year, including a new WTAC champion!

WTAC 2016 – Bring It On!

Dawn of a new era17

Records, triumphs and heartbreaks


Lap records, extreme weather, triumphs and heartbreaks, this year’s WTAC had it all. It’s almost customary that each year we experience some type of weather anomaly at WTAC. We’ve had extreme cold, gale force winds, extreme heat, bush fires and this year we can add torrential downpours to the list.


In fact, this year’s weather provided two extremes, from an exceptionally hot Friday (36C) to a violent, though fortunately short, torrential rain on Saturday. The event certainly tested the endurance of all teams, with only the strongest ones emerging through this emotional roller coaster in tact.


Track temperature peaked at 55.5C on Friday which was not ideal for highly tuned, high revving engines. The effects of the heat wave were immediately evident with many cars suffering with heat-related issues. Spectators were not immune either, many seeking refuge in the shaded areas and in the grand stand. The heat was so intense it even melted some upload link components causing outages during our Friday Live Stream broadcast.


There is no question Tilton went into this year’s event as favourites. Though the gap between them and the competition had narrowed down considerably, the team’s experience and the ability to pull it all together when it counted put them ahead of other teams in all our online polls.


Garth made his intentions clear by setting the pace during the Friday morning session clocking in a 1:25.09 lap. Slower than his 2014 record but enough to secure him a spot at the top of the leader board.


With the heat easing on Saturday and temperature dropping rapidly during the day Tilton were out to set their fastest time. Garth managed to shave off a one-hundredth of a second in the morning session but the breakthrough came in the last PRO session on Saturday afternoon.


With the MCA / Shane Van Gisbergen team getting dangerously close to them, Tilton set their car to “full attack” mode. Whatever instructions were given to Garth combined with changes made to the car between session, it all came together as Garth pulled out what can only be described as “one perfect lap”.


The new lap time 1:23.77 is not only a new WTAC and SMSP lap record, it’s also a whopping 1.1 second faster than last year’s best! Three track lap records, three WTAC titles, three incredible wins. Tilton Interiors – you’ve done it!


In the capable hands of Shane Van Gisbergen, MCA’s Hammerhead improved its 2014 PB by half a second. Not enough to challenge Tilton, but good enough for the second outright at the event and the fastest RWD lap at WTAC.


Not many people expected a new lap record to be set in the heavily restricted Clubsprint Class but Daniel Meredith proved the class can still go faster with an amazing time of 1:39.4470. The fact that he did that time in a FWD Honda Civic is even more incredible.


We have suspected for a while that Open Class may be the most interesting class to watch, but we could have never guessed the final podium placings. Much like in Clubsprint, a Honda has caused a major upset by dethroning the seemingly unstoppable Powertune R34 and keeping RevZone Evo at bay by the narrowest of margins.


With Adam Casmiri behind the wheel, the JDM Yard Civic was not only quick but super consistent, running a string of low 1:30s laps, culminating in a winning 1:30.7010 time.


Snapping at his heels was Tarzan Yamada in the RevZone Evo. How close behind? One hundredth of a second. That is a narrower margin than the hair separating Tilton and Suzuki in 2014.


Things didn’t go according to plan for Dean Lillie, Steve Ka and the Powertune team this year. Just like in any form of motorsport despite all the testing and preparation you need a little bit of luck. Unfortunately lady luck looked the other way. So why are we listing this team under our “Triumphs” headline? It’s quite simple really. Lillie set his time during the hottest session of the event, in the most demanding environment.


The car then suffered fatal engine failure and did not compete on Saturday when all other front runners were setting their fastest laps in much more favourable conditions. Despite that, Lillie’s Friday lap was still fast enough to secure him a place on the podium and that counts as a triumph in our books.


Mick Sigsworth’s campaign was not all smooth sailing either. Mick struggled on Friday clocking in at 1:29, 1:30 and 1:27. Not slow by any means but well off his 2014 best.


Chris Alexander on the other hand was well down on his 2014 times, shaving 4 seconds off his last year’s best. Chris shot to the top of the leader board with a 1:28.279. He wasn’t able to better this time but clocked in a series of low 1:29s.


