While the name Danny Probert may not be common knowledge to the rest of Australia, up in the far north city of Darwin it’s a name with a formidable reputation in the sport of drifting. And for the past year and a half this three times TEDA (Top End Drift Association) Champion has quietly been working away in his Darwin workshop on something he hopes will be capable of taking on the worlds best in Sydney in October. And what an incredible machine he has produced!

This is a state of the art, clean slate, no expense spares build that draws on Probert’s years of experience drifting Ford Falcons.

“I guess it all really started for me back in 2004 when I went to my first drift event up here in Darwin” said Danny Probert “We had an XD with a 351 in it back then, with leaf springs and lowering blocks. The guys were teaching me how to do a “Scando” and I stuck it straight into the wall. But it got me hooked and I haven’t looked back since!”

“We repaired that old car and I ended up putting a 410 stroker engine in it. We ran at the 2008 Queensland Driftstate Nationals where I qualified 5th, but was knocked out by a much younger Rob Whyte who went onto become one of the best in Australia. We then started preparing that car for pro level competition for Drift Australia. Unfortunately the whole series folded after the GFC before we could compete, so we were forced back to local competition. We went on to become multiple champions up here in 2014-15 and 16 before retiring that car in order to give full attention to this build, which has been all encompassing.”

“It certainly would have been easier starting with a Toyota or Nissan but that was never in the equation. I am the XD Ford guy and that’s what it had to be. But this one had to stand out and be capable of mixing it with not only the best in Australia but the best in the world. Not a lot was available off the shelf so everything had to be made and it had to work, meaning hours and hours of not only fabrication but also design work. It was a massive undertaking but something me and the team are now extremely proud of. We are currently in the test phase and our competition debut will be WTAC. Nothing like a bit of pressure to make a diamond shine!” joked Probert.

The build is nothing short of amazing either with a 2016 FG F6 Barra Turbo engine boasting Atomic cams, chains, stud and girdle kit, Wilson 3” Throttle body on FG turbo intake manifold, Atomic dry sump, Peterson 4 Stage oil pump Garret GTW3884R Turbo, Helps Metalworx T4 turbo manifold, Turbosmart 60mm Progate, Stainless Steel oil and coolant lines, Bosch 2200cc injectors all controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500 feeding back through a G Force GSR transmission to a Driveshaft Shop carbon fibre tailshaft, FGX M86 diff with full spool.

“We don’t talk horsepower numbers” said Probert “It’s more about usable powerband and torque in this application.” but suffice to say there is more than enough horsepower judging by the engine spec.

The “no compromise” theme continues to the suspension, which features MCA coilovers bolted to heavily modified wisefab front knuckles and lower control arms. the ‘1979 spec’ leaf springs are long gone replaced with a double wishbone custom IRS. The brakes are Brembo on the front and RRS rear and the bodykit is a phase 6 homologation special painted by Yoshi King in Protech Blue, reminiscent of the old Group C Bathurst days. 

“Something we have long envisioned is to have a competitor from every state in Australia” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “But both the driver and the car need to be at an international competition level, which is harder than its sounds. Most of the top drivers are located where the bigger competitions and the sponsors are – certainly not way up North. I was introduced to Danny by Jake Jones who rung me one day when he was competing in Darwin. He said I needed to see this car in person the fully understand the level of the build and that the driver has the skills to back it up, so we connected with Danny and the rest is history. We cannot wait to see this crazy machine in action!”

For more info check out the Xdrift website.