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Remember 2010…

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You’ve asked – we’ve delivered. After numerous requests we have compiled all our image galleries from the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge and moved them to a single page for your viewing pleasure.

If you’ve attended last year – enjoy a trip down the memory lane, if you haven’t – see what you’ve missed out on!

2010 World Time Attack Challenge image gallery.

Open Class- Pulse Racing “Monster” WRX

After a 2010 victory in the Open Class in their Mitsubishi Evo, Pulse racing are out to show the world that they are by no means a “one make” shop with the entry of their “MONSTER WRX” in 2011. This car was also a strong finisher in 2010 (4th outright) and with their Evo now stepping up to Pro Class the WRX has also undergone a complete makeover in attempt at the outright Open Class victory.

The “monster” refers to the huge 2.7 litre dry sump boxer engine that now resides under the bonnet. With a complete custom build with the emphasis as much on mid range torque as outright horsepower the Pulse team believe they have what it takes to put the Subaru around Eastern Creek at least as fast as what their Evo went last year although testing in this new format is still yet to begin. The car will also see some upgraded aero and suspension and will once again be piloted by pro rally driver and time attack ace Steve Glenney. “We certainly have moved forward a long way since last year with this car” said Pulse head honcho Paul Fisher “the WRX is now a complete package and we feel confident it should be about where our Evo was last year, and remember this is a customer car, not our own, so it really does showcase what we can do from a business perspective,”

About Pulse Racing
Pulse Racing Menai is Sydney’s premiere Automotive & Dyno Tuning workshop dedicated to enhancing late model vehicles. They specialise in all ECU Dyno Tuning, Exhaust upgrades, Engine building, all enhancements & performance car servicing. Pulse Racing is regarded as the leading Subaru & Mitsubishi experts in Australia. Pulse Racing, is led by Paul Fisher, Australia’s leading Subaru & Evo Dyno Tuning expert, where a professional team of highly trained mechanics & tuners perform all your mechanical & modification desires.

The team spends countless hours on the road, dyno and track ensuring that all parts stand up to their rigorous expectations. Their very own Pulse Racing Evo 8 Race car – Winner of World Time Attack Openclass 2010 – is a regular at the track and a testament to all that Pulse Racing can do to enhance & modify your car. The Pulse Racing technicians have the expertise & equipment including their very own Dyno Dynamics 4WD Dyno to Tune & Modify a wide range of vehicles.

Pulse Racing prides itself on providing personalised, quality service & reliability. The Pulse Racing workshop boosts the latest technology through their equipment, Tuning, and diagnostic tools. The workshop has is own sound reduced dyno cell, which houses the companies 4WD dyno, where all  custom dyno tuning takes place.

Some of Pulses notable achievements include:
1st place Winner of Evo V’s WRX Tuner Battle 2010, WTAC 2010: Winner Open Class fastest 4 Cylinder,WTAC 2010: Winner Open Class 4WD,WTAC 2010: Winner Open Class, Winner Final Battle 2010/ Mitsubishi Champion, Winner 2009 Evo Oz Nationals Track Day,Winner 2009 HWC Evo Oz Nationals, Superlap 2008 Top 5 Shootout qualifier

Tel +612 9543 5007

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WTAC 2010 DVD now only $19.95

The world’s fastest time attack machines and drivers converged on Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney, Australia for the 2010 Yokohama Advan World Time Attack Challenge.

Four teams from Japan and one from the US took on the top Pro Class time attack cars in Australia over 2 days. Over 100 highly modified cars also fought it out in the Open can Clubsprint Classes, along with Australia’s best drifters and two D1 drivers from Japan, also battled it out in the Tectaloy Drift Challenge.

This DVD covers all the action from the two day event, with behind the scenes interviews, a closer look at all the Pro Class cars, pit reports, on-board camera’s galore, including in every Pro Class car, and the best action from multiple cameras around the track!

For a limited time we’ve discounted the price of the official WTAC 2010 DVD to $19.95 delivered to your door!




Sierra Sierra will return in 2011 with their eye on the record.

We are proud to announce the fastest Time Attack team from USA, Sierra Sierra, and the Mitsubishi Evo that is affectionately known as “Christine” have confirmed entry into the World Time Attack Challenge in August.

With a very strong showing in 2010 and a second place just behind the Cyber Evo, this team have certainly made their intentions very clear for 2011.

“Our whole team is very excited to be returning to Australia, we certainly have some unfinished business to take care of at Eastern Creek” said Richard Raeder, Sierra Sierra’s team manager from their base in Minden, Nevada.

Sierra Sierra have a history of winning, and before they set out to build “the fastest time attack car in the world” they were a dominant force in Formula Atlantic racing throughout the US culminating in winning the 2007 championship.

They are a very experienced team and with another year of development under their belt are certain to be a force to be reckoned with in August at Eastern Creek. The 4G63 engine has seen a fair increase in power since we last saw it in May 2010, having switched to the new BorgWarner EFR Performance Series turbocharger, E85 fuel and is still in a state of constant development from Eric Hsu and the team at Cosworth USA. The results of this have been obvious as this team  has been  busy resetting their own records with a time of 1:41.046 recorded at Buttonwillow at the end of 2010.