Feeling the pressure, Mick responded in the way everyone expected him to, by going out and logging in a 1:27.74 which put him back in the lead. He stayed out and had one final shot stopping the clocks at 1:25.75. His final time was marginally slower than his 2014 best of 1:25.27 but enough to secure the top spot in Pro Am.


This was the very first WTAC for our guests from New Zealand – 3 Rotor Racing and their Mazda RX7FD. While they missed on the podium their performance and consistency is admirable. Starting with 1:34.59 they progressively dropped their times to log in a 1:32.81 in their final session.


It’s also worth mentioning they did this while also managing to fix Rod Millen’s Celica after it suffered a serious diff damage on Friday. Legends!


The RP968 Porsche made it’s WTAC debut in a spectacular fashion. Not unlike many of the seasoned time attack vetrans, the RP968 guys suffered from technical difficulties early on but managed to overcome them and ended their very first WTAC in a 5th outright position with a very quick 1:26.80.


This “Triumphs” section would not be complete without mentioning LYFE Motorsport. The guys from Salt Lake City in Utah did it the hard way. Worked tirelessly to get the car ready for testing. Suffered numerous teething issues during practice, fixed them all only to suffer a fatal engine failure on Friday. Sourced a replacement engine (thumbs up to Brian Bugh for donating an R35 GTR motor) and worked overnight to have the car ready for the first morning session.


They started with 1:34.31 and got the lap times progressively down to finally arrive at 1:32.4050. While this lap time may not look comparable with Tilton’s time it’s worth noting that is the fastest Pro Class R35 time ever recorded at WTAC, and it was done with a stock motor! In our books that’s a win.


When we saw Under Suzuki pull over on Saturday morning with smoke coming out from his engine, we were, as most of the spectators, on the verge of tearing up.


Like LYFE, Suzuki had engine troubles on Friday but after setting 1:25.8476 he was well within the ball park (remember Tilton’s best at that time was 1:25.09). Suzuki-san worked through the night to replace the engine and was out on his warm up lap on Saturday when disaster struck.


Another engine failure prematurely ended Suzuki’s dream of winning WTAC though the time he set on Friday secured him a place on the podium.


As the event drew to a close we caught up with Andrew Brilliant and asked him if the Scorch S15 (had it not been out of action) was capable of matching Tilton’s new record. “Definitely,” he replied, “it was built to do those lap times. And lower!”


Another victim of WTAC’s demanding conditions was Andy Forrest whose car suffered gearbox failure on Friday and despite everyone’s best efforts we were not able to get the car back on track for Saturday. Andy’s WRX spent the event on display at the Whiteline tent.


Last but not least is the SVA Imports. With a lap time of 1:29.9280 run with a very conservative setup, Gareth Lloyd was in with a shot at the podium at the very least. The car went out on Saturday with the NOS and the boost turned up ready to shave some seconds off and have a good crack at getting into the top three.

The very next thing everyone saw was the immaculate white Evo VI parked on the side of the track with flames bellowing from the engine bay. Gareth Lloyd managed to put the fire out but by then the damage was done and SVA’s chances of standing at the WTAC podium crushed.


WTAC is a tough event that places extraordinary demands on the drivers, the crew and their machines. While time attack racing is not classified as an “endurance” race, endurance is exactly what the teams need to survive and succeed.

The passion, dedication, perseverance and the sheer staying power displayed by the WTAC teams this year is nothing short of amazing. And for that, we salute you!


Photos: Adam Drake, Colin Marshall, Warren Lennon, Paul Jakubicki.

2015 WTAC Form Guide


Picking a winner this year was never going to be an easy task. The competition across all classes has gotten a lot fiercer with a number of teams capable of taking the win. As the official practice day draws to a close the only thing we can promise with any degree of certainly is that this year’s field is closer that it’s ever been.

When awarding our scores we’ve looked at the car’s past performance, pre-event testing and preparation as well our first impressions on the test day. We have then scored each car’s chances of winning its respective class out of 10. And so, without further ado here are our top picks for the 2015 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.

Tilton Interiors


The reigning champs have proven time and time again they can overcome setbacks and come out on top. Going for their third WTAC title they are the team to beat.

Strengths: Very experienced team, tried and proved package, experienced driver, loads of pre-event testing.
Weaknesses: Some reliability issues but otherwise not many.
Our Score: 9/10

MCA Suspension


MCA’s brand new car is big leap forward for the team. With a gun driver and the team’s previous experience in clocking consistently fast times, MCA is well position to dethrone Tilton.

Strengths: Very experienced team, aggressive and experienced driver, massively improved vehicle.
Weaknesses: Limited pre-event testing.
Our Score: 8.5/10

Scorch Racing


In 2014 Suzuki came oh-so-close and will no doubt be going for the kill this year. The car now has the aero package that Andrew Brilliant originally envisaged for it.

Strengths: Has the passion, the skill and the car to go head to head with the fastest.
Weaknesses: The revised aero package had limited testing time. Some engine reliability issues.
Our Score: 8.5/10

RP 968


This is a team that could potentially cause a major upset. They suffered a bit of a setback on Wednesday with flames seen bellowing out of the engine bay but they’re back in their garage today with the car looking as good as new.

Strengths: One of the most extreme builds we’ve ever soon. A very professional and experienced team.
Weaknesses: Little to no testing time. First time at WTAC.
Our Score: 8/10

SVA Imports


UK champions did not come all this way to just ‘have a go’. They know what’s needed to win in time attack and have a well proven package to do it with. The car looked fast in practice and performed without any major issues.

Strengths: Very experienced team, light weight, reliable and very quick car, experienced driver, plenty of pre-event testing.
Weaknesses: First time at WTAC (though Gareth has been here before with Redbrick Racing).
Our Score: 8/10

LYFE Motorsport


This Utah-based team carries the hopes of the entire North American continent on their shoulders. Their car cannot be underestimated but lack of pre-event testing could be a problem.

Strengths: Experienced team, experienced driver, very advanced build.
Weaknesses: Lack of pre-event testing, heavy and complex vehicle.
Our Score: 7/10

Andy Forrest Performance


Strengths: Very fast car with a killer power-to-weight ratio.
Weaknesses: First time at WTAC, largely untested aero package, suffered from gearbox issues during practice.
Our Score: 6.5/10


Mick Sigsworth

Like Tilton in Pro Class, Mick Sigsworth is the one to beat in Pro Am. In fact, many people tip him to be the fastest outright this year. This prediction is not without its merit as Mick is a very competent driver and in his hands the PMQ Evo is an absolute weapon.

Strengths: Reigning champion currently enjoying a big lead over other Pro Am competitors. Fast, reliable car, focused and experienced team.
Weaknesses: Intermittent mechanical issues plagued Mick last year but these seem to have been fixed.
Our Score: 9.5/10

Chris Alexander

Here is a driver that has done a lot of off-season testing and reportedly shaved seconds off his 2014 best. The car certainly has the power and handling to take on Sigsworth’s Evo so it’ll come down to the driver’s capability of getting the most out of it.

Strengths: Very potent car with a quickly improving driver. plenty of pre-event testing.
Weaknesses: Persisting reliability issues. Car caught fire in practice.
Our Score: 8/10

Rob Nguyen

Now equipped with a supercharger, Rob’s Mighty Mouse is a very serious title contender. If his performance last year is anything to go by this little Honda is not to be underestimated.

Strengths: Well balanced, reliable car with a killer power-to-weight ratio. experienced driver.
Weaknesses: New car for 2015 with limited testing time. Team sat out practice session so we haven’t seen the new package run yet.
Our Score: 8/10

Atsushi Shimaya


This car was no slouch when it competed here in 2013 and has since been dramatically improved. It is certainly capable of being on the class podium.

