Davies Steedman Racing or as its better known to fans in New Zealand ‘Team DSR’ are pleased to announce they will be crossing the Tasman to compete in this years Honeywell Garrett Drift Challenge. Both drivers enjoyed break-out seasons with both drivers making their first trips to the podium and are clearly in their best form ever.

We caught up with Dave Steedman and Adam Davies at their home base in Tauranga (also home to Cole Armstrong). Both drivers were busy working on their cars which have had a tough but ultimately successful season. 


Dave will be behind the wheel of his RB30DET powered Nissan S14, which has had a new TTI sequential box fitted along with a Wisefab kit to give him more lock. With over 560kw on tap, this car has enough power to keep up with the big boys.


Adams car is also sure to turn heads with a 550+kw turbocharged 13b engine swap in his Nissan S13. The car has been set up on MCA XD suspension for the Honeywell Garrett Drift Challenge and is capable of some incredible angle and is known for its snappy transitions. Both drivers were excited to be competing on Australian soil and are investing in making sure their high powered Nissans are ready to battle with the best. The team is also planning a full cosmetic overhaul to make sure the cars are looking their best for the Sydney crowd.


We asked Adam whom he was most looking forward to battling – “That’s a tough question as there are a lot of talented drivers in Australia and their style is similar to the Kiwis. One driver I have always liked to watch is Mick Rosenblatt, his style and aggression is awesome and he knows how to get on people’s door and make a battle one to watch, I saw him at the FD round when they were at the south circuit about 4 years ago and since then have always thought he is one to beat. Being that he won the Drift Challenge last year, it would be great to go up against him and if it came out in my favor then that would be awesome!”


“I’ve been watching more and more live streams from various drift series’ around the world and it’s interesting to see the differences in styles and car designs” said Dave Steedman “I’m most partial to the Honeywell Garrett Drift Challenge at WTAC as I feel it’s in a similar state of evolution as our D1NZ series here in New Zealand. The differences in rules and criteria are not huge from series to series, one aspect I think works well for Formula Drift is the tyre/weight rule which I think could be an interesting factor if we were to implement it here. One area I think needs work in FD is the accel/decel map they use to determine whether a lead car should be on the gas, of if they are legitimately slowing down to adjust line etc. without baulking the chase car. It seems to create more confusion and controversial calls. In any case, I’ve always loved being a part of the dynamic evolution of drifting as a whole. It’s great to see it continue to grow rapidly and exponentially and I’m eager to see what the future holds.”

With the international field growing, the Honeywell Garrett Drift Challenge is shaping up to be a big one for 2017! Stay tuned for more announcements coming up very soon.

If you would like to follow Team DSR’s build progress you can follow the team’s Facebook page here.