To give you some perspective of the progress this team has made, when they competed in Australia on May 2010 they held the Buttonwillow record with a time of 1:43.523 which is a clear two and a half seconds. It may not sound like much but in the world of time attack racing, it is enormous and clearly demonstrates this team’s ability to make all the right changes and get the results they are after extremely quickly. We can only wonder how much further progress they will make before the car is pushed into the container to head down under.

“To have Sierra Sierra return to Australia is absolutely fantastic” said Ian Baker Superlap CEO “there is no denying that this team was a crowd favorite last year and I am sure they will represent the USA with pride, and there is certainly no doubt that they plan on taking the biggest trophy back to America with them when they leave.”

“The entire Sierra Sierra Enterprises team takes this very seriously and these guys won’t be coming out here to muck about, they are coming out to try to reset the lap record!”

Sierra Sierra is another of the top teams that will be running the Hankook Ventus TD Z221 tyres and with the legendary Canadian driver and former Indy lights champion David Empringham once again taking the wheel we are sure to see an international battle of epic proportions when the flag drops on August 5th and 6th at Eastern Creek.

Read the Sierra Sierra Enterprises Evo Spec Sheet

Hankook Carbon WRX ready for WTAC

A Sydney metal fabricator is behind a big-budget Aussie assault on the World Time Attack Challenge.

Ben Creswick has built this highly-modified carbon-fibre bodied Subaru WRX, featuring a fully sequential transmission and 2.5-litre turbo-charged flat-four ‘boxer’ engine.

The Hankook Carbon WRX, piloted by a high-profile professional driver, will target the current WTAC lap record, set by driver Tarzan Yamada and Japanese team CyberEvo to win the 2010 event.

Mr Creswick says the car has been in development for five years – starting as a heavily modified street car before undergoing a transformation into a full-blown time attack racer.

“We’ve modified the chassis to get the centre of gravity really low – it’s six inches lower than a standard WRX and much wider,” said Mr. Creswick.

“The big guards and wider track also allow us to run bigger tyres than usual – 295/30ZR18 sized Hankook Ventus TD semi-slicks on both the front and rear of the car.”

Mr Creswick says the car is being developed with the aim of exceeding the 700 hp (at the wheels) and 1000 kilogram weight targets set by best Japanese and American time attack cars.

“At the time I started getting more serious with it, the U.K and U.S national champions were both 1999 model WRXs,” said Mr. Creswick, explaining his choice of vehicle.

“That generation WRX’s light weight, handling and capacity potential – you can have anything up to 2.8-litre if you want it – makes it an ideal base for a time attack car.

“And the AWD is a benefit too because, with the power output we’re expecting, I doubt you could do it with a RWD car.”

Limited testing of the Hankook Carbon WRX at Wakefield Park Raceway has seen the car set an easy 1:01.9.

Further development to the engine, transmission, suspension and aerodynamics should see that time improve markedly before the August event.

A brand new billet engine is in development at Bullet Cylinder Heads in Adelaide.

The installation of a Czech-built KAPS fully-sequential transmission – as used by STI’s factory Super GT (Japanese Touring) cars – will provide lightning fast shift speeds and a 20kg weight saving over a traditional H-pattern box. Cusco Japan is supplying limited slip differentials, purpose-built for the car, to be used at WTAC 2011.

Creswick recognises the need to at least match the current Eastern Creek WTAC record of 1:30.587 to be competitive at this year’s event.

“We’re aiming to match the current record in testing,” Mr. Creswick said.

“Aerodynamics will play a really big part in whether we reach the pace of the Japanese cars, as they are many years of development ahead of us. But I’ve got some good people on board, and am now getting technical advice from Cusco Japan in regard to the aero, which holds us in good stead.”

Ian Baker, CEO of Superlap  says that it is great to see another Australian effort to take on the might of the Japanese teams.

“It’s sensational to see that we’re getting more Australian cars in the field. It’s great, and an excellent sign for the future of the event,” said Mr. Baker.

“I think it is fantastic that an Australian team is building a car for WTAC, and it’s great that a corporation like Hankook is getting behind it.”

For a full spec sheet of this car click here.

Advan/Hi Octane Racing team confirmed

Despite battling major flooding in recent months in his hometown of Brisbane, Mark Berry has recommenced developments on the Advan/Hi Octane R34 GTR in preparation for the World Time Attack 2011.

The car has undergone a full suspension makeover with more favourable geometry that will see the car sit lower to the ground. The car will also be using a much wider track and if all goes to plan should be running on the yet to be released soft Yokohama Advan 295/35/18 AO 50 tyres. The car has also undergone a revised aero package and will certainly be aiming to be a lot closer to the pointy end of the field in 2011.

Despite being the second fastest Australian car in 2010 behind a factory built GT3 Lotus there is still a fair amount of time to make up to be on the pace of the overseas competitors but Mark Berry is confident they will be up there this year.

“We learnt an awful lot last year” he said “I honestly don’t think anyone expected the blistering pace of the foreign cars, but the fact is that most of them have years of development and we are really only just starting out. I expect we will not be the only Australians to be making wholesale changes this year and I am sure a few other Aussie teams will looking to move to the pointy end of the field this year.”

The Advan / Hi Octane R32 GTR that so famously raced at Tsukuba in 2007 will be back in the hands of Russell Newman and will be competing in the Open class for 2011. This car ran in the 1.37 bracket last year with Russell behind the wheel and with the Pulse Evo now moving into the Pro Class, the car will be a definite shot at outright honours.

Read the full Spec Sheet of this car here