Strengths: Well developed, tested and proven package, experienced driver.
Weaknesses: Somewhat underpowered in comparison with the top contenders in this class, mechanical issues during practice.
Our Score:7.5/10

Jason Wright

Don’t make Hulk angry! This year Hulk has a billet engine, new transmission and revised aero. This should put Jason well within the podium contention.

Strengths: Reliable, powerful car, experienced driver, sufficient pre-event testing.
Weaknesses: Had a year hiatus from WTAC.
Our Score: 7/10


Steve Ka / Powertune

Strengths: Proven performer. Underwent a massive suspension and engine upgrade since last year. Plenty of testing prior to this year’s event.
Weaknesses: Nothing we can think of.
Our Score: 9/10

Nik Kalis / Team Sparta

Strengths: Nik Kalis is back and he wants his trophy back! The car is finally doing what the driver wants it to and the new aero package will make this car a real threat.
Weaknesses: Judging by its performance so far, not many.
Our Score: 8/10

Evolution Custom Industries

Strengths: Plenty of power, good handling, experienced driver.
Weaknesses: Lack of pre-event testing, some reliability issues.
Our Score: 8/10

Road Track Rally (RTR)

Strengths: Well sorted, reliable package, experienced driver with plenty of time attack experience.
Weaknesses: Limited pre-event testing.
Our Score: 7.5/10

3 Rotor Racing


Strengths: Very professional looking build. Looked very fast and very comfortable in practice, this New Zealand team is certainly a podium material.
Weaknesses: First time at WTAC.
Our Score: 7.5/10


Jason Naidoo

Strengths: WTAC veteran, new powerful engine, tried and proven performer. This year Jason will be hard to beat.
Weaknesses: Limited testing with the new engine.
Our Score: 9/10

David Lord

Strengths: Another WTAC veteran who proved last year that he’s got what it takes to make the podium.
Weaknesses: Lack of pre-event testing.
Our Score: 8/10

John Richardson

Strengths: Finishing just outside the podium last year, John has some unfinished business to take care of. He’s got a refined, well sorted package that could potentially put him on the podium this year.
Weaknesses: Competing against AWD EVOs and STIs, John’s R33 GTST might have some weight and RWD disadvantage.
Our Score: 7/10

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Tilton’s Title Defence


You could never accuse Team Tilton of resting on their laurels. If there ever was a team that could provide a shining example of what it takes to be a WTAC Champion it would be them – the Tilton Interiors Time Attack Team.


All the newcomers to the scene could probably do with a quick history lesson here. Tilton entered the world of time attack racing back in 2008 at the very first Superlap Australia event. A year later they dominated the event, beating Mark Berry’s infamous Hi Octane R34 GTR in the process.

Tilton debuted at the inaugural WTAC in 9th outright and quickly moved to 4th in 2011, then up to 2nd in 2012 followed up by two firsts in 2013 and 2014.

Their track record might be impressive but the defending champions do not take anything for granted. “Last year we came very close to losing the title,” says team owner, Kostya Pohorukov, “way too close for my liking.” 


For the thousands of spectators and fans around the world, WTAC is a two-day event, for the guys in Tilton Team it’s a ten month campaign, the results of which are put to the test over the two days of the event.

“In time attack, if you stand still, you fall behind,” admits Kostya, “there are plenty of teams who now have the right formula and are chasing the title. We can’t afford do be complacent.”


“The first thing we changed was the steering system which caused us so much grief last year. We are now running a new hydraulic/electric system which so far has proven to be far more reliable.”


Aero changes are subtle but significant. A brand new front splitter made its first appearance last week during a test day at Sydney Motorsport Park.


Back of the car now sports a revised, dual-plane wing designed to compliment the front splitter.


All that downforce comes at a cost, Kostya admitted the car was almost 10kmh down on top speed from last year. “It’s a fine balancing act and we need to find that extra top speed.”


In a never ending quest for power, the car has been fitted with a bigger BorgWarner EFR9180 turbo along with a new three-pump fuel system.


“Overall, the handling at high speed is great, we are now working on low speed handling”


The power-to-weight ratio remains almost unchanged, “We took 60kg out but we ended up putting about 50kg back in” laughs Kosta, “I think we’re right on the money in that department though.”


Tilton are embarking on their second title defence. Should they successfully defend their title they will become the first ever WTAC triple, back-to-back champions. This year’s challengers are without a doubt the most serious bunch yet but if anyone can pull this off it’s Kostya and his team. “We’re not going down without a fight, that’s for sure!”

Tilton Interiors Fast Facts
CAR  WTAC Pro Spec Mitsubishi Evo 9
TEAM OWNER  Kostya Pohorukov
 DRIVER  Garth Walden
WTAC PODIUMS  3 (2012, 2013, 2014)
WTAC CHAMPIONSHIPS  2 (2013, 2014)
FASTEST LAP  1:24.84 (2014)

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Understanding WTAC: Aerodynamics


The faster you are in time attack racing the bigger the role your car’s aerodynamics will play. While this is especially evident in Pro and Pro Am classes a well thought out aero mods can also have a big impact on a Clubsprint or Open Class car.

In a nutshell, aerodynamics (or “aero” for short) is a term to describe how air flows in, out and around a car. The two main factors that affect a vehicle’s aero performance are Drag and Lift.


Drag is the force that acts directly opposite to the car’s direction of travel. It is created by air flowing around the car. You might have heard the term Drag Co-efficient Factor which is basically a car’s ability to cut through the air. The less drag, the faster a car can accellerate and the higher its top speed. Other factors affecting drag are a pocket of vacuum created behind the car, usually behind the rear window and behind the boot, called “Flow Detachment”, as well as turbulence created as a result of the detachment.


Lift is the force which forces the vehicle up, off the road. It is created by the difference in speed (and therefore pressure) of air flowing above and below a car. Most car shapes are prone to generating low air pressure above them hence creating Lift. Most aerodynamic aids installed on time attack cars minimise Lift by converting it to Negative Lift. Negative Lift is the force which pushes the vehicle down and is more commonly known as Downforce.


Modern CFD software allows aero designers to calculate and predict drag, turbulence, downforce and air flow through the body. This virtual testing minimises the “trial and error” period and allows for more efficient designs.

The main components of a time attack aero package are front splitters, canards, rear diffusers, rear wings and side skirts.


While size (and therefore surface area) of a front splitter does matter, so does its design and strength. These components need to withstand some serious down pressure!


A wing on a race car is effectively an evil twin of the aeroplane wing. Its shape is designed to produce low pressure below it, thus forcing the air flowing above to push down on the wing.

A properly designed wing and front splitter combination can have a serious impact on a race car, greatly increasing its cornering speed. In Pro and Pro Am classes, aero is quite possibly the single most determining factor beside the driver.


Examples of this abound. Take a closer look at the 2011 spec Cyber Evo. It certainly didn’t have the power output of Sierra Sierra but thanks to the Nakjima-san’s aero sucking it to the ground it was much faster through corners.


All this grip came at a price though, CyberEvo’s top speed was almost 40kph down on Sierra Sierra’s. With both Tarzan and Empringham being both experienced drivers, it’s easy to see where the time was made up – through the corners.


But aero is so much more than just canards, splitters and spoilers. Time attack cars are powered by high horsepower engines and their brakes are working overtime – meaning the path of air through the engine bay is critical. Apart from minimising drag, creating downforce, a well designed aero package should also ensure sufficient cooling of various engine and drivetrain components.


When American aero ace, Andrew Brilliant, designed an aero package for Nemo, he noted that the whole car has to be “an integral part of the aero package”. Nemo ushered in a new era of time attack racing with the aerodynamics playing an increasingly important role in the car’s success.


These days we rarely hear people talking about individual aero components, if you look at the likes of Tilton, Scorch, MCA or PMQ, it’s plain to see it’s all about the entire aero “package”. An aero package that produces a massive downforce without sacrificing drag efficiency. It slices through the air at high speeds while still getting enough air through the interior to cool the engine components and brakes.

In terms of aerodynamic racing efficiency, time attack cars really are at the cutting edge of technology.


Understanding WTAC